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Air Force Program Elements
for FY2001

Air Force RDT&E Justification Book (Volume I)
Air Force RDT&E Justification Book (Volume IIA)
Air Force RDT&E Justification Book (Volume IIA Continued)
Air Force RDT&E Justification Book (Volume IIB)
Air Force RDT&E Justification Book (Volume III)

Number Title
0101113F B-52 Squadrons
0101120F Advanced Cruise Missile
0101122F Air Launched Cruise Missile
0102325F Joint Surveillance System
0102326F Region/Sector Operations Control Center
0102411F North Atlantic Defense System
0207027F Air Space Command & Control Agency
0207131F A-10 Squadrons
0207133F F-16 Squadrons
0207134F F-15E Squadrons
0207136F Manned Destructive Suppression
0207141F F-117A Squadron
0207161F Tactical AIM Missiles
0207163F Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
0207247F Air Force TENCAP
0207249F Precision Attack Systems
0207253F Compass Call
0207268F Aircraft Engine Component Improvement Program (CIP)
0207320F Sensor Fuzed Weapon (SFW)
0207325F Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM)
0207412F Theater Air Control Systems
0207414F Combat Intelligence System
0207417F Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS)
0207423F Advanced Communications Systems
0207438F Theater Battle Management (TBM) C4I
0207581F Joint STARS
0207590F Seek Eagle
0207601F USAF Modeling and Simulation
0207605F Wargaming and Simulation Centers
0208006F Mission Planning Systems
0208021F Information Warfare Support
0208031F WRM-Equipment/Secondary Items
0208060F Theater Missile Defenses
0302015F E-4B National Airborne Operations Center
0303110F Defense Satellite Communications System
0303112F Air Force Communications
0303131F Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network (MEECN)
0303140F Information Systems Security Program
0303141F Global Combat Support System (GCSS)
0303150F WWMCCS/Global Command & Control System
0303401F Communications Security
0303601F MILSATCOM Terminals
0305099F Global Air Traffic Management (GATM)
0305110F Satellite Control Network
0305111F Weather Service
0305114F Air Traffic Control/Approach/Landing System (ATCALS)
0305119F Medium Launch Vehicles
0305128F Security and Investigative Activities
0305137F National Airspace System
0305138F Inert Upper Stage (IUS)
0305144F Titan Space Launch Vehicles
0305158F Tactical Terminals
0305160F Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
0305164F NAVSTAR Global Position System (User Eq) Space)
0305165F NAVSTAR GPS (Space)
0305176F Combat Survivor Evader Locator
0305182F Spacelift Range System
0305202F Dragon U-2 (JMIP)
0305205F Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
0305206F Airborne Reconnaissance Systems
0305207F Manned Reconnaissance System
0305208F Distributed Common Ground Systems
0305906F NCMC - TW/AA System
0305911F Defense Support Program
0305913F NUDET Detection System (Space)
0305917F Space Architect
0308601F Modeling and Simulation Support
0308699F Shared Early Warning System
0401115F C-130 Airlift Squadrons
0401119F C-5 Airlift Squadrons
0401130F C-17 Aircraft
0401214F Air Cargo Materiel Handling (463-L)
0401218F KC-135s
0401219F KC-10s
0404011F Special Operations Forces
0601102F Defense Research Sciences
0602102F Materials
0602201F Aerospace Flight Dynamics
0602202F Human Effectiveness Applied Research
0602203F Aerospace Propulsion
0602204F Aerospace Sensors
0602269F Hypersonic Technology Program
0602601F Space Technology
0602602F Conventional Munitions
0602702F Command Control and Communications
0602805F Dual Use Science & Technology
0603106F Logistics Systems Technology
0603112F Advanced Materials for Weapon Systems
0603202F Aerospace Propulsion Subsystems Integration
0603203F Advanced Aerospace Sensors
0603205F Flight Vehicle Technology
0603211F Aerospace Structures
0603216F Aerospace Propulsion and Power Technology
0603227F Personnel Training and Simulation Technology
0603231F Crew Systems and Personnel Protection Technology
0603245F Flight Vehicle Technology Integration
0603253F Advanced Sensor Integration
0603260F Intelligence Advanced Development
0603270F Electronic Combat Technology
0603302F Space and Missile Rocket Propulsion
0603311F Ballistic Missile Technology
0603319F Airborne Laser Technology
0603401F Advanced Spacecraft Technology
0603410F Space Systems Environmental Interactions Technology
0603430F Advanced (EHF MILSATCOM (Space)
0603432F Polar MILSATCOM (Space)
0603434F National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS)
0603438F Space Control Technology
0603441F Space Based IR Arch (Dem Val)(Space)
0603601F Conventional Weapons Technology
0603605F Advanced Weapons Technology
0603617F Command Control and Communication Applications
0603690F Information Operations Technology
0603707F Weather Systems Technology
0603723F Environmental Engineering Technology
0603726F Aerospace Info Tech Sys Integration
0603728F Battlespace C2 Technology
0603742F Combat Identification Technology
0603789F C3I Advanced Development
0603790F NATO Cooperative R&D
0603800F Joint Strike Fighter
0603850F Integrated Broadcast Service (DEM/VAL)
0603851F ICBM - DEM/VAL
0603854F Wideband MILSATCOM (Space)
0603856F Air Force/National Program Cooperation (AFNPC)
0603859F Pollution Prevention
0603860F Joint Precision Approach and Landing Systems - Dem/Val
0603876F Space Based Laser
0604012F Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS
0604201F Integrated Avionics Planning and Development
0604222F Nuclear Weapons Support
0604226F B-1B
0604227F Distributed Mission Training (DMT)
0604233F Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training
0604237F Variable Stability In-Flight Simulation Test Aircraft
0604239F F-22 EMD
0604240F B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber
0604256F Threat Simulator Development
0604258F Target Systems Development
0604270F EW Development
0604327F Hardened Target Munitions
0604441F Space Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) High EMD
0604442F Space Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) Low
0604479F MILSTAR LDR/MDR Sat Comm
0604600F Munitions Dispenser Development
0604602F Armament/Ordnance Development
0604604F Submunitions
0604617F Agile Combat Support
0604618F Joint Direct Attack Munition
0604703F Aeromedical Systems Development
0604706F Life Support Systems
0604708F Civil, Fire, Environmental, Shelter
0604727F Joint Standoff Weapons Systems
0604735F Combat Training Ranges
0604740F Integrated Command & Control Applications
0604750F Intelligence Equipment
0604754F Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
0604759F Major T&E Investment
0604762F Common Low Observable Verification Sys
0604779F Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command/Control
0604800F Joint Strike Fighter EMD
0604805F Commercial Operations and Support Savings Initiative
0604851F ICBM - EMD
0604853F Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle - EMD
0605011F RDT&E For Aging Aircraft
0605101F RAND Project Air Force
0605306F Ranch Hand II Epidemiology Study
0605712F Initial Operational Test & Evaluation
0605807F Test and Evaluation Support
0605808F Development Planning
0605854F Pollution Prevention
0605860F Rocket Systems Launch Program (RSLP)
0605864F Space Test Program
0702207F Depot Maintenance (Non-IF)
0708011F Industrial Preparedness
0708026F Productivity, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability Program
0708071F Joint Logistics Program - Ammunition System
0708611F Support Systems Development
0708612F Computer Resources Support Improvement Program
0901218F Civilian Compensation Program
1001004F International Activities
1001018F NATO AGS

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