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Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

C 1computer, 2aircraft symbol- cargo, 3centigrade, 4programming language, 5carrier, 6cumulus, 7[FM 101-5-1] chemical (graphics), 8[JP 1-02] coverage factor, 9[JP 1-02] creeping line pattern, 10[JP 1-02] clock

C di [JP 1-02] conditioned diphase

C SPEC product specification

C&A certification and accreditation

C&C command and control

C&CR command and control reports

C&DH satellite communications and data handling

C&I 1compatibility and interoperability, 2[AR 310-50] commercial and industrial

C&J collection and jamming

C&L [AR 310-50] control and line

C&LAT [JP 1-02] cargo and loading analysis table

C&M care and maintenance

C&O concept and objectives

C&P characteristics and performance

C&RE cost and resource estimate

C&S computers and systems

C&T 1chips and technologies, 2clothing and textile, 3[AR 310-50] contingency and training

C+I compatibility and interoperability

C(V) capacitance as a function of voltage

C, DoD Comptroller of the Department of Defense

C-130 Hercules

C-141 Starlifter

C-4 cord, block of explosives

C-5 Galaxy

C-AMB [AR 310-50] Chinese-oriented antiballistic missile system

C-B 1center of balance, 2[JP 1-02] chemical-biological

C-BITE continuous built-in test equipment

C-C center to center

C-CS communication computer systems

C-CSS communication computer system security

C-D convergent–divergent

C-DAY deployment date

C-E communications – electronics

C-E ESR communications – electronics equipment status reporting (USAF)

C-HUMINT counter-human intelligence

C-IMINT counter-imagery intelligence

C-level [JP 1-02] category level

C-MNS combat mission need statement

C-MASINT counter-measurements and signature intelligence


C-Rations combat rations

C-Rating combat readiness rating

C-RISTA counter-reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance, and target acquisition

C-SIGINT counter-signals intelligence

C-SPAN Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network

C-STAR critical threat assessment report

C-U command-unique

C-V-P cost-volume-profit

C.G. Comptroller General

C/A 1corrective action, 2coarse acquisition, 3contract administrator

C/B center of balance

C/C 1[JP 1-02] cabin cruiser, 2[JP 1-02] cast off and clear

C/D control data

C/E calculation/experiment

C/F/M corrosion/film/moisture

C/kT carrier-to-receiver-noise density

C/M communications multiplexer

c/n 1construction number, 2constructor's number

C/N carrier to noise

C/O in care of

C/PD cost/pricing data

c/s cycles per second (obsolete, see Hz)

C/S 1client/server, 2call sign, 3cost/schedule

C/SC cost/schedule control

C/SCS cost/schedule control systems

C/SCSC 1cost/control system criteria, 2[DoD/DSMC] cost/schedule control systems criteria (obsolete, see EVM)

C/SPCS cost/schedule planning and control specification

C/SSR cost/schedule status report

C/STCS Cost/Schedule Technical Control System

C/TDS count/time data system

C2 command and control

C2-protection command and control warfare

C2BM command and control battle management

C2CDM command and control core data model

C2CM command, control, and communications countermeasures

C2CN Command and Control Computer Network (USCENTCOM)

C2D command and control disruption

C2D character to decimal [REXX]

C2E 1continuous comprehensive evaluation, 2command and control element

C2FAC command and control facility

C2FACRP command and control functional analysis and consolidation review panel

C2I command, control, and intelligence

C2IE command and control information exchange

C2IP 1Command and Control Initiatives Program, 2command, control, and intelligence processor

C2IPS Command and Control Information Processing System

C2IS command and control information system

C2ISM command and control information systems manager

C2ISMO command and control information systems management office

C2MPPCS Command and Control Manpower and Personnel Contingency Support System (HQ USAF)

C2MS command and control modernization methodology

C2P 1command and control processor, 2[JP 2-02] command and control protection

C2S 1command and control system, 2command, control, and status, 3[JP 1-02] command and control support

C2SPMO Command and Control Systems Program Management Office

C2V command and control vehicle

C2VTC command and control VTC

C2W command and control warfare

C2X character to hexadecimal [REXX]

C3 command, control, and communications

C3/IRM command, communications, and control/information resource management (Coast Guard)

C3A command, control. communications, and automation

C3AG [JP 1-02] command, control, and communications advisory group

C3CM command, control, and communications countermeasures

C3CMSDB command, control, and communications countermeasures support database

C3I 1command, control, communications, and intelligence, 2command, control, communications, and information

C3I&SCM coordination with the Director, Defense Security Programs, ODASD

C3I2 command, control, communications intelligence and interoperability

C3IC 1coalition, coordination, communications and integration center, 2command, control, communications, and intelligence systems committee

C3OB command, control, and communications order of battle

C3P2 command, control, communications program plan

C3RIS C3S Readiness Information System (JCS)

C3S command, control and communications systems

C3SMP [JP 1-02] command, control, and communications systems master plan

C3SPPBS C3S Planning Programming and Budgeting System

C3T concept, capability, consenses, and technology

C4 1command, control, communications, and computers, 2command, control, and communications countermeasures

C4CM [JP 1-02] command, control, communications, and computer countermeasures

C4I command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence

C4I2 command, control, communications, computers, intelligence and information

C4IFTW command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence for the Warrior

C4ISP command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence support plan

C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

C4ISR AF [DoD/DSMC] command, control, communications, computers intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance architecture framework

C4RDP Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Requirements Definition Program

C4S 1Center for Command and Control Communication Systems (DCA), 2[JP 1-02] command, control, communications, and computer systems

C4SMP C4 Systems Master Plan

C4SSTAG command, control, communications, computers system security training advisory group

CA 1combat arms, 2civil affairs, 3cable, 4California, 5clear aperture, 6computers and automation, 7construction authorization, 8contract administrator, 9contract authorization, 10contract analysis, 11contract award, 12cost analysis, 13crisis alerting, 14[USN] heavy gun cruiser, 15combat assessment, 16combined arms, 17configuration audit, 18connection approval, 19corrective action, 20cost account, 21current awareness bulletin, 22collision avoidance, 23combined arms Army, 24commercial activites, 25contract administration, 26contract authority, 27contractor assessment, 28control account, 29criticality analysis, 30[FM 101-5-1] Canada, 31[AR 310-50] combat assault

CA/CRL custody authorization/custody receipt listing

CAA 1combined arms Army, 2[Army] Concepts Analysis Agency, 3crypto access authorization, 4computer assisted accounting, 5computer aided animation, 6civilian agency acquisition , 7Clean Air Act, 8competent authority approval, 9Concept Analysis Agency, 10[JP 1-02] civil air augmentation, 11[JP 1-02] command arrangement agreements, 12[AR 310-50] Civil Aeronautics Administration

CAAA [AR 310-50] Crane Army Ammunition Activity

CAAC civilian agency acquisition council

CAAD corps area air defense

CAAH contracting officer shall contact

CAAIS computer aided action information system

CAAM computer-assisted artillery meteorological

CAAP [AR 310-50] Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant

CAAS 1contracted advisory and assistance services, 2combined arms and support

CAAT computer assisted audit techniques

CAB 1combat aviation brigade, 2Civil Aeronautics Board, 3centralized accounting and billing, 4corrective action board

CABE computer aided business engineering

CABERS Command Automated Budget Execution and Retrieval System

CABS 1Command Automated Budget System (Army), 2cockpit airbag system

CAC 1Combined Arms Command, 2[Army] Combined Arms Center, 3Capabilities Assessment Center, 4combat analysis capability, 5combat assessment capability, 6control and analysis center, 7computer assisted classification, 8current actions center, 9combat air command, 10combat alert cell, 11combat alert center, 12cancellation administrative charges, 13contract audit coordinator, 14cost at completion

CAC-TNG combined arms center training

CAC2 Combined Arms Command and Control Program

CACB compressed-air circuit breaker

CACC commander, air component command

CACDA Combined Arms Combat Development Activity

CACES computer aided cost estimating support

CACO corporate administrative contracting officer

CACO/DACO corporate/division administrative contracting officer

CACPT combined arms and command post trainer

CACS 1computer assisted command system, 2contract audit closing statement

CACTIS [JP 2-01.2] community automated intelligence system

CAD 1course administrative data, 2cartridge-activated device, 3computer-access device, 4computer-aided design, 5computer-aided detection, 6containment atmosphere dilution, 7collective address designator, 8counter-arm decoy (USN), 9combat arms directorate, 10condemnation at depot , 11contract administration data

CAD/CAM computer aided design/ computer aided manufacturing

CAD/PAD cartridge actuated/propellant activated

CAD2 computer aided design, second acquisition

CADAM computer graphics augmented design and manufacturing system

CADAR computer-aided design, analysis, and reliability

CADBIT computer aided design for built-in test

CADC 1central air data computer, 2Crown Asset Disposal Corporation

CADD 1computer aided design and drafting, 2computer aided drafting and design

CADE 1computer-aided design evaluation, 2client/server application development environment, 3combined allied defense experiment/effort

CADEP computer-aided design of electronic products

CADES computer-aided design evaluation system

CADESS computer aided data exchange standards/ specifications

CADET computer-aided design of experimental translator

CADETS classroom-aided dynamic educational time-sharing

CADF cathode-ray tube automatic direction finding

CADFISS computation and data flow integration circuits

CADIC computer-aided design of integrated circuits

CADIZ [AR 310-50] Canadian air defense identification zone

CADMAT computer-aided design, manufacture, and test

CADMINI [AR 310-50] computer administrative instruction

CADOP [AR 310-50] Continental Air Defense Objectives Plan

CADOSS computer-aided development of standards/specifications

CADQAD computer-aided development of quality assurance data

CADR contract administration data record

CADRE 1Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education, 2current awareness and document retrieval for engineers

CADRG compressed arc digitized raster graphic

CADRS [JP 1-02] Concern and Deficiency Reporting System

CADS 1computer assisted display system, 2concept and design study, 3computer aided design system, 4[JP 1-02] cartridge actuated devices, 5[JP 4-01.7] containerized ammunition distribution system

CADSAME [AR 310-50] call signs and/or address group remain same

CADSS combined analog-digital systems simulator

CADW [AR 310-50] civil air defense warning

CAE 1computer-assisted enrollment, 2computer-aided education, 3computer-aided engineering, 4client application enabler, 5common applications environment, 6Component acquisition executive

CAE/CAD computer aided engineering/computer aided design

CAEDS computer aided emulation design system

CAEMS Computer-Aided Embarkation Management System (USMC)

CAES component acquisition executives

CAEWIS Computer Aided Electronic Warfare Information System

CAEX computer aided exploration

CAF 1chemical analysis facility, 2command advisory function (USAF), 3commander airlift forces, 4combat air forces, 5contract audit follow-up, 6[JP 1-02] Canadian Air Force

CAFC court of appeal for the Federal Circuit

CAFIT computer aided fault isolation testability

CAFM [AR 310-50] commercial air freight movement

CAFMS Computer-Assisted Force Management System (USAF)

CAFSC control Air Force specialty code

CAFVIMS Command Air Force Vehicle Integrated Management System (USAF)

CAG 1cost advisory group, 2combat arms group, 3[USN] commander air group, 4combat analysis group, 5[USN] guided missile heavy cruiser, 6carrier air group (commander), 7civilian advisory group, 8column address generator, 9concept action group, 10[JP 1-02] civil affairs group

CAGE 1computerized aerospace ground equipment, 2commercial and government entity, 3contractor and government entity

CAGEL consolidated AGE list

CAGR compounded average growth rate

CAHE core auxiliary heat exchanger

CAI 1computer-assisted instruction, 2close approach indicator, 3computer-aided instruction, 4computer-administered instruction, 5computer analog input, 6[AR 310-50] configuration audit inspection

CAI/O computer analog input/output

CAICO [AR 310-50] chemical accident/incident control officer

CAID 1clear accountability in design, 2contractor accountability in design

CAIF Command Automated Installation File (REDCOM/JDA)

CAIG Cost and Analysis Improvement Group (OSD)

CAIL contingency operation team

CAIMS 1Computer Aided Instruction Management System, 2Conventional Ammunition Integrated Management System (USN)

CAINS 1carrier airborne inertial navigation system, 2[CJCSI 6130.01] carrier aircraft inertial navigation system

CAIRS 1CA Inventory Reporting System, 2Commercial Activities Inventory and Reporting System, 3Commercial Activities Management Information System

CAIS 1Casualty Assistance Information System (USMC), 2common Ada interface set, 3common APSE interface set, 4Common Airborne Instrumentation System

CAIS-A Common APSE Interface Set Version A

CAISS Computer Assisted Information Support System (USAF)

CAIV cost as an independent variable

CAJ cooperative angle jammer

cal [FM 101-5-1] caliber

CAL 1Center of Army Leadership, 2computer animation language, 3computer-assisted learning, 4conversational algebraic language, 5common assembler language code, 6Communications Application Language, 7calendar, 8command asset list, 9computer aided learning, 10contractor alert list, 11[JP 1-02] caliber

