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Army Research & Development Descriptive Summaries
for FY2009

Number Title
0102419A Joint Land Attack Cruise Missiles Defense (JLENS)
0203726A Adv Field Artillery Tactical Data System
0203735A Combat Vehicle Improvement Programs
0203740A Maneuver Control System
0203744A Aircraft Modifications/Product Improvement Program
0203758A Digitization
0203759A Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade and Below
0203801A Missile/Air Defense Product Improvement Program
0203802A Other Missile Product Improvement Programs
0208010A Joint Tactical Communications Program (TRI-TAC)
0208053A Joint Tactical Ground System
0208058A Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV)
0303140A Information Systems Security Program
0303141A Global Combat Support System
0303142A SATCOM Ground Environment
0303150A WWMCCS/Global Command and Control System
0303158A Joint Command and Control - Army
0305204A Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
0305208A Distributed Common Ground Systems (JMIP)
0601101A In-House Laboratory Independent Research
0601102A Defense Reserach Sciences
0601103A University Research Sciences (H)
0601104A University and Industry Research Centers
0602105A Materials Technology
0602120A Sensors and Electronic Survivability
0602211A Aviation Technology
0602270A EW Technology
0602303A Missile Technology
0602307A Advanced Weapons Technology
0602308A Advanced Concepts and Simulation
0602601A Combat Vehicle and Automotive Technology
0602618A Ballistics Technology
0602622A Chemical, Smoke and Equipment Defeating Technology
0602623A Joint Service Small Arms Program
0602624A Weapons and Munitions Technology
0602705A Electronics and Electronic Devices
0602709A Night Vision Technology
0602712A Countermine Systems
0602716A Human Factors Engineering Technology
0602720A Environmental Quality Technology
0602782A Command, Control, Communications Technology
0602783A Computer and Software Technology
0602784A Military Engineering Technology
0602785A Manpower/Personnel/Training Technology
0602786A Logistics Technology
0602787A Medical Technology
0603001A Warfighter Advanced Technology
0603002A Medical Advanced Technology
0603003A Aviation Advanced Technology
0603004A Weapons and Munitions Advanced Technology
0603005A Combat Vehicle and Automotive Advanced Technology
0603006A Command, Control, Communications Advanced Technology
0603007A Manpower, Personnel and Training Advanced Technology
0603008A Electronic Warfare Advanced Technology
0603015A Next Generation Training & Simulation System
0603103A Explosive Demilitarization Technology
0603105A Military HIV Research
0603125A Combating Terrorism, Technology Development for
0603270A EW Technology
0603305A Army Missile Defense Systems Integration
0603308A Army Missile Defense Systems Integration (Dem/Val)
0603313A Missile and Rocket Advanced Technology
0603327A Air and Missile Defense Systems Engineering
0603460A Joint Air-to-Ground Missile
0603606A Landmine Warfare and Barrier Advanced Technology
0603607A Joint Service Small Arms Program
0603619A Landmine Warfare and Barrier-Adv Dev
0603627A Smoke, Obscurant and Target Defeating Sys-Adv Dev
0603639A Tank and Medium Caliber Ammunition
0603653A Advanced Tank Armament System
0603710A Night Vision Advanced Technology
0603728A Environmental Quality Technology Demonstrations
0603734A Military Engineering Advanced Technology
0603747A Soldier Support and Survivability
0603766A Tactical Support Development-Adv Dev (TIARA)
0603772A Advanced Tactical Computer Science and Sensor Tech
0603774A Night Vision Systems Advanced Development
0603778A MLRS Product Improvement Program
0603779A Environmental Quality Technology Dem/Val
0603782A Warfighter Information Network-Tactical-Dem/Val
0603790A NATO Research and Development
0603801A Aviation-Adv Dev
0603804A Logistics and Engineer Equipment-Adv Dev
0603805A Combat Service Support Control System Evaluation
0603807A Medical Systems-Adv Dev
0603820A Weapons Capability Modifications UAV
0603827A Soldier Systems - Advanced Development
0603850A Integrated Broadcast Service (JMIP/DISTP)
0604201A Aircraft Avionics
0604220A Armed, Deployable OH-58D
0604256A Threat Simulator Development
0604258A Target Systems Development
0604270A EW Development
0604280A Joint Tactical Radio System
0604321A All Source Analysis System
0604601A Infantry Support Weapons
0604604A Medium Tactical Vehicles
0604609A Smoke, Obscurant, and Target Defeating Sys-Eng
0604622A Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles
0604633A Air Traffic Control
0604642A Light Tactical Wheeled Vehicles
0604645A Armored Systems Modernization (ASM)-Eng Dev.
0604646A Non Line of Sight Launch System
0604647A Non Line of Sight Cannon
0604660A FCS Manned Grd Vehicles & Common Grd Vechicles
0604661A FCS Systems of Systems Engr & Program Mgmt
0604662A FCS Reconnaissance (UAV) Platforms
0604663A FCS Unmanned Ground Vehicles
0604664A FCS Unattended Ground Sensors
0604665A FCS Sustainment & Training R & D
0604666A FCS Modular Brigade Enhancement
0604710A Night Vision Systems-Eng Dev.
0604713A Combat Feeding, Clothing, and Equipment
0604715A Non-System Training Devices-Eng Dev
0604741A Air Defense Command, Control, and Intel-Eng
0604742A Constructive Simulation Systems Development
0604746A Automatic Test Equipment Development
0604759A Major T&E Investment
0604760A Distributive Interactive Simulations (DIS)-Engin
0604780A Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT)
0604783A Joint Network Management System
0604802A Weapons and Munitions-Eng Dev
0604804A Logistics and Engineer Equipment-Eng Dev
0604805A Command, Control, Communications Systems-Eng Dev
0604807A Medical Materiel/Medical Biological Defense Equipment
0604808A Landmine Warfare/Barrier-Eng Dev
0604814A Artillery Munitions - EMD
0604817A Combat Identification
0604818A Army Tactical Command & Control Hardware & Software
0604820A Radar Development
0604822A General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS)
0604823A Firefinder
0604854A Artillery Systems-EMD
0604869A Patriot/MEADS Combined Aggregate Program (CAP)
0604870A Nuclear Arms Control Monitoring Sensor Network
0605013A Information Technology Development
0605103A RAND Arroyo Center
0605301A Army Kwajalein Atoll
0605326A Concepts Experimentation
0605601A Army Test Ranges and Facilities
0605602A Army Technical Test Instrumentation and Targets
0605604A Survivability/Lethality Analysis
0605605A DOD High Energy Laser Test Facility
0605606A Aircraft Certification
0605702A Meteorological Support to RDT&E Activities
0605706A Materiel Systems Analysis
0605709A Exploitation of Foreign Items
0605712A Support of Operational Testing
0605716A Army Evaluation Center
0605718A Simulation & Modeling for Acq, Rqts, & Tng (SMART)
0605801A Programwide Activities
0605803A Technical Information Activities
0605805A Munitions Standarization, Effectiveness and Safety
0605857A Environmental Quality Technology Management Support
0605898A Management Headquarters (Research and Development)
0702239A Avionics Component Improvement Program
0708045A End Item Industrial Preparedness Activities

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