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Army Program Elements
for FY2001

Army Appropriation Budget Activities 1,2, and 3 (Volume I)
Army Appropriation Budget Activities 4 and 5 (Volume II)
Army Appropriation Budget Activities 6 and 7 (Volume III)

0102419AJoint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense (JLENS)
0303150AArmy Global Command and Control System (AGCCS)
0602618ABallistics Technology
0603001AWarfighter Advanced Technology
0603639ATank and Medium Caliber Ammunition
0603805ACombat Service Support Control Systems Evaluation and Analysis
0604619ALandmine Warfare
0604760ADistributive Interactive Simulations - Engineering Development
0604820ARadar Development
0605712ASupport of Operational Testing
0203610AEmergency Preparedness Training
0305114AJoint Precision Approach Landing System (JPALS)
0602622AChemical, Smoke and Equipment Defeating Technology
0603002AMedical Advanced Technology
0603653AAdvanced Tank Armament System
0603807AMedical Systems - Advanced Development
0604622AFamily of Heavy Tactical Vehicles
0604766ATactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (TENCAP) - Engineering & Manufacturing Development (TIARA)
0604823AFirefinder AN/TPQ-47
0605716AArmy Evaluation Center
0203726AAdvanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
0305128ASecurity and Intelligence Activities
0602623AJoint Service Small Arms Program
0603003AAviation Advanced Technology
0603654ALine-of-Sight Technology Demonstration
0603854AArtillery Systems Advanced Development
0604633AAir Traffic Control
0604768ABrilliant Anti-Armor (BAT) Submunition
0604824ACommercial Operating & Support Savings Initiative (COSSI)
0605801AProgramwide Activities
0203735ACombat Vehicle Improvement Programs
0305204ATactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
0602624AWeapons and Munitions Technology
0603004AWeapons and Munitions Advanced Technology
0603856ASCAMP Block II (Space)
0604641ATactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle
0604770AJoint Surveillance/Target Attack Radar System
0604854AArtillery Systems - Engineering Development
0605803ATechnical Information Activities
0203740AManeuver Control System
0305206AAirborne Reconnaissance
0602705AElectronics and Electronic Devices
0603005ACombat Vehicle and Automotive Advanced Technology
0603713AArmy Data Distribution System
0604201AAircraft Avionics
0604642ALight Tactical Wheeled Vehicle
0604778APositioning Systems Development
0605013AInformation Technology Development
0605805AMunitions Standardization Effectiveness and Safety
0203744AAircraft Modifications/Product Improvement Program
0305208ACommon Imagery Ground/Surface System (CIG/SS) (JMIP)
0602709ANight Vision Technology
0603006ACommand, Control and Communications Advanced Technology
0603728AEnvironmental Quality Technology Development
0604220AArmed, Deployable OH-58D
0604645AArmored Systems Modernization (ASM) - Engineering Development
0604780ACombined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT)
0605103ARand Arroyo Center
0605853AEnvironmental Conservation
0203752AAircraft Engine Component Improvement Program
0601101AIn-House Laboratory Independent Research
0602712ACountermine Applied Research
0603007AManpower, Personnel and Training Advanced Technology
0603734AMilitary Engineering Advanced Technology
0604649AEngineer Mobility Equipment Development
0604801AAviation - Engineering Development
0605301AArmy Kwajalein Atoll
0605854APollution Prevention
0601102ADefense Research Sciences
0602716AHuman Factors Engineering Technology
0603105AMilitary Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Research
0603747ASoldier Support and Survivability
0604256AThreat Simulator Development
0604710ANight Vision Systems - Engineering Development
0604802AWeapons and Munitions - Engineering Development
0605326AConcept Experimentation Program
0605856AEnvironmental Compliance - Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation
0203759AForce XXI Battle Command, Brigade and Below(FBCB2)
0601104AUniversity and Industry Research Centers