CALFEX [TR 350-70] combined arms live fire exercise

CALL 1Center for Army Lessons Learned, 2combined automated lesson learned, 3combined automated lesson learned information centers

CALM 1collected algorithms for learning machines, 2computer-assisted library mechanization, 3computer assisted load manifest (USAF)

CALOW contingency and limited objective warfare

CALPS COMPES Automated Load Planning System

CALS 1computer-aided acquisition and logistics support, 2computer aided logistics support (DoD), 3committee for ammunition logistic support, 4continuous acquisition and life-cycle support, 5computer aided logistic system

CALS MIO CALS Management Information Office

CALS RIC CALS Resource and Implementation Cooperative

CALS TIMS CALS Technical Information Management System

CALS/ATI computer aided logistics support/automation of technical information

CALS/EDI cycle support/electronic data interchange

CALSA 1computer aided logical support analysis, 2computer aided integrated logistics life cycle support analysis (Congress)

CALSIP computer aided acquisition and logistic support implementation plan

CALSTAT Cargo Location and Status Program (MSC)

cam 1[AR 310-50] camouflage, 2[AR 310-50] camouflaged

CAM 1central address memory, 2computer address matrix, 3content addressable memory, 4computer-aided manufacturing (sometimes seen as CAD/CAM), 5compass angle measurement, 6containment atmospheric monitoring, 7common access method, 8combat airlift mission, 9common access model, 10concentrator access module, 11contract audit manual, 12cost account management, 13cost account manager, 14[JP 1-02] crisis action module, 15[JP 1-02] chemical agent monitor, 16[AR 310-50] commercial air movement number

CAMA centralized automatic message accounting

CAMAC computer automated measurement and control

CAMAR common-aperture multifunction array radar

CAMB civilian acquisition management branch

CAME corps air space management element (Army)

CAMIS Continental Army MIS (now RCAS)

CAMMIS Command Aircraft Maintenance and Manpower Information System (USAF)

CAMMP Capabilities Assessment Model for Munitions Production (USAF)

CAMMS Computer Aided Maintenance Management System

CAMO contracting and acquisition management office

CAMO-PAC [AR 310-50] Central Ammunition Management Office - Pacific

CAMP 1compiler for automatic machine programming, 2computer-assisted mathematics program, 3Command ADP Modernization Program (USAF), 4computer assisted movie production, 5controls and monitoring processor, 6claim, 7command automation master plan, administrative management program, 8computer-aided message processing

CAMPS 1Compartmented ASAS Message Processing Set, 2computer aided mission planning system, 3computer assisted mission planning system, 4[NATO] Computer Assisted Message Processing System, 5[AR 310-50] centralized automated military pay system

CAMPSIM Campaign Simulation Expert System (PACFLT)

CAMPUS center automated manpower and project update system

CAMRAS computer-assisted mapping and records activities systems

CAMS 1Combat Aviation Management System (FORSCOM), 2Collection Automated Management System, 3Core Automated Maintenance System (USAF), 4Crisis Action Management System (MTMC), 5computer aided maintenance system

CAMSTA [AR 310-50] Cameron Station

CAN 1cancel [ASCII], 2customer access network, 3campus area network

CANA [JP 1-02] convalescent antidote for nerve agent

CANDI commercial and nondevelopmental items

CANDO commercial-off-the-shelf affordable near-term

CANE chemical and nuclear environment reports

CANR [JP 3-07.4] Canadian NORAD Region

CANS computer-assisted network scheduling system

CANTRAC Catalogue of United States Navy Training Courses

CANUS Canada,United States

CAO 1contract administration officer, 2contract administration office, 3counter air operations, 4case administering office, 5[JP 1-02] chief administrative officer, 6[AR 310-50] collateral action officer, 7[AR 310-50] central accounting office

CAO SOP [JP 1-02] Standing Operating Procedures for Coordination of Atomic Operations

CAOC 1constant axial offset control, 2[NATO] combined air operations center, 3[JP 4-01.1] combat air operations center

CAOCC combined air operations coordination center

CAOP copy budget phase data

CAORF computer aided operation research facility

CAOS completely automatic operational system

CAOSOP standing operating procedures for the coordination of atomic operations

CAP 1central arbitration point, 2combat air patrol, 3computer-assisted production, 4continuous audit program, 5cryotron associative processor, 6crisis action planning, 7contract administration plan, 8cable access protocol, 9communications access processor, 10communications – electronics authorization program, 11countermeasures advisory panel, 12countermeasures assessment program, 13carrierless amplitude and phase-modulation, 14capacitor, 15computer aided publishing, 16communication application platform, 17Civil Air Patrol, 18commander's audit program, 19contract administration plan, 20computer aided printing, 21consolidated aerial port, 22contractor assessment program, 23control and audio panel, 24critical acquisition position, 25centralized assignment procedure, 26contractor acquired property, 27corrective action plan, 28[JP 1-02] configuration and alarm panel, 29[JP 3-08] Consolidated Appeals Process (United Nations)

CAP III Centralized Assignment Procedures (Army)

CAP Report capability report

CAPAL computer and photographically assisted learning

CAPCAT capability category

CAPD computing to assist persons with disabilities [Johns Hopkins University]

CAPE 1communications automatic processing equipment, 2contractor assessment product evaluation

CAPERTSIM computer-assisted program evaluation review technique simulation

CAPES capability evaluation system

CAPL critical acquisition position list

CAPM 1computer-aided patient management, 2computer-aided project management

CAPPS 1contract appraisal system, 2[AR 310-50] Centralized Army Passenger Port Call System

CAPR capability requirement

CAPRI computerized advance personnel requirements and inventory

CAPS 1cell atmosphere processing system, 2computer-assisted problem solving, 3Computer Assisted Acquisition System, 4Configuration Analysis and Projection System, 5computerized airlift planning system, 6capitals (upper case letters), 7cassette programming system, 8Conventional Armaments Planning System

CAPST capacitor start

CAPSTONE Army program to align AC and RC units

CAPT conversational parts programming language

CAPTOR encapsulated torpedo

CAQ computer aided quality assurance

CAR 1Chief, Army Reserve, 2channel address register, 3computer-assisted research, 4command assessment review [USAF], 5configuration audit review, 6corrective action report, 7customer account representative, 8civil airworthiness regulation, 9contract administration report , 10corrective action request, 11[AR 310-50] condition and recommendation

CARA combined altitude radar altimeter

CARC chemical agent resistant coating

CARCN Central American Regional Communications Network

CARCSLR [AR 310-50] career councilor

CARD 1channel allocation and routing data, 2compact automatic retrieval device, 3cost analysis requirements description, 4cost analysis requirement document

CARDA Continental United States Airborne Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment

CARDPAC [AR 310-50] Card Packet System

CARDS 1Catalog of Army Requirements Documents, 2Carrier Dynamic Simulation Program (USN), 3comprehensive approach to reusable Defense software, 4catalog of approved requirements documents

CARE [JP 3-08] Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CAREUSA)

CARIBROC [JP 3-07.4] Caribbean Regional Operations Center

CARL 1Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries [Internet], 2Commercial Activities Resource Library

CARP 1computed air release point, 2contract award release package, 3contingency alternate routing plan, 4contingency alternate routing program, 5contract award review panel, 6Crisis action response plan

CARQUAL carrier qualification

carriage gun carriage

CARRS Cost Analysis Resource Reference System

CARS 1computer-aided routing system, 2Contingency Airborne Reconnaissance System, 3community antenna relay service, 4computerized automotive reporting system, 5combat arms regimental system, 6Consolidated Acquisition Reporting System

CART 1central automatic reliability tester, 2central automated replenishment technique, 3conformal array radar technology, 4computerized automatic rating technique

CARTS Controlled Atmosphere Reliable Transportation System

CARVE criticality, accessibility, recuperability, vulnerability, and effect

CARVER criticality, accessibility, recuperability, vulnerability, effect, and recognizability

cas 1[FM 101-5-1] casualty, 2[AR 310-50] casualties

CAS 1close air support, 2calculated air speed, 3calibrated air speed, 4central alarm station, 5collision avoidance system, 6column-address strobe, 7command automation system, 8crisis action support, 9Command Automated System (CINCOM), 10contract administration service, 11cost accounting standard, 12computer aided styling, 13column address select, 14crisis action system, 15communications application specification, 16computer aided system engineering, 17casualty assessment system, 18Chief of Air Staff, 19combat advice system, 20Combat Ammunition System (USAF), 21combat aviation squadron, 22combined antenna system, 23computer aided search, 24conditional access system, 25computer-aided supportability, 26cumputer-assisted survey, 27contract administration surcharge, 28contract administrative services, 29[JP 1-02] civil aviation security, 30[AR 310-50] Coordinator of Army Studies

CAS ADD-ON contract administrative surcharge add on

CAS-B combat ammunition system base

CAS3 Combined Arms Staff Services School

CASA cost analysis strategy assessment

CASAT computer assisted system approach to training (USMC)

CASB cost accounting standards board

CASC 1cataloguing and standardization center, 2contract administration service component

CASCOM Combined Arms Support Command

CASD computer-aided system design

CASDE computer assisted software development environment

CASE 1computer-aided software engineering, 2computer automated support equipment, 3computer aided system evaluation, 4close air support evaluation, 5coherent active source experiment, 6combined arms systems engineering, 7computer assisted software engineering, 8computer aided system engineering

CASE/MIS Construction, Automation, and Specialized Equipment Management Information System (USN)

CASEE comprehensive aircraft support effectiveness evaluation

CASES Capabilities Assessment Expert System (PACFLT)

CASEUR Contract Administration Service -Europe (USAF)

CASEVAC casualty evacuation

CASF composite air strike force

CASFDD crisis action system force deployment data

CASH Cash Flow Computer Model

CASL 1competition advocate's shopping list, 2Crosstalk Application Scripting Language [DCA]

CASM Combined Arms Simulation Model (HQ USAF)

CASP 1contracting and acquisition support plan, 2computerized administrative software program, 3[JP 1-02] computer-aided search planning, 4[AR 310-50] Civilian Acquired Skills Program

CASPER 1[JP 1-02] contact area summary position report, 2[AR 310-50] Consolidated Army System for Processing Entitlements to Army Reservists

CASPR 1Command Automated System for Procurement (Army), 2Computer Assisted Planning–Reconnaissance (SAC)

CASRE computer aided software reliability estimation

CASREP 1casualty report, 2casualty reporting (USN)

CASREQ [JP 3-09.3] close air support request

CASS 1Computer Assisted Search Service, 2camouflage support system, 3common ATCCS support software, 4Consolidated Automated Support System (USN), 5consolidated automatic support system

CASSIS Classified and Search Support Information System

CAST 1catalog of approved scientific and technical intelligence tasks, 2combined arms staff trainer, 3computer-aided search technique, 4computerized automatic systems tester, 5computer-aided software testing, 6combat armament support team, 7computer-aided software translator, 8[DoD/DSMC] computer-aided software testing

CASTFOREM Combined Arms and Support Task Force Evaluation Model

CASTLE [AR 310-50] Computer Assisted System for Theater Level Engineering

cat category

CAT 1control and analysis tool, 2compile and test, 3computer-aided teaching, 4computer-aided translation, 5computer-assisted testing, 6conditionally accepted tag, 7controlled attenuator timer, 8computer-aided test(ing), 9computer assisted training, 10computer aided tomography, 11command action team, 12computer aided transcription, 13crisis action team,14concatenate, 15cockpit automation technology, 16common air tasking, 17computer aided technologies, 18computer automatic testing, 19conventional arms transfers, 20correlation analysis tool, 21[TR 350-70] combined arms training, 22[JP 1-02] category, 23[AR 310-50] contractor acceptance test, 24[AR 310-50] control and assessment team

CAT I category I

CAT SCAN computerized axial tomography scan

CATC 1Combined Arms Training Center, 2Computer Assist to Technical Control (NORAD)

CATCC [JP 1-02] carrier air traffic control center

CATCO chief air traffic control operation officers

CATCOMS credibility assessment team communications system

CATD crisis action team director

CATE computer-assisted threat evaluation

CATEX categorical exclusion

CATF commander, amphibious task force

CATI computer-assisted telephone inquiry

CATIES Combined Arms Training Integrated Evaluation System

CATIS 1Computer Aided Tactical Information System (AFIS), 2Computer Aided Technical Information System (WWMCCS®)

CATIS/IESS Computer Aided Tactical Information System/Imagery Exploitation

CATK [FM 101-5-1] counterattack (graphics)

CATM computer aided technical management

CATO compiler for automatic teaching operation

CATOX catalytic oxidation

CATREP crisis action team report

CATS 1Combined Arms Training Strategy, 2core analyst tools, 3computer-aided teaching system, 4computer automated test system, 5computer assisted training system, 6common automatic test system, 7carload and truckload shipments

CATSS Cartographic Applications for Tactical and Strategic Systems (RADC)

CATT 1Combined Arms Tactical Trainer, 2conventional arms transfer talks

CATTB Combined Arms Tank Test Bed

CATTS combined arms tactical training simulator

CATV 1cable television, 2[AR 310-50] community antenna television

Cau [AR 310-50] Caucasian

CAU 1crypto adapter unit, 2crypto auxiliary unit, 3controlled access unit, 4channel adapter unit, 5concentrator access unit, 6[JP 1-02] crypto ancillary unit, 7[JP 1-02] cryptographic auxiliary unit

cav cavalry

CAV constant angular velocity

CAVE contractual aspect of value engineering

CAVOK ceiling and visibility ok

CAVU ceiling and visibility unlimited

CAW channel address word

CAW/ESS [CJCSI 3410.01] Crisis Action Weather/Environmental Support System

CAWCF conventional ammunition working capital fund

CAWSE [AR 310-50] casualty analysis for determining weapon system effectiveness

CAWSS Crisis Action Weather Support System (WWMCCS®)

CAX 1combined arms exercise, 2community automatic exchange, 3[CJCSI 3500.02A] computer-assisted exercise

CB 1chemical and biological, 2circuit breaker, 3citizens band [radio], 4common base, 5construction battalion, 6center of balance, 7common battery, 8[USN] large cruiser, 9confined to barracks, 10C4RDP board, 11coordination board

CB&N chemical biological and nuclear

CBA 1collective bargaining agreement, 2cost benefit analysis

CBAIC [AR 310-50] chemical-biological accident and incident control

CBAICP [AR 310-50] chemical-biological accident and incident control plan

CBAL counterbalance

CBAS Command Budget Automated System (USAF)

CBAT computer based aid for trouble shooting

CBATEB Chemical and Biological Agent Technical Evaluation Board

CBB contract budget baseline

CBBLS [JP 1-02] hundreds of barrels

CBC cipher block chaining

CBC/MIS Construction Battalion Center MIS (USN)

CBCC [AR 310-50] conviction by civil court

CBCR channel byte count register

CBD 1Commerce Business Daily, 2cash before delivery, 3condemnation below depot, 4[DoD/DSMC] chemical biological defense

CBD-IMPACT CB defense integrated meteorological and contamination transport

CBDA Chemical and Biological Defense Agency (Army)

CBDCOM Chemical Biological Defense Command

CBE command budget estimate

CBEMA Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association

CBFS 1Command Budget Formulation System, 2[JP 1-02] cesium beam frequency standard

CBGA ceramic ball grid array

CBI 1computer-based instruction, 2[AR 310-50] complete background investigation

CBIAC Chemical and Biological Information Analysis Center

CBIL common and bulk item list

CBIO [AR 310-50] counterbattery intelligence officer

CBIS 1computer-based instructional system, 2computer-based information system

CBIT continuous built-in-test

CBITS computer-based instruction training system

CBL 1computer based learning, 2commercial bill of lading

CBLTU [JP 1-02] common battery line termination unit

CBM 1core business manual, 2cubic meter

CBMS computer-based mail system

CBMU construction battalion, maintenance unit

CBO 1Congressional Budget Office, 2[AR 310-50] computer burst order

CBOI [AR 310-50] complete basis of issue

CBOIP [AR 310-50] complete basis of issue plan

CBP corporate business plan

CBPL capability based program list

CBPO consolidated base personnel office

CBPS chemically and biologically protective shelter

CBPSS Chemically and Biologically Protected Shelter System

CBR 1chemical, biological and radiological, 2California bearing ratio, 3CAS before RAS, 4chemical/biological/radioactive weapons, 5common bomb rack, 6content-based retrieval, 7constant bit rate, 8concurrent budget resolution, 9[DoD/DSMC] current budget resolution

CBRG cost benefit review group

CBRN Caribbean Basin Radar Network

CBRS Concept-based Requirements System

CBS 1corps battle simulation, 2close boundary sentry, 3cost breakdown structure, 4[JP 1-02] common battery signaling

CBS-X continuing balance system – expanded (Army)

CBSR census bureau shipment report

cbt [FM 101-5-1] combat

CBT 1computer-based training, 2computer-based trainer, 3core based tree, 4[JP 3-05] combating terrorism, 5[JP 1-02] common battery terminal

CBTAO cost benefit of tactical air operations

CBTDEV 1combat developer, 2[DoD/DSMC] combat developments (Army/Marine Corps)

CBTI [AR 310-50] combat intelligence

CBTOPS combat operations division

CBTPLANS combat plans division

cbtry [AR 310-50] counterbattery

CBTZ [JP 4-02] combat zone

CBU 1cluster bomb unit, 2conference bridge unit, 3commodity business unit, 4chemical and biological weapons

CBUD computer based user documentation

CBW 1chemical and biological warfare, 2convert byte to word

CBX 1cam box, 2computer-controlled branch exchange

cc cubic centimeters

CC 1central computer, 2component commander, 3channel command, 4close-coupled, 5closing coil, 6coarse control, 7common collector, 8tactical command ship (USN), 9computer community, 10close combat, 11condition code, 12control center, 13control computer, 14command center, 15configuration control, 16carbon copy, 17conventional conflict, 18container code, 19cluster controller, 20command cab, 21closed circuit, 22commander, 23continuous current, 24card code, 25center commander, 26commercial consumable, 27cost center, 28country code, 29customer-within-country (transportation code), 30[AR 310-50] combat command, 31[AR 310-50] common carrier, 32[AR 310-50] Chemical Corps

CC/PIN cost center/product identification number

CC/SM control center/security monitor

CC: carbon copy

CC3 counter-C3

CCA 1circuit card assembly, 2carrier controlled approach, 3central control/ analysis, 4command and control agency, 5contamination control area, 6command center automation, 7component cost analysis, 8[JP 1-02] contingency capabilities assessment, 9[JP 1-02]contract construction agent (DOD), 10[JP 4-01.7] container control activity

CCAA 1contract clearance approving authority, 2contract clearance approval authority

CCACS CINCLANT Command Center Automation System

CCAD 1consolidated contract administration data, 2[AR 310-50] United States Army Depot, Corpus Christi

CCAF Community College of the Air Force

CCAL certified contractor access list

CCAMS computer controlled antenna measurement system

CCAP communications control application program

CCARS comprehensive cost and requirement report

CCAS 1Command Center Automation System (PACAF), 2contingency contract administration services

CCASS construction contract appraisal support system

CCAWS 1close combat anti armor weapon system, 2close combat armored weapon system

CCB 1configuration control board, 2circuit concentration bay, 3change control board, 4control board, 5[JP 1-02] community counterterrorism board

CCBD configuration control board directive

CCBL collect commercial bill of lading

CCC 1computer communication console, 2change and configuration control, 3command and control center, 4Crisis Coordination Center (United States Secretary of Defense), 5CARDA Coordination Center, 6cargo category code, 7central computer complex, 8combat control center, 9command center complex, 10command, control, and communications, 11critical control circuit (JRCS), 12communications control center, 13conference control channel, 14Canadian commercial corporation, 15[JP 1-02] cross-cultural communications course, 16[AR 310-50] classified control clerk, 17[AR 310-50] Commodity Credit Corporation

CCCC computer command and control company

CCCD 1camouflage, cover, concealment and deception, 2crew centered cockpit design

CCCI 1command, control, communications, and intelligence, 2case closure certificate inventory

CCCMMM [AR 310-50] closed-chest cardiac massage and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

CCD 1charged-coupled device (see CID, sense 2), 2course control damper, 3computer-controlled display, 4camouflage concealment and deception, 5command and control display, 6continental communications division, 7critical component demonstration, 8cash concentration and disbursement, 9cash concentration or disbursement, 10command case directive, 11common category database, 12course control document

CCDB COMINT correlated database

CCDR 1contract cost data report, 2contractor cost data reporting, 3contractor cost data reports

CCDRTS Contractor Cost Data Reports Tracking System

CCDU control, communication, and display unit

CCE 1combat contingency element, 2command and control evaluation, 3communications control equipment, 4contingency communications elements, 5component cost estimate, 6[JP 3-07.4] continuing criminal enterprise, 7[JP 4-01.7] container control element, 8[AR 310-50] commercial construction equipment

CCEB combined communications-electronics board

CCEC Command and Control Engineering Center (DCA)

CCEF Command Center Evaluation Facility (ESD)

CCEP Commercial Communications Security Endorsement Program (NSA)

CCES Command Center Evaluation System (ESD)

CCF 1central clearance facility, 2collection coordination facility, 3communications control facility, 4compartmented communications facility, 5consolidated computer facility, 6centralized control facility, 7[AR 310-50] central control facility, 8[AR 310-50] corps contingency force, 9[AR 310-50] correctional custody facility

CCFM construction and facilities management office

CCFSS collection coordination facility support system (DIA)

CCFT cold cathode fluorescent tube

CCFY current contractor fiscal year

CCG 1combat communications group, 2command and control group, 3crisis coordinating group (OSD)

CCGD [JP 3-07.4] commander, coast guard district

CCH 1connections per circuit hour, 2chief of chaplains, 3[AR 310-50] computerized criminal history [files of the FBI]

CCHAS center for computer high assurance system

CCHX component cooling heat exchanger

CCI 1common client interface, 2compliant, compatible, and interoperable, 3composite configuration item, 4controlled cryptographic item, 5[AR 310-50] command control interface (MSR)

CCIA 1console computer interface adapter, 2Computer and Communication Industry Association

CCIB [CJCSI 3410.01] command center integration branch

CCIF [AR 310-50] International Telephone Advisory Committee

CCIL continuously-computed impact line

CCIP 1Command Center Improvement Program, 2continuously-computed impact point

CCIR 1commander’s critical information requirements, 2[JP 1-02] International Radio Consultative Committee

CCIRN Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networks

CCIS 1Command Control Information System (USAREUR), 2common channel interoffice signaling, 3Command Center Information System (PACOM), 4computer controlled interconnect system

CCISS 1Command, Control and Intelligence Support Squadron (AFCC), 2Command, Control, Intelligence Support System (AAC)

CCIT [AR 310-50] International Telegraph Advisory Committee

CCITR Comite Consultatif International de Telegraphique et Telephonique.

CCITT Comité Consultatif International de Telegraphique et Telephonique (Consultative Committee for International Telephone and Telegraph)

CCIU [JP 1-02] common equipment facility control interface unit

CCL 1control language, 2carrier common line, 3center for creative leadership, 4common command language, 5connection control language, 6cursor control language, 7commerce control list, 8concentric canister launcher, 9[FM 101-5-1] combat-configured load, 10[JP 1-02] communications/computer link

CCLS consolidated contractor logistics support

CCM 1communications controller multichannel, 2counter countermeasures, 3call control module, 4color management system, 5communications control module, 6control, civil and military, 7central case management, 8central case manager, 9command country manager

CCMA [AR 310-50] civilian clothing maintenance allowance

CCMD continuous current monitoring device

CCMEC Combined Captured Materiel Exploitation Center

CCMPTC [AR 310-50] central computer center

CCMSF compass call mission support facility

CCN 1case control number, 2contract change notice, 3cordless communication network, 4configuration change notice, 5contract completion notice

CCO 1case control office, 2current-controlled oscillator, 3chief of combat operations, 4circuit control office, 5communications controller, 6contingency contracting officer, 7[JP 1-02] combat cargo officer, 8[JP 1-02] central control officer, 9[AR 310-50] classified control officer

CCOC 1consolidated contingency operations center, 2[AR 310-50] command control operations center

CCOF conventional ammunition working capital fund customer order file

CCOP 1case closet process, 2case closet program

CCOPES Case Close Out Program Execution System

CCP 1configuration control panel, 2consolidated cryptologic program, 3contract change proposal, 4CAN calibration protocol [ASAP standard], 5console command processor, 6central control point, 7combat command post, 8coherent countermeasures processor, 9combined command post, 10computer control panel, 11configuration control panel, 12consolidated control point, 13Configuration Control Plan (TACS/TADS), 14consolidation/containerization program, 15contingency communications package, 16conventional contingency plan, 17consolidation point, 18central contract point, 19containerization point, 20[FM 101-5-1] communications checkpoint, 21[JP 1-02] casualty collection point, 22[JP 4-01.7] consolidation and containerization point, 23[AR 310-50] circulation control point

CCPC communications computer programming center

CCPD coupling capacitor potential device

CCPDS 1command center processing and display system, 2command center processing and data system

CCPDS-R command center processing and display system replacement program

CCPM [AR 310-50] command career program manager

CCPO 1consolidated civilian personnel office, 2central civilian personnel office

CCPS Centralized Civilian Pay System

CCR 1control contractor, 2corrected compass rose, 3commitment, concurrence, recovery, 4captive carry reliability, 5central contractor registration, 6combined contractor registration, 7[AR 310-50] combat crew