0602720AEnvironmental Quality Technology
0603238AAir Defense/Precision Strike Technology
0603772AAdvanced Tactical Computer Science and Sensor Technology
0604258ATarget Systems Development
0604713ACombat Feeding, Clothing, and Equipment
0604804ALogistics & Engineer Equipment - Engineering Development
0605601AArmy Test Ranges and Facilities
0605857AArmy Acquisition Pollution Prevention Program
0203761AForce XXI Initiatives - Warfighting Rapid Acquisition Program (WRAP)
0602105AMaterials Technology
0602782ACommand, Control, Communications Technology
0603270AElectronic Warfare (EW) Technology
0603774ANight Vision Systems - Advanced Development
0604270AElectronic Warfare (EW) Development
0604715ANon-System Training Devices - Engineering Development
0604805ACommand, Control, Communications Systems - Engineering Development
0605602AArmy Test Technology and Sustaining Instrumentation
0605876AMinor Construction - Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation
0203801AMissile/Air Defense Product Improvement Program
0602120ASensors and Electronic Survivability
0602783AInformation and Communication Technology
0603778AMultiple Launch Rocket System Product Improvement Program
0604280AJoint Tactical Radio
0604716ATerrain Information - Engineering Development (TIARA)
0604807AMedical Materiel - Engineering Development
0605604ASurvivability/Lethality Analysis
0605878AMaintenance and Repair - Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation
0203802AOther Missile Product Improvement Programs
0602211AAviation Technology
0602784AMilitary Engineering Technology
0603308AArmy Missile Defense Systems Integration
0603779AEnvironmental Quality Technology - Dem/Val
0604321AAll Source Analysis System (TIARA)
0604726AIntegrated Meteorological System (IMETS) (TIARA)
0604808ALandmine Warfare/Barrier - Engineering Development
0605605ADOD High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility (HELSTF)
0605879AReal Property Services (RPS)
0208010AJoint Tactical Communications Program (TRI-TAC)
0602270AElectronic Warfare (EW) Technology
0602785AManpower/Personnel/Training Technology
0603313AMissile and Rocket Advanced Technology
0603790ANATO Research & Development
0604329AModernized Hellfire
0604814ASense and Destroy Armor Munition - Engineering Development
0605606AAircraft Certification
0605896ABase Operations - Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation
0208053AJoint Tactical Ground Station (TIARA)
0602303AMissile Technology
0602786AWarfighter Technology
0603606ALandmine Warfare and Barrier Advanced Technology
0603801AAviation - Advanced Development
0604604AMedium Tactical Vehicles
0604741AAir and Missile Defense Command, Control, Intelligence - Engineering Development
0604817ACombat Identification
0605702AMeteorological Support to Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation Activities
0605898AManagement Headquarters (Research and Development)
0303140AInformation Systems Security Program
0602307AAdvanced Weapons Technology
0602787AMedical Technology
0603607AJoint Service Small Arms Program
0603802AWeapons and Munitions - Advanced Development
0604609ASmoke, Obscurant and Target Defeating System - Engineering Development
0604746AAutomatic Test Equipment Development
0604818AArmy Tactical Command and Control Hardware & Software
0605706AMateriel Systems Analysis
0708045AArmy Industrial Preparedness Manufacturing Technology
0303141AGlobal Combat Support System - Army (GCSS-Army)
0602308AAdvanced Concepts and Simulations
0602789AArmy Artificial Intelligence Technology
0603619ALandmine Warfare and Barrier - Advanced Development
0603804ALogistics and Engineering Equipment - Advanced Development
0604759AMajor Test and Evaluation Investment
0604819ALine-of-Sight Anti-Tank
0605709AExploitation of Foreign Items
1001018ANATO Joint STARS
0303142ASatellite Command (SATCOM) Ground Environment
0602601ACombat Vehicle and Automotive Technology
0602805ADual Use Science & Technology (DUST) Program

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