CCRC communications control and restoral center

CCRD [JP 1-02] CINC's required delivery date

CCS 1Combined Chiefs of Staff, 2common command set, 3Communications Control Set, AN/TYQ-40, 4commitment control system, 5continuous commercial service, 6custom computer system, 7common communications services, 8common communications support, 9continuous composite servo, 10central control system, 11command and control systems, 12communications control system, 13control and communications subsystem, 14Case Control System (USN), 15command and control segment, 16[JP 1-02] central control ship, 17[JP 4-01.7] container control site

CCS2 command and control subordinate system

CCSA 1[Army] Command and Control Support Agency (DAMO), 2[JP 1-02] containership cargo stowage adapter

CCSB configuration control sub-board

CCSC 1command and control systems center, 2cryptologic combat support console (USN), 3command and control sustainment contract

CCSCA cost control system for conventional ammunition

CCSD 1command communications service designator, 2cellular circuit-switched data, 3[JP 1-02] control communications service designator

CCSG consolidated contingency steering group (USAFE)

CCSIL Command Control Software Interface Language

CCSO 1command and control systems office (AFCC), 2command and control systems organization (DISA)

CCSP 1contingency contracting support plan, 2[AR 310-50] consolidated computer security program 3[AR 310-50] consolidated computer security program

CCSS 1Command and Control Switching System, 2commodity command standard system

CCT 1computer-compatible tape, 2combat crew trainer, 3communications control team, 4constant current transformer, 5correlated color temperature, 6combat control team (USAF), 7contingency communications team, 8Close Combat Tactical Trainer, 9consolidated change table, 10captive carry test

CCTC Command and Control Technical Center (DCA)

CCTest component check test

CCTI [CJCSI 3500.02A] CJCS commended training issues

CCTS combat crew training squadron

CCTT close combat tactical trainer

CCTV closed-circuit television

CCU 1central control unit, 2certificate of clearance for use, 3channel control unit, 4combat control unit, 5command center upgrade, 6communication control unit, 7common control unit

CCV control-configured [aircraft] vehicle

CCVS 1COBOL compiler validation system, 2current-controlled voltage source

CCW 1counterclockwise, 2channel command word, 3[CJCSI 6130.01] continuous carrier wave

CCWS command center watch station

CCX Phase IV Management Office, AFDSDC

CD 1combat developer (CBTDEV), 2combat development(s), 3compact disk, 4collision detection, 5coordinating draft, 6cable duct, 7center distance, 8current density, 9circuit description, 10current dollars, 11contractor definition, 12Civil Defense, 13change directory, 14conference on disarmament, 15color display, 16channel designator, 17concept development, 18counter-drug, 19carrier detect, 20calendar day, 21case designator, 22country director (USAF), 23criticality designator, 24[FM 101-5-1] Chad, 25[FM 101-5-1] chemical defense

CD&F class determination and findings

CD-CHRDY card channel ready [IBM]

CD-DA compact disk – digital audio

CD-E compact disk – erasable

CD-I compact disk – interactive

CD-MO compact disk – magneto optical

CD-PROM compact disk as programmable read-only memory

CD-R compact disk – recordable

CD-RDx compact disk – read only memory data exchange standard

CD-ROM compact disk – read-only memory

CD-ROMXA compact disk read-only memory extended architecture

CD-RTOS compact disk – real time operating system

CD-TV Commodore Dynamic Total Vision

CD-V compact disk – video

CD-WO compact disk – write once

CD-XA compact disk – extended architecture

CD/I compact disk/interactive

CD/NC [AR 310-50] computer-aided design/numerical control

CDA 1command and data acquisition, 2central design activity, 3command data administration, 4coordinating design authority, 5compound document architecture [DEC], 6case directive amendment, 7central design agency, 8Contract Dispute Act, 9contractual document action, 10critical design activity, 11[AR 310-50] United States Army DARCOM Catalog Data Activity

CDAA circularly disposed antenna array

CDAd component data administrator

CDAP 1centrally directed audit program, 2[AR 310-50] Civil Damage Assessment Program

CDAY Commencement of Deployment Date

CDB 1central data bank, 2command database, 3corporate database, 4communications database, 5career development board, 6[JP 1-02] chemical, biological defense

CDC 1call directing character, 2call directing code, 3configuration data control, 4current-controlled voltage source, 5career development course, 6command data channel, 7chemical decontamination center, 8computer display channel, 9consolidated duplicating center, 10Combat Development Command, 11computing device Canada, 12[JP 4-06] centers for disease control and prevention

CDCE central data-conversion equipment

CDCN 1command document control number, 2contract document change notices

CDCS Customer Depot Complaint System

CDD 1common data dictionary, 2competitive design/development, 3[AR 310-50] collateral damage distance

CDDB Central Demand Database (Army)

CDDI copper distributed data interface

CDE 1certification in data education, 2common desktop environment [Sun], 3complex data entry, 4compact disk erasable, 5chemical defensive equipment, 6cost driver effect

CDF 1combined distribution frame, 2cumulative damage function, 3criticality difficulty frequency, 4channel definition format [Microsoft], 5combat direction finding, 6comma delimited format, 7common data format, 8cyberspace description format, 9core distributed interactive simulation facility, 10class determination and finding

CDFIF communications direction-finding interface

CDFMS custom duty free management systems

CDFS compact disk file system [Microsoft]

CDG 1competitive development group, 2[AR 310-50] coder-decoder group

CDI 1conventional defense initiatives, 2collector diffusion isolation, 3control direction indicator, 4classification, discrimination, and identification, 5compact disk interactive, 6concept development investigation, 7conventional defense improvements, 8Cyrel Digital Imaging [DuPont], 9[JP 1-02] cargo disposition instructions, 10[JP 1-02] conditioned diphase

CDIA certified document imaging architect

CDIG contract data input group

CDIP 1consolidated defense intelligence program, 2combined defense improvements project

CDIPO [JP 3-07.4] counterdrug intelligence preparation for operations

CDL 1common data link, 2common display logic, 3computer description language, 4computer design language, 5Catalog of Army Requirements Documents Documentation Library, 6[AR 310-50] Central Dental Laboratories

CDM 1central data management, 2code-division multiplexing, 3code division modulation, 4case development module, 5configuration data manager, 6content data model, 7contractor data manual, 8[FM 101-5-1] chemical downwind message, 9[JP 1-02] cable driver modem

CDMA code-division multiple-access (data links)

CDMD configuration data manager database

CDMD-OA configuration data manager database open architecture

CDMF commercial data masking facility [IBM]

CDMGM [JP 1-02] cable driver modem group buffer

CDMPCS Contract Depot Maintenance Production and Cost System

CDMS 1Contract Data Management System, 2Crisis Deployment Management System

CDN 1Canadian, 2[JP 1-02] compressed dial number

CDNC computer-aided design/numerical control

CDNSWC Carderock Division Naval Surface Warfare Center

CDNTS Civil Defense National Telephone System

CDNU control display navigation unit

cdo [AR 310-50] commando

CDO 1command duty officer, 2command center duty officer (watch supervisor), 3commando, 4country desk officer

CDOC [JP 3-07.4] counterdrug operations center

CDOG [AR 310-50] combat development objectives guide

CDOS concurrent disk operating system

CDP 1central data processor, 2centralized data processing, 3certification data processing, 4career development plan, 5checkout data processor, 6combat development process, 7communications data processor, 8contract-definition phase, 9critical decision point, 10concept demonstration program, 11[JP 1-02] landing craft air cushion (LCAC) departure point, 12[AR 310-50] company distributing point

CDPC 1central data processing computer, 2commercial data processing center

CDPD 1chemical defense planning document, 2cellular digital packet data

CDPIR crash data position indicator recorder

CDPL command designated position list

cdr 1commander, 2contents of decrement

CDR 1critical design review , 2commander, 3command destruct receiver, 4conceptual design requirement, 5current directional relay, 6call detail recording, 7close defense relations, 8combat deployable radio (USAF), 9compact disk recordable, 10call detail record, 11cargo delivery receipt, 12consolidated data report, 13[JP 1-02] continuous data recording

CDRAMCCOM Chemical Command

CDRESC [JP 1-02] Commander, Electronic Security Command

CDREUDAC 1[JP 1-02] Commander, European Command Defense Analysis Center (ELINT), 2[JP 1-02] Commander, European Data Analysis Center

CDRFORSCOM [JP 1-02] Commander, Forces Command

CDRG [JP 3-08] Catastrophic Disaster Response Group (FEMA)

CDRL Contract Data Requirements List (DD Form 1423)

CDRMTMC [JP 1-02] Commander, Military Traffic Management Command

CDRS 1control and data retrieval system, 2container design retrieval system

CDRUSAINSCOM [JP 1-02] Commander, United States Army Intelligence and Security Command

CDRUSELEMNORAD [JP 1-02] Commander, United States Element, North American Air Defense Command

CDS 1Combat Direction System (USN), 2computer duplex system, 3conceptual design study, 4Congressional Descriptive Summaries, 5cockpit dynamic simulator, 6Capability Design Specification, 7command direct support, 8control display system, 9countermeasure dispenser systems, 10Centralized Data Systems (F-16), 11command and decision system, 12commander's data summary, 13container delivery system, 14continuing design services, 15control and display subsystem, 16current directory structure, 17Congressional data sheet, 18contractor data sheet, 19[AR 310-50] Chief of Defense Staff (Canada), 20[JP 3-07.4] container delivery system, 21[AR 310-50] chamber of destination of ships

CDSA common data security architecture

CDSAR Course Development and Student Administration/Registrar Keeping System (USAF)

CDSD [AR 310-50] civil defense support detachments

CDSE computer-driven simulation environment

CDSO 1CALS digital standard office, 2[JP 3-07.4] counterdrug support office

CDSP core digital signal processing

CDSR [AR 310-50] controlled deployment specular reflector

CDSSC [CJCSI 3410.01] COOP designated successor service chief

CDT 1central data terminal, 2control data terminal, 3Central Daylight Time, 4crew duty time, 5Center for Defense Trade (Dept. of State)

CDTS Computer-Directed Training System (WWMCCS®)

CDTUC conventional data terrain unit cartridge

CDU 1control display unit, 2central display unit, 3cockpit display unit, 4commander display unit, 5[JP 3-07.4] counterdrug update, 6[AR 310-50] command destruct unit

CDW 1computer data word, 2command and display workstation

CDWS Civil Defense Warning System

CDX contro-differential transmitter

CE 1[ASAS] Collateral Enclave, 2counter-espionage, 3concept exploration (Phase 0), 4civil engineering, 5common emitter, 6chip enable, 7communications – electronics, 8commutator end, 9computer engineer, 10conducted emission, 11[Army] Corps of Engineers, 12customer engineer, 13civil engineer, 14cache enable, 15chip enable, 16collision elimination, 17convert enable, 18chemical energy, 19command element, 20cooperative engagement, 21cost estimate, 22corps eligible, 23commander’s evaluation, 24concurrent engineering, 25current estimate, 26continuous evaluation

CE/D Concept Exploration/Definition Phase

CE/IPPD concurrent engineering/integrated product and process development

CE/IPPM concurent engineering/integrated product and process management

CEA 1communications electronics activity, 2circular error average, 3control element assembly, 4combined electronics assembly

CEAC United States Army Cost and Economic Analysis Center

CEAP Corps of Engineers Automation Plan

CEB 1Communications Electronics Board (NATO), 2configured engine bay

CEBMCO [AR 310-50] Corps of Engineers Ballistic Missile Construction Office

CEBZ Central European Buffer Zone

CEC 1cooperative engagement capability, 2contractor employment compliance

CECAT combat enhancing capability aviation team

CECDC cost estimate control data center

CECO cost estimate change order

CECOM [Army] Communications–Electronics Command

CECORS Civil Engineering Contract Reporting System (USAF)

CECSR Contractor Employee Compensation System Review

CED 1captured enemy documents, 2capacitive electronic disk, 3concept exploration and definition, 4cost estimating data

CEDAM combined electronic display and map

CEDL Central European defense loans

CEDM control element drive motor

CEDREP [JP 1-02] communications-electronics deployment report

CEE 1captured enemy equipment, 2communications electronics element, 3commercial equivalent equipment, 4Central and Eastern Europe

CEEB [AR 310-50] College Entrance Examination Board

CEERS command excess equipment redistribution system

CEESIM Combat Electromagnetic Environment Simulator

CEF 1centralized environmental facility, 2civil engineering files (JRS), 3[JP 1-02] common equipment facility

CEFI [AR 310-50] contractor engineer - furnish and install

CEFR communications electronics facility records

CEG 1combat evaluation group (USAF), 2continuous edge graphics , 3[JP 1-02] common equipment group

CEGE Combat Equipment Group, Europe (Army)

CEHND Corps of Engineer Huntsville Division Construction

CEI 1communication electronics instruction(s), 2computer extended instruction, 3conducted electromagnetic interference, 4configuration end item, 5combat efficiency improvement, 6cost effectiveness index, 7[JP 1-02] critical employment indicator

CEID communications – electronics implementation document

CEII configured end item identification

CEIP communications electronics implementation plan

CEIS 1communications equipment list, 2computer economic incorporated sizing

CEJ carriage, employment and jettison

cel [AR 310-50] celestial

CEL contractor experience list

CELP Civilian Employment Level Plan

CELT 1coherent emitter location testbed, 2crypto equipment for low speed telegraphy

CELV complementary expendable launch vehicle

CEM 1captured enemy materiel, 2compromising emanations, 3combined effects munitions, 4Communications Electronics–Meteorological Equipment Status and Inventory System (USAF), 5concepts evaluation model (Army), 6communications – electronics meteorological, 7cost engineering model

CEMARS COMSEC Equipment Modification Application Reporting System

CEMAS Civil Engineering Materials Acquisition System (USAF)

CEMC [JP 1-02] communications-electronics management center

CEMES communication, electronic, and meteorological equipment status

CEMF counterelectromotive force

CEMO 1Command Equipment Management Office (USAF), 2communications – electronics mission order

CEMR contractor estimating methods review

CEMS 1constituent electronic mail system, 2Comprehensive Engine Management System (USAF)

CEMS, CDB Comprehensive Engine Management System, Central Data Base

CEMT command equipment management team

cen center

CENDOC centralized documentation

CENEN Corps of Engineers National Energy Network (Army)

CENSEI Center for System Engineering and Integration (Army)

CENTAF USAF Central Command (9th USAF)

CENTAG Central Army Group, Central Europe (NATO)

CENTCOM Central Command [Army]

CENTO Central Treaty Organization

CENTREX telephone switch

CEO 1Communications–electronics officer, 2chief executive officer, 3corporate executive officer

CEOA [AR 310-50] Central European Operating Agency

CEOAS [AR 310-50] Corps of Engineers Office of Appalachian Studies

CEOI 1communications – electronics operating instructions, 2[AR 310-50] communications - electronics operation instructions

CEOP conditional end of page

CEOPL civil engineer operational project list (MAC)

CEOS corporate equal opportunity specialist

CEOT communication equipment operator trainer

CEP 1concept evaluation program, 2circular error of probability, 3civil engineering package, 4computer entry punch, 5concept exploration program, 6civil engineering plan, 7COMSEC equipment program, 8connection end point, 9combat entry point, 10contact evaluation plot, 11contract execution plan, 12contextual enhancement processor, 13concept experimentation program, 14circular error probable, 15contract estimating and pricing, 16career enhancement plan, 17continuous evaluation program, 18[JP 1-02] cable entrance panel

CEPDR communications – electronics post deployment requirement

CEPG command execution planning group

CEPIS Civil Engineering Project Information System (USAFE)

CEPOD [JP 1-02] communications-electronics post-deployment report

CEPR concept experimentation program review

CEPRO CEP reporting official

CEPS 1Central European Pipeline System, 2case evaluation profile system

CEPSARC Concept Experimentation Program Schedule and Review Committee [reports to DCSC TRADOC]

CEQ council on environmental quality

CER 1cost estimating relationship, 2character error rate, 3civil engineering report, 4complete engineering release

CERB 1Civilian Executive Resources Board, 2[AR 310-50] United States Army Coastal Engineering Research Board

CERBOC Civilian Executive Resources Board Operations Committee

CERC [Army] Coastal Engineering Research Center

CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act

CERDEC Communications–Electronics RDEC

CERF [JP 3-08] Central Emergency Revolving Fund (United Nations)

CERMET 1ceramic and metal fuels, 2ceramic metal element, 3ceramic-to-metal [seal]

CERPS Consolidated and Expenditure Reporting System (USN)

CERS carrier evaluation and reporting system

CERT 1computer emergency response team, 2combined environmental reliability test

CERTs communications – electronics readiness teams

CES 1constant elasticity of substitution, 2civil engineering squadron, 3combat effects simulator, 4communication electronic subfile 5cost element structure, 6[JP 1-02] coast Earth station

CES/MIS Civil Engineer Support/Management Information System (USN)

CESAC 1communications – electronics scheme accounting and distribution control system, 2communication electronic scheme assembly control asset

CESE 1communications equipment support element, 2[JP 1-02] civil engineering support equipment

CESG [JP 1-02] communications equipment support group

CESI [AR 310-50] communications - electronics standing instruction

CESM Cryptologic Electronic Warfare Support Measures (USN)

CESP 1civil engineering support plan, 2civil engineering support program, 3command element specific program

CESPG 1Civil Engineering Support Planning Generator (JOPS), 2[JP 1-02] civil engineering support plan group

CESPS civil engineering operational planning system

CESR contractor estimating system review

CET 1corrected effective temperature, 2cumulative elapsed time, 3civilian engineering team, 4cockpit evaluation team, 5contract engineering task

CETA 1cost-effective training analysis, 2contractor employee technical assistance

CETD Concept Exploration and Technology Demonstration (SDI)

CETS contractor engineering and technical services

CETS/NETS contractor/Navy Engineering Technical Services

CETSP contractor engineering technical services program

CEU 1computer electronics unit, 2commercial entertainment unit, 3continuing education unit

CEV 1combat engineer vehicle, 2corona extinction voltage

CEVG combat evaluation group

CEWEOC Communications Electronic Warfare Equipment Operators Course

CEWI combat electronic warfare and intelligence

CEWS Communications Electronic Warfare System

CEWCSC [AR 310-50] Corps of Engineers Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center

CF 1counterfire, 2cathode follower, 3centrifugal force, 4concept formulation, 5conversion factor, 6carrier frequency, 7consequence of failure, 8communications flight, 9control facility, 10counter force, 11crew factor, 12career field, 13Customs form, 14[JP 1-02] drift error confidence factor, 15[JP 1-02] causeway ferry, 16[AR 310-50] concept feasibility, 17[AR 310-50] correlation factor, 18[AR 310-50] Canadian Forces, 19[AR 310-50] copy (ies) furnished

CF&A [AR 310-50] chief of finance and accounting

CFA 1covering force area, 2cross-field amplifier, 3cognizant field activity, 4[FM 101-5-1] call forward area, 5[JP 3-08] Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programs (United Nations), 6[AR 310-50] current files area

CFAC constant-frequency alternating current

CFACC [JP 1-02] combined force air component commander

CFAE contractor-furnished aircraft equipment

CFAE/CFE contractor furnished aeronautical equipment/contractor furnished equipment

CFAR constant false alarm rate

CFAS Chaplain Fund Accounting System

CFB 1configurable function block, 2cipher feedback

CFC 1central fire control, 2combined forces command, 3chlorofluorocarbon, 4[JP 1-02] Combined Forces Command, Korea, 5[AR 310-50] Combined Federal Campaign

CFCC contract file content checklist

CFCS Command Fund Control System

CFD 1computational fluid dynamic, 2[JP 4-01.7] container fleet division

CFDA Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

CFDAD component functional data administrator

CFDS composite force requirements and development system

CFDSS combat follow-on spares support

CFE 1contractor furnished equipment, 2consolidated front end, 3Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty

CFE Treaty Conventional Forces In Europe Treaty

CFE/GFE contractor furnished equipment/Government furnished equipment

CFEN contractor furnished equipment notice

CFETP career field education and training plan

Cff 1critical flicker frequency, 2critical fusion frequency

CFF 1compact font format, 2central funding and fielding

CFG configuration

CFI 1cost, freight, and insurance, 2CAD (computer aided design) framework initiative, 3critical fault identifieds

CFII Center For Integration and Interoperability

CFIT controlled flight into terrain

CFIUS Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States

CFL 1calibrated focal length, 2competent familiarity loading, 3[FM 101-5-1] coordinated fire line, 4[JP 1-02] contingency planning facilities list

CFLHD Central Federal Land Highway Division

cfm [AR 310-50] contingency for movement

CFM 1cathode follower mixer, 2cubic foot per minute, 3common functional model, 4code fragment manager [Macintosh], 5CONUS freight management, 6contractor financial management, 7contractor furnished materiel

CFMA [AR 310-50] central financial management activities

CFMCON United States Freight Management Program (MTMC)

CFMS 1centralized fuels management system, 2Combat Fuels Management system (USAF)

CFMW case financial management worksheet

CFO 1critical flashover voltage, 2chief financial officer, 3chief, flight operation

CFOA Chief Financial Officer Act

CFOR COMSEC field office of record

CFOSS combat follow-on supply system

CFP 1concept formulation package, 2contingency force pool, 3computerized flight plan, 4concept formulation process, 5contractor furnished product, 6contractor furnished property

CFP/FSM Computer Flight Plan/Flight Simulation Model (AWS)

CFPE conventional/special force planning and execution

CFPF central food preparation facility

CFPMC Contractor Finance for Program Manager's Course (Defense Systems Management College)

CFPS [AR 310-50] central food preparation system

CFR 1Code of Federal Regulations, 2computerized fault reporting, 3computerized facial recognition, 4contractor funds report

CFRDS composite force requirements and deployment system

CFRP 1carbon fibber reinforced plastics, 2conceptual framework for reuse processess

CFRS Contingency Fuel Recovery System

CFS 1cubic foot per second, 2collection and forwarding system, 3caching file system, 4common file system, 5center for standard, 6contract field service

CFSC community and family support center

CFSO [JP 2-01.2] counterintelligence force protection source operations

CFSP contractor field services personnel

CFSR contract funds status report

CFST critical fire support task

CFT 1cockpit familiarization trainer, 2captive flight test, 3composite force training, 4captive flight trainer, 5contract field team, 6contractor field team, 7contract field technician

CFTO Canadian Force technical order

CFV cavalry fighting vehicle

CFX command field exercise

CFY current fiscal year

CG 1commanding general, 2center of gravity, 3Coast Guard, 4[USN] guided missile cruiser, 5consolidated guidance, 6control gate, 7communication gateway, 8Chairman’s (JCS) guidance, 9computer generated, 10[JP 1-02] Comptroller General

CG CAP [JP 1-02] Coast Guard capabilities plan

CG FMFLANT [JP 1-02] Commanding General, Fleet Marine Forces, Atlantic

CG FMFPAC [JP 1-02] Commanding General, Fleet Marine Forces, Pacific

CG LSMP [JP 1-02] Coast Guard logistic support and mobilization plan

CG MCCDC Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command

CG MCRDAC Commanding General, Marine Corps Research, Development and Acquisition Command

CG, AMC Commanding General, Army Materiel Command

CG, MTMC Commanding General, Military Traffic Management Command

CG(N) guided missile cruiser (nuclear)

CGA color graphics adapter

CGAMS Coast Guard Acquisition Management System

CGAS Coast Guard air station

CGAUX [JP 1-02] Coast Guard Auxiliary

CGC Coast Guard cutter

CGCAP Coast Guard Capabilities Plan

CGCC command, ground component command

CGE common graphics environment

CGEN character generator

CGF computer generated force

CGH computer generated hologram

CGI 1computer generated imagery, 2common gateway interface, 3computer generated image(s), 4computer graphics interface

CGIDS commander's graphics and information display system

CGIVS computer-generated image visual system

CGLNO Coast Guard liaison officer

CGLSCP Coast Guard logistic support and capabilities plan

CGM 1computer graphics metafile, 2computer graphics materiel, 3Mace Missile [CGM-13]

CGM AP computer graphics metafile application profile

CGMP current good manufacturing practices

CGN [USN] nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser

CGP character graphics printer

CGS 1common ground station, 2Coast and Geodetic Survey, 3centimeter-gram-second, 4common ground sensor, 5CONUS ground station

CGSC Command and General Staff College [Army]

CGSEL common ground support equipment list

CGSOC Command and General Staff Officer Course (Army)

CGT consolidated ground terminal

CGU computer graphics unit

CGV computer-generated voice

CGW customer gateway

cGy [FM 101-5-1] centigray

ch [AR 310-50] change

CH 1chain home [radar], 2clearinghouse, 3[FM 101-5-1] China, 4[FM 101-5-1] chaplain, 5[JP 1-02] channel, 6[JP 4-02.1] contingency hospital, 7[AR 310-50] cargo helicopter

CH-53A Sea Stallion A

CH-53E Sea Stallion E

CHAALS Communications High Accuracy Airborne Location System

CHAALS-X Communications High Accuracy Location System – Exploitable

CHACOM [AR 310-50] Chain of Command Reporting System

CHAD code to handle angular data

CHAG compact high performance aerial gun

CHAMP Computerized HARVEST BARE Asset Management Prototype

CHAMPUS Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services

CHANCOMTE [AR 310-50] Channel Committee

CHANHI abbreviation for upper channel corresponding to the half-amplitude point of a distribution

CHANLO abbreviation for lower channel corresponding to the half-amplitude point of a distribution

chap chaplain

CHAP 1challenge-handshake authentication protocol, 2[AR 310-50] CHAPARRAL - a self-propelled surface-to-air SIDEWINDER missile

CHAR character

CHARIOT Portable S-Band Receive/Transmit Terminal

CHAS containment heat removal system

CHASE Combat History Analysis Study Effort (Army)

chat another term for IRC

CHAT conversational HyperText access technology [Internet]

CHATD Counterintelligence Human Intelligence Automation Training Device

CHATS CI/HUMINT Automated Tool Set

CHB [JP 1-02] [Navy] cargo handling battalion

CHBDL common high-bandwidth datalink

CHCF component handling and cleaning facility

CHCK channel check

CHCP change code page

CHCS Composite Health Care System (TRIMIS)

CHCSS [JP 1-02] Chief, Central Security Service

CHD [AR 310-50] correctional holding detachment

CHDIR change directory

CHE 1channel end, 2[JP 1-02] cargo handing equipment, 3[JP 4-01.7] container handling equipment

CHEC channel evaluation and call

chem chemical

ChemO [TTPIO-ABCS] chemical officer

CHET [JP 3-07.4] Customs High Endurance Tracker

CHF critical heat flex

CHFN change finger [UNIX]

CHG [USN] helicopter cruiser with guided missile armament

CHGFA [AR 310-50] costs chargeable to fund authorization

CHGRP change group

CHI 1computer human interaction, 2computer human interface

CHIL current hogging injection logic

CHILD 1cognitive hybrid intelligent learning and development, 2computer having intelligent learning and development

CHKDSK check disk

CHLS Combat Health Logistics System

CHM cooperative hypermedia

CHMOD change mode

CHNAVMAT Chief of Naval Materiel

CHOA corporate home office auditor

CHOP 1change of operational control, 2change of operational procedures

CHOWN change owner

CHP 1chapter, 2character

CHPPM 1Human Research and Engineering Directorate, 2Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine

CHRIS [JP 1-02] Chemical Hazard Response Information System

CHRP common hardware reference platform

CHS 1common hardware and software, 2combat support hospital, 3common hardware system, 4Composite Hospital System (TRIMIS), 5cylinders, heads, sectors, 6cylinder head sector, 7[FM 101-5-1] combat health support

CHS-2 [TTPIO-ABCS] Common Hardware and Software - 2

CHSTR characteristics of transportation resources file (JOPS)

CHSTREP [JP 1-02] characteristics of transportation resources report

CHU 1Celsius heat unit, 2CATIS host upgrade

CHUM chart updating manual

ci counterintelligence

CI 1counterintelligence, 2command information, 3control indicator, 4circuit interrupter, 5card input, 6configuration item, 7containment integrity, 8course indicator, 9communications Interface, 10counterinsurgency, 11component interface, 12chief instructor, 13case identifier, 14commercial item, 15complex item, 16contractor inquiry, 17critical item, 18[JP 1-02] civilian internee, 19[TR 350-70] combat table, 20[FM 101-5-1] combat intelligence, 21[FM 101-5-1] Chile

CI/CPCI configuration item/computer program configuration item

CI/SCM counterintelligence/security countermeasures

CIA 1Central Intelligence Agency, 2communications interrupt analysis, 3commander's information analysis, 4current instruction address, 5central inventory accounting

CIAC computer incident advisory capability

CIAP 1Command Intelligence Architecture Program, 2[JP 2-02] Central Intelligence Architecture Plan, 3[JP 1-02] command intelligence architecture plan

CIAPS Customer Integrated Automated Purchasing System (USAF)

CIAS counterintelligence analysis section

CIAT [JP 2-01.2] counterintelligence analytic team

CIB 1controlled image base, 2[JP 3-61] combined information bureau, 3[AR 310-50] Combat Infantryman Badge

CIC 1combat intelligence center (Marine Corps), 2combat information center, 3content indicator code (AUTODIN), 4combined intelligence center, 5command information center, 6Counterintelligence Corps, 7critical intelligence category, 8customer identification code, 9[JP 1-02] communications interface controller, 10[JP 1-02] counterintelligence center

CICA Competition in Contracting Act (1984)

CICM communications interface control module

CICS 1Commercial Industrial Contract System, 2Commercial/Industrial Activities and Contract Services (USAF), 3customer information central system, 4Customer Information Control System (IBM), 5customer interface control system

CICS/VS customer information control system/virtual storage [IBM]

CID 1criminal investigation division, 2charge-injection devices, 3commercial item description, 4combat intelligence division, 5component identification, 6configuration identification, 7character identifier, 8communications – electronics implementation directive, 9combat identification, 10comprehensive interior design, 11computer integrated design, 12configuration/ installation/ distribution, 13[AR 310-50] command information division

CIDB CINCPACAF Integrated Database

CIDC 1Criminal Investigation Command (Army), 2[JP 1-02] Criminal Investigation Division Command

CIDCON [AR 310-50] civil disturbance readiness conditions

CIDE communication information data exchange

CIDIS Combat Information Display System

CIDOS cloud interaction on DoD operation and system

CIDR 1classless inter-domain routing, 2contract inventory delinquency report

CIDS 1Contracting Information Database System, 2collateral information display station, 3Critical Item Development Specification, 4commercial intrusion detection system

CIDSS CINCPACAF Integrated Display Support System

CIDSTAT [AR 310-50] civil disturbance status reporting

CIDX Chemical Industry Data Exchange

CIE clothing and individual equipment

CIEG common information exchange glossary

CIEMS Catalog of Information Exchange and Message Standards

CIF 1common interchange format, 2crystallographic information file, 3customer information feed, 4common intermediate format, 5cost, insurance, and freight, 6[JP 1-02] CINC initiative fund, 7[AR 310-50] central issue facility

CIFS Common Internet File System

CIG 1computer image generation, 2computer image generator, 3[JP 1-02] communications interface group

CIG/SS Common Imagery Ground/Surface System Standard

CIGSS Common Imagery Ground/Surface System

CIGTF Central Inertial Guidance Test Facility

CIHO [JP 2-01.2] counterintelligence/HUMINT officer

CII compatibility, interoperability, and integration

CIIC controlled inventory item code

CIIDS commercial interior intrusion detection system

CIIP [AR 310-50] clothing initial issue point

CIIWG communications, implementation, and installation working group

CIJ close-in jamming

CIK cryptographic ignition key

CIL 1contracting information letter, 2critical item list

CIL/IPPL critical item list/industrial planning preparedness List

CILO [JP 2-01.2] counterintelligence liaison officer

CILOP conversion in lieu of procurement (Navy)

CIM 1computer input multiplexer, 2continuous image microfilm, 3common information model, 4corporate information management, 5computer integrated manufacturing, 6coffin-launched intercept missile, 7critical item monitor, 8communications improvement memorandum (USN), 9CompuServe Information Manager

CIM/EI corporate information management/enterprise

CIMCO card image correction

CIMEX civil-military exercise

CIMMD Close-In-Man Portable Mine Detector

CIMS component IMS

CIMS MDC CIMS manager designator code

CIN 1carrier input, 2course identification number (USN), 3cargo increment number, 4command information network

CINC 1commander in chief, 2[FM 101-5-1] commander of a combat command

CINC CIL commander in chief critical item list

CINC IPL commander in chief integrated priority list

CINC REPORT Commander-In-Chief Report (REDCOM/JDA)


CINCAD Commander-in-Chief, Aerospace Defense Command

CINCAFLANT [JP 1-02] Commander in Chief, Air Forces Atlantic

CINCAIR [USAF] Commander-in-Chief, Air Base

CINCAL [AR 310-50] Commander in Chief, Alaska

CINCAREUR Commander-in-Chief, United States Army Forces – Europe Command

CINCARLANT Commander-in-Chief, United States Army Forces – Atlantic

CINCARRED Commander-in-Chief, United States Army Forces – Readiness

CINCCENT Commander-in-Chief, Central Command

CINCCFC Commander-in-Chief, Combined Forces Command

CINCCHAN Commander In Chief, Channel Command (NATO)

CINCEASTLANT Commander in Chief, Eastern Atlantic Area

CINCENT 1Commander In Chief, Allied Forces Central Europe (NATO), 2Commander In Chief, USCENTCOM (USCINCCENT), 3Commander-in-Chief Central Europe (NATO)

CINCEUR Commander In Chief, European Command

CINCHAN [JP 1-02] [AR 310-50] Allied Commander-in-Chief, Channel

CINCLANT 1Commander-in-Chief Atlantic Command, 2Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Forces

CINCLANTFLT Commander In Chief, Atlantic Fleet (USN 2nd Fleet)

CINCNAVBASE Commander-in-Chief, Naval Base

CINCNAVEUR Commander In Chief, Naval Forces Europe (6th Fleet)

CINCNAVSURFLANT Commander-in-Chief, Naval Surface Fleet, Atlantic

CINCNET [JP 1-02] CINCs' network

CINCNORAC [AR 310-50] Commander in Chief, North American Air Defense Command

CINCNORAD Commander-in-Chief North American Aerospace Defense Command

CINCNORNAVEUR Commander-in-Chief, Northern Naval Forces in Europe

CINCNORTH Commander In Chief, Allied Forces Northern Europe (NATO)

CINCONAD [AR 310-50] Commander in Chief, Continental Air Defense Command

CINCPAC Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Command

CINCPACAF Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Air Force

CINCPACFLT Commander-In-Chief, Pacific Fleet (USN 3rd and 7th Fleets)

CINCPACREP [AR 310-50] Commander in Chief, Pacific representative

CINCPT Commander-in-Chief Report System

CINCRED Commander-in-Chief Readiness Command

CINCSAC Commander-in-Chief Strategic Air Command

CINCSEURCOM [Army] Commander-in-Chief, Southern Europe Command

CINCSOC Commander In Chief Special Operation Command

CINCSOUTH 1Commander-in-Chief, United States Southern Command, 2[NATO] Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe

CINCSPACE Commander-in-Chief, United States Space Command

CINCSPECOMME [AR 310-50] Commander in Chief, Specified Command, Middle East

CINCSTRAT Commander-in-Chief, United States Strategic Command

CINCTRANSCOM Commander-in-Chief, United States Transportation Command

CINCUNC Commander-in-Chief United Nations Command

CINCUSACOM [JP 1-02] Commander in Chief, United States Atlantic Command

CINCUSAFE Commander-in-Chief, United States Air Forces, Europe

CINCUSAREUR Commander-in-Chief, United States Army, Europe

CINCUSARPAC [AR 310-50] Commander in Chief, United States Army, Pacific

CINCUSNAVEUR Commander-in-Chief, United States Navy, Europe

CINCWESTLANT [AR 310-50] Commander in Chief, Western Atlantic Area

CINFARS Command Integrated Financial Accounting and Reporting System

CINS 1command information network supplement, 2command information network system, 3Commander's Information Network System (AFLC)

cinsgcy [AR 310-50] counterinsurgency

CINTS control information navigation and training system

CIO 1Central Imagery Office, 2central input output [system], 3chief information officer, 4continuous improvement opportunity, 5[AR 310-50] command issuing agency

CIOC current intelligence operations center

CIOCS communications input and output control system

CIP 1critical intelligence parameter, 2consolidated intelligence program, 3critical item program 4combat intelligence processor, 5compatible independent peripherals, 6combined interoperability program, 7command interface port, 8communication improvement plan, 9communications implementation plan, 10communications interface processor, 11component improvement program, 12commercial instruction processor (Honeywell), 13common integrated processor, 14Component Improvement Program (Engines), 15[AR 310-50] command information program

CIPA 1Classified Information Procedure Act, 2contributions for international peacekeeping activities (United Nations)

CIPHONY cipher and telephone equipment

CIPI change in procurement instructions

CIPMS Civilian Intelligence Personnel Management System

CIPP communications individual positioning program

CIPPS Civilian Integration into the Personnel Proponent System

CIPR 1concept in process review, 2contractor insurance/pension review

CIPSO common Internet protocol security option

CIPSU [JP 1-02] communications interface processor pseudo line

CIPT cost/pricing integrated product team

cir [AR 310-50] circular

CIR 1central intelligence report (CIA), 2committed information rate, 3computer integrated repair, 4critical information requirement, 5centralized inventory and requirement, 6cost information report, 7critical item review, 8[JP 1-02] continuing intelligence requirement

circ [AR 310-50] circumstance

CIRC 1Central Information Reference and Control Terminal (FASTC), 2circular reference, 3cross-interleaved Reed-Solomon code

CIRCAL circuit analysis

CIRCE Cossor Interrogation and Reply Cryptographic Equipment

CIRF 1centralized intermediate repair facility, 2computer integrated repair facility

CIRIS 1C2 Integrated Resources Information System (USAFE), 2Consolidated Intelligence Resources Information system (USAF/IN)

CIRM [JP 1-02] International Radio-Medical Center

CIRS 1contractor inventory redistribution center, 2contractor inventory redistribution system

CIRTEVS compact infrared television system

CIRV [JP 1-02] common interswitch rekeying variable

CIRVIS communications instructions for reporting vital intelligence sightings

CIS 1character instruction set, 2cue indexing system, 3communications and information system(s), 4client information system, 5current information selection, 6combat identification system, 7combat intelligence system, 8card information structure, 9CompuServe Information Service, 10computer information systems, 11contact image sensor, 12customer information system, 13client information server, 14command information system, 15command intelligence system, 16contact image sensor,17Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union), 18communications interface subsystem, 19computerized information system, 20contractor information system, 21contractor initial support, 22[JP 1-02] common item support, 23[JP 1-02] communications interface shelter

CIS-ISS combat identification system – indirect subsystem

CISC Complex Instruction Set Computing

CISCO compass integrated system compiler

CISF 1Communication Services Industrial Fund, 2centralized integration support facility

CISG Combat Information Systems Group (AFCC)

CISIL Centralized Integrated System for International Logistics (Army)

CISM Coupled Ionosphere Scintillation Model

CISO [JP 1-02] counterintelligence support officer

CISPD consolidated information services planning document

CISS combat information systems squadron (AFCC)

CIT 1computer interface technology, 2Center for Innovative Technology (Reston, Va.), 3combined interrogator-transponder, 4computer-integrated telephony, 5consumable item transfer, 6countries in transition, 7[AR 310-50] configuration identification tables

CITA commercial/industrial type activities

CITAB computer instruction and training assistance for the blind

CITC community imagery training committee

CITE 1cargo integration test equipment, 2CADE integration, test, and evaluation

CITEC contractor independent technical effort

CITIS contractor integrated technical information service

CITRWT Counterintelligence Typing Report Writing Trainer

CITS 1Centrally Integrated Test System (B-1B), 2combat information transfer system, 3command information transfer system

CITV Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer

CIU 1computer interface unit, 2Central Interface Unit (Honeywell), 3communications interface unit, 4control interface unit

CIUS corps interim upgrade system (Army)

civ 1[AR 310-50] civil, 2[AR 310-50] civilian

CIV 1corona inception voltages, 2[JP 3-07.3] civilian

CIVPAY civilian pay

CIVPERCEN [AR 310-50] United States Army Civilian Personnel Center

CIVPERSINS [AR 310-50] Civilian Personnel management Information System

CIVR 1computer and interactive voice response, 2configuration item verification review

CIWG [JP 3-07.4] communications interoperability working group

CIWS close-in weapons systems

CIX 1computing information exchange, 2commercial Internet exchange

CJ&A class justification and approval

CJA command judge advocate

CJATF 1[JP 1-02] commander, 2joint amphibious task force

CJB [JP 3-07.4] Congressional Justification Book

CJCS Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

CJCS MOP Chairman of the Joint Chief Staff memorandum of policy

CJCSAN [JP 1-02] Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Alerting Network

CJCSI Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff instruction

CJCSM 1Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff memorandum of policy, 2[JP 3-07.4] Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff manual

CJDA [JP 1-02] critical joint duty assignment

CJLI command job language interpreter

CJMAO 1[JP 1-02] Chief, Joint Mortuary Affairs Office, 2[JP 4-06] Central Joint Mortuary Affairs Office

CJP communication jamming processor

CJS 1communication channel and jammer simulator, 2[AR 310-50] Chairman Joint Staff

CJTF 1commander, joint task force, 2combined joint task force

CJTFEX combined joint task force exercise

CK containerized kitchen

CKD count key data (device)

CKG cooperative key generation

CKO contingency contracting officer

ckt circuit

CKT circuit

CL 1closed loop, 2control language, 3computational linguistics, 4conversion loss, 5[USN] light cruiser, 6central line, 7chemical laser, 8carload, 9chief of logistics, 10control level

CLA 1center line average, 2clear and add, 3communication line adapter, 4communication link analyzer, 5cross leveling agreement, 6[JP 1-02] LCAC launch area

CLAA [USN] light anti-aircraft cruiser

CLAM completed leasing action message

CLAMS clear lane marking system

CLAMS cleared lane marking system

CLAR channel local address register

CLAS 1Computer Library Applications Service, 2Combat Logistics Assessment System - examples:

CLASS I subsistence (food)
CLASS II clothing
CLASS IV construction and barrier materials
CLASS V ammunition
CLASS VI personal demand items
CLASS VII major end items
CLASS VIII medical supplies
CLASS IX repair parts
CLASS X materiel to support military programs

CLASS 1closed loop accounting for store sales, 2custom local area signaling services, 3Chameleonic Light Altering Simulated System (Army), 4closed-loop artillery simulation system, 5coherent laser radar airborne shear sensor, 6computing, laser-aided, sight System, 7cooperative library agency for systems and services, 8client access to systems and services

CLASSMATE computer language to aid and stimulate scientific, mathematical, and technical education

CLAWS close combat light armor weapon system

CLBRP cannon-launched beam-rider projectile

CLC 1course line computer, 2containment leakage control, 3[Canon] Color Laser Copier, 4[USN] task fleet command ship, 5charge linear cutting, 6clear carry flag, 7Congressional line code

CLCIS closed loop cover and instrumentation system

CLCR controlled letter contract reduction

CLCS 1Consequence Limiting Control System, 2current logic, current switching

CLD 1communications logistics depot, 2clear direction flag

CLDAS clinical laboratory data acquisition system

CLDC [AR 310-50] COMSEC Logistics Data Center

CLDG closed loop degaussing

CLEA [JP 3-07.4] civilian law enforcement agency

CLEO clear language for expressing orders

CLEP College Level Examination Program

CLF 1commander, landing force, 2capacitive loss factor, 3[JP 1-02] combat logistics force

CLG [USN] guided missile light cruiser

CLGN [USN] guided missile light cruiser, nuclear-powered

CLGP cannon-launched guided projectile

CLI 1communications line interface, 2critical line-item, 3clear interrupt flag, 4call-level interface, 5client library interface, 6command line interface, 7communications link interface

CLIC Center for Low Intensity Conflict

CLID calling line identification

CLIIP command logistics information improvement program

CLIN 1contract line item number, 2contract line or sub line item

CLIP 1compiler language for information processing, 2command logistics information improvement program, 3Craft Life Improvement Program (USN), 4configuration and logistic information program

CLIPS [JP 1-02] Communications Link Interface Planning System

CLIST command list

CLIW course length in weeks

CLJA closed loop jumper assembly

CLK 1[USN] hunter-killer cruiser, 2clock

CLL chief of legislative liaison

CLNP connectionless network protocol [OSI]

CLNS connectionless network service [OSI]

CLO 1communications liaison officer, 2counter low observables, 3country liaison officer (foreign country representative)/ community liaison officer (United States embassies), 4[AR 310-50] civil liaison officer

CLOAR common low observable autorouter

CLOCE [AR 310-50] Contingency Lines of Communication, Europe

CLOIS classified LOIS (Library On-line System)

CLOS 1command to line-of-sight, 2common LISP object system

CLP 1cell loss priority, 2constraint logic programming

CLPSB [JP 1-02] CINC logistic procurement support board

CLR 1computer language recorder, 2computer language research, 3current limiting resistor, 4contingent liability record

CLR STA [FM 101-5-1] clearing station (graphics)

CLRCs country logistics readiness centers (USAFE)

CLRP command logistics review program

CLRT-X command logistics review team-expanded

CLS 1contractor logistic support, 2clear and subtract, 3closed loop system, 4constant level signals, 5common language system, 6concept learning system, 7Combat Logistics System (HQ USAF), 8connectionless server, 9clear screen,10contractor-run logistics system, 11central level summary, 12contract logistic support, 13[AR 310-50] closed loop support

CLS/CALM combat logistics system computer aided load manifesting

CLSC COMSEC Logistic Support Center

CLSS 1combat logistics support system, 2Combined Logistics Support System, 3combat logistic support squadron

CLSSA cooperative logistics supply support arrangement

CLSU COMSEC logistic support unit

CLSX [AR 310-50] closed loop support extended

CLT 1communications line terminal, 2container load trailer, 3computer language translator, 4common leader training

CLTP connectionless transport protocol

CLTS clear task switch flag

CLU command launch unit

CLUI command line user interface

CLUT 1[ADSAF] computer logic unit tester, 2color look-up table

CLV 1clear voice, 2constant linear velocity

CLX combat leadership exercise

CLZ [JP 1-02] cushion landing zone

cm [AR 310-50] countermortar

Cm [JP 1-02] mean coverage factor

CM 1configuration management, 2collection management, 3central memory, 4countermeasures, 5core memory, 6calibration magnification, 7centimeter (10-2 meters), 8contract monitor, 9communications multiplexer, 10construction and machinery, 11crisis management,12controlled mine field, 13conceptual model, 14corrective maintenance, 15command module, 16conceptual model, 17court-martial, 18cruise missile, 19contract management, 20case manager, 21country manager, 22coordination meeting, 23cost monitoring, 24[JP 1-02] Chairman's [JCS] memorandum,25 [JP 1-02] control modem, 26[JP 2-01] collection manager, 27[JP 3-05] countermine, 28[AR 310-50] commander's manual

CM AIS Configuration Management Automated Information System

CM&D collection management and dissemination

CM/UPS counterfeit materiel/unauthorized product substitution

CM2 contingency management computer model

cma 1classified mail address, 2contact making [or breaking] ammeter

CMA 1contact motion analysis, 2control, monitor, and alarm, 3corps maintenance area, 4court of military appeals, 5concert multi-thread architecture, 6contract management assistant, 7countermeasure assessment, 8[JP 2-01] collection management authority

CMAA cooperative military airlift agreement

CMAB [AR 310-50] clothing maintenance allowance, basic

CMAC 1[AR 310-50] Capital Military Assistance Command, 2[AR 310-50] Central management Army Commissaries

CMAG Cruise Missile Advanced Guidance

CMAH commander-in-chief, mobile alternate headquarters intelligence segment

CMAIISS [AR 310-50] clothing monetary allowance, initial issue

CMAL controlled multiple address letter

CMAN configuration management

CMAO [AR 310-50] court-martial appointing order

CMAOC casualty and memorial affairs operation center

CMARP Contingency Mating and Ranging Program (SAC)

CMAS 1computer-based maintenance aids system, 2crisis management ADP system, 3Control Monitoring Automated System, 4[AR 310-50] clothing maintenance allowance, standard

CMB 1configuration management board, 2collection management branch, 3combat mobility branch, 4career management board, 5[AR 310-50] Combat Medical Badge

CMBTCF combat communications flight

CMBTCS combat communications squadron

CMBTCG combat communications group

Cmc [JP 1-02] midpoint compromise coverage factor

CMC 1code for magnetic characters, 2communications made control, 3common mail calls, 4Cheyenne Mountain Complex (SPACECOM), 5Commandant of the Marine Corps, 6ceramic matrix composite, 7collection management center, 8common messaging calls, 9complement carry flag, 10computer-mediated communication [Internet], 11communication management configuration, 12call management center (WIS), 13Crisis Management Council (OSD), 14cost monitoring coordinator

CMCA Cruise Missile carrier aircraft

CMCC 1CINC mobile command center, 2combined movements control center

CMCHS Civilian Military Contingency Hospital System

CMCO classified material control officer

CMCRL consolidated master cross reference list

CMCS 1Central European Movements Control System, 2Case Management Control System

CMCTL current mode complimentary transistor logic

cmd 1command, 2[AR 310-50] commendation

CMD 1color monitor display, 2core memory driver, 3command code, 4contract management district, 5countermeasures dispenser, 6cruise missile defense, 7countermeasures duties, 8circuit mode data, 9catalog management data, 10[JP 1-02] command

CMDB consolidated manpower database

CMDN [AR 310-50] catalog management data notification

CMDR card maintenance and data recorder

CMDS 1Command Manpower Data System (USAF), 2countermeasures dispenser system

CMDT commandant

CME contract manpower equivalent

CMEC Captured Materiel Exploitation Center

CMES Common Module ELINT System

CMEST Cruise Missile Engagement System Technology (ADI)

CMET command management engineering teams

CMF 1career management field, 2central maintenance facility, 3coherent memory filter, 4common mode failure, 5crisis management facility, 6combat mission folders, 7creative music format, 8case master file, 9command management framework, 10current master file, 11[AR 310-50] court-martial forfeiture, 12[AR 310-50] combat mission failure

CMFA common-mode-failure analysis

CMFE civilian manpower and funding extract

CMFESIS Civilian Manpower and Funding Extract (PACAF)

CMGS Cruise Missile Guidance System

CMH [AR 310-50] Center of Military History

CMI 1computer-managed instruction, 2classified military information, 3cruise missile integration (B-52)

CMIA 1Cash Management Improvement Act, 2[AR 310-50] command management inventory accounting

CMIF [AR 310-50] career management individual file

CMIL circular mail

CMIP 1common management information protocol, 2Cost Methods Improvement Program (AFSC)

CMIS 1common management information services, 2Command Management Information System (AIA, USAF), 3configuration management information system

CMISE corps military intelligence support element

CML 1chemical, medical, and logistics, 2current-mode logic, 3Conceptual Modeling Language, 4computer managed learning, 5[JP 1-02] CIP/message processor line

CMLCENCOM [Army] Chemical Corps Engineering Command

CMLOPS [AR 310-50] chemical operations

CMLS conventional mine laying system

CMM 1core mechanical mockup, 2cargo movement module, 3capability maturity model, 4capability maturity model, 5color management module

CMMA [AR 310-50] clothing monetary maintenance allowance

CMMC corps materiel management centers

CMMF component maintenance and mockup facility

CMMP 1commodity management master plan, 2conventional munitions master plan

CMMS 1computerized maintenance management software, 2Command Munitions Management System (USAFE), 3Congressional mandated mobility study, 4conceptual model of the mission space

CMMSM 1capability maturity model for software, 2capability maturity models

CMMU cache/memory management unit [Motorola]

CMO 1civil military operations, 2collection management office, 3configuration management organization, 4circuit management office, 5[JP 1-02] configuration management office, 6[JP 1-02] collections management officer, 7[JP 1-02] chief military observer

CMOC 1[FM 101-5-1] civil military operations center, 2[JP 3-01.1] Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center

CMORE civilian manpower obligations resources

CMOS 1complementary metal oxide semiconductor (see MOS), 2cargo movement operations system (USAF), 3[AR 310-50] capper military occupational specialty

CMOS/SOS complementary metal oxide semiconductor/silicon on sapphire


CMOV conditional move

CMP 1configuration management plan, 2course management plan, 3compare, 4communications message processor, 5controlled materials production, 6computer, 7counter-military potential, 8countermeasures precursor, 9cross media publishing, 10cost monitoring program

CMPCO Conventional Mission Planning Concept of Operations (SAC)

CMPF [AR 310-50] central meat processing facility

CMPL contains, completion date

CMPNT component

CMPNTEXP component exception

cmps centimeters per second

CMPS 1composites technology, 2compare word string

CMR 1common-mode rejection, 2communications monitoring report, 3contract management review, 4country management review, 5[AR 310-50] configuration management review

CMRB contract modification review board

CMRI [AR 310-50] command maintenance readiness inspection

CMRR common-mode rejection ratio

CMRS 1countermeasures receiver system, 2calibration measurement and requirement summary

CMRST Committee on Manpower Resources for Science and Technology

CMS 1compiler monitor system, 2current-mode switching, 3communications management system, 4courseware management systems, 5communications security equipment inventory, 6cockpit management system, 7configuration management system, 8controlled mode security, 9code management system, 10[Pindar] Catalog Management System, 11cargo movement system, 12color management system, 13combat mission simulator, 14Combat Maintenance System (SOUTHCOM), 15combat management system, 16combat monitoring system, 17common military syllabus, 18Container Management System (MTMC), 19control monitor set, 20Conventional Munitions System (USAFE), 21conversation monitor system, 22Crisis Management System (OSD), 23community management staff, 24contractor maintenance services, 25contractor maintenance support, 26cost monitoring specialist, 27[JP 1-02] contingency mutual support, 28[JP 3-07.4] Command Management System, 29[AR 310-50] central material service

CMSA Cruise Missile support activity

CMSAF Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (USAF)

CMSC consolidated mission support center

CMSDG Configuration Management System Development Group

CMSEP Contractor Management System Evaluation Program

CMSP configuration management support plan

CMSgt chief master sergeant

CMSIJ Crisis Management System Interface to JOPES (JCS)

CMSP configuration management support plan

CMSQ communications maintenance squadron

CMSS Crisis Management Support System (MSC)

CMST 1Collection Management Support Tools (obsolete, see JCMT), 2Cruise Missile Surveillance Technology (ADI)

cmt [AR 310-50] comment

CMT 1common military training, 2career management training, 3CAMS mobile terminal, 4connection management, 5critical military target

CMTA commander of missile troops and artillery

CMTBCF control mean time between critical failure

CMTBDE control mean time between downing event

CMTC 1Combat Maneuver Training Center, 2[AR 310-50] Citizen Military Citizen Corps

CMTC-IS Combat Maneuver Training Center – Instrumentation System [Army]

CMTD common maintenance training device

CMTK Common Mapping Tool Kit

CMTRK Configuration Management Tracking System

CMTS [JP 1-02] comments

CMTTRF control mean time to restore function

CMTTRS control mean time to restore system

CMTU [JP 1-02] cartridge magnetic tape unit

CMU 1mobile command unit, 2common-mode voltage, 3Carnage Melon University

CMUP conventional mission upgrade program

CMV combat mobility vehicle

CMVC configuration management version control [IBM]

CMVM contact-making voltmeter

CMW compartment mode workstation

CMWG Configuration Management Working Group

CMWS common missile warning system

CMX crisis management exercise

CMY 1cyan-magenta-yellow (color model), 2[AR 310-50] civilian man-years

CMYK cyan-magenta-yellow-black (color model)

CN 1coordination number, 2[USN] construction man, 3channel, 4contractor notification, 5counter narcotics, 6[JP 1-02] counternarcotic

CNA 1copper nickel alloy, 2cosmic noise absorption, 3Center for Naval Analysis, 4Certified NetWare Administrator [Novell], 5[JP 3-13] computer network attack, 6[AR 310-50] commander's narrative analysis

CNAC [JP 3-07.4] Customs National Aviation Center (USCS)

CNAD 1Committee of National Armament Directors (NATO), 2[AR 310-50] Conference of National Armaments Directors

CNAL Commander, Naval Air Forces, Atlantic

CNAP Commander, Naval Air Forces, Pacific

CNAPS coprocessing node architecture for parallel systems

CNASP Chairman's Net Assessment for Strategic Planning (JCS)

CNATRA Chief of Naval Air Training

CNAVRES Commander, Naval Reserve

CNC 1computerized numerical control, 2[JP 3-07.4] Crime and Narcotics Center

CNCC 1COINS Network Control Center, 2country name to country code (JCS)

CNCE 1communications network control element (TRI-TAC), 2communications nodal control element

CND 1caldera network desktop, 2cannot duplicate, 3[JP 3-07.4] counternarcotics division

CND/RTOK could not duplicate/retest OK

CNDI [AR 310-50] commercial nondevelopment items

CNDP [IBM] communication network design program

CNDWI critical nuclear defense weapon information

CNE Certified NetWare Engineer [Novell]

CNECO change notice engineering change order

CNET Chief of Naval Education and Training

CNETP consolidated new equipment training plan

CNF Chomsky Normal Form [computer theory]

CNFE composite network front end

CNG calling (tone)

CNGB Chief, National Guard Bureau

CNI 1Communication, Navigation, and Identification System (USAF), 2certified Novell instructor, 3communications, navigation and identification

CNIDR clearinghouse for network information, discovery, and retrieval [Internet]

CNIL communications, navigation, and identification laboratory

CNIN composite NFE internal network (DIA)

CNK circumstances not known

CNL circuit net loss

CNLP connectionless network layer protocol

CNLZ COMSEC no lone zones

CNN 1composite network node, 2control number

CNO 1Chief of Naval Operations, 2coordinator, 3candidate nomination proposal

CNOG [CJCSI 3410.01] Chairman, Nuclear Operations Group

CNP Chief of Naval Personnel

CNPI communication, navigation, and position integration

CNR 1combat net, radio, 2carrier-to-noise ratio, 3Chief of Naval Research [USN]

CNRE combat net radio environment

CNRF [JP 1-02] Commander, Naval Reserve Forces

CNRI combat net radio interface

CNS 1communications network simulator, 2Constant Watch Network Support Subsystem (PACAF), 3communications, navigation, surveillance, 4CompuServe Network Services

CNSS core nodal switching subsystem [Internet]

CNT 1celestial navigation trainer, 2Certified Novell Instructor [Novell], 3composite noise rating, 4canister

CNTC Office of the Commander, Naval Telecommunications Command

CNTECHTRA Chief of Naval Technical Training (USN)

cntgcy [AR 310-50] contingency

cntor contractor

cntrf [AR 310-50] centrifugal

CNTY [JP 1-02] country

CNV conventional (pertaining to memory)

CNVT convert

CNWDI critical nuclear weapons design information

CNX certified network expert

co company

CO 1commanding officer, 2commissioned officer, 3contracting officer, 4close-open operation, 5chief operator, 6Colorado, 7combined operations, 8communications officer, 9company, 10central office, 11cash order, 12command output, 13convert out, 14carbon monoxide, 15conscientious objector, 16change order, 17[FM 101-5-1] Columbia, 18[AR 310-50] combat aptitude area, 19[AR 310-50] command operations

CO-CO contractor owned, contractor operated

COA 1Comptroller of the Army, 2course of action, 3central operating authority, 4[AR 310-50] change of assignment, 5[AR 310-50] current operating allowances

COADS [AR 310-50] Commend and Administrative Data System

COAL customer order acceptance list

COAN Comptroller Office Automation Network (HQ USAF)

COARS command on-line accounting and reporting system

COAS customer order acceptance summary

COAT corrected outside air temperature

COAX 1coaxial cable, 2[AR 310-50] coaxial machine-gun

COB 1command operating budget, 2close of business, 3[computer] chip-on-board, 4collocated operating base (USAF), 5currently on board

COBE command operating budget estimate (Army)

COBESTCO computer-based estimating technique for contractors

COBIM Collocated Operating Base Information Model (USAFE)

COBIS 1Command Operating Budget Information System, 2computer-based instruction system


COBOL Common Business-Oriented Language (see HLL)

COBRA Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance and Analysis [System]

COBRA JUDY phased-array radar system – ship-borne

COBS Command Operating Budget System

COBY current operating budget year

CoC [TP70-9] council of colonels

COC 1council of colonels, 2coded optical character, 3command operations center, 4combat operations center (NORAD), 5Code of Conduct, 6combined operation center, 7computer operations center, 8certificate of competency, 9certification of compliance, 10certificate of conformance

COCA clearinghouse on computer accommodation

COCAM Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls (OSD)

COCC 1central operations/command center, 2contractor's operational control center

COCESS contractor operated civil engineering supply stores

COCM command case manager

COCMAGTF Combat Operations Center Marine Air Ground Task Force

COCO contractor-owned, contractor-operated (facilities)

COCODE compressed coherency detection [radar technique]

COCOM 1combatant command (command authority), 2coordinating committee, 3Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls (now Waasenaar Agreement), 4coordinating committee of the consultative group

COCOMO constructive cost model

COCP customer order control point

COCPFF conventional ordinance consumption plan factors File

COCSP 1contingency operational contracting support plan, 2contingency operational contracting support program

COCT cab-over cargo truck

COD 1carrier on-board delivery, 2combat operations division, 3current operations division, 4cash on delivery, 5collect on delivery, 6computer originated document, 7correction of deficiencies, 8contract operations data, 9cooperative opportunities document, 10cost of operation division

CODAN 1carrier-operated device antinoise, 2[Navy] coded weather analysis

CODAP 1Comprehensive Occupational Data Analysis Program, 2control data assembly program

CODAS customer-oriented data retrieval and display system

CODASYL conference on data system languages (group that designed COBOL)

CODE 1client-server open development environment, 2common data environment

codec coder – decoder

CODEC 1coder – decoder, 2compression/decompression

CODEL computer developments limited automatic coding systems

CODERM Committee On Defense Equipment Reliability and Maintainability

CODES 1computer design and evaluation system, 2Computerized Deployment System (MTMC), 3common digital exploitation system

CODEVER code verification

CODIC 1color difference computer, 2computer directed communications

CODIL control diagram language

CODIS controlled digital simulator

CODIT computer direct to telegraph

CODS 1classified output distribution system, 2CONUS Output Distribution System (MAC)

CODSIA Council of Defense and Space Industry Association

CODSTAT combat distribution team status report

CoE [TR P71-9] Corps of Engineers

COE 1common operating environment (GCCS), 2Corps of Engineers (Army), 3core operating environment,4command operating environment, 5concept of engineering, 6chief of engineers, 7certification of equivalency, 8commitment, obligation, and expenditure, 9[DoD/DSMC] common operating environment (also called DII COE)

COEA cost and operational effectiveness analysis (obsolete, see AoA)

COED computer-operated electronic display

COEI components of end item

COEM commercial original equipment manufacturer

COEMIS Corps of Engineers Management Information System (Army)

COES Committee on Open Electronic Standard

COF contract operations file

CofC council of colonels

COFC container on a flat car

COFD contracting officer final decision

COFF 1Common Object File Format [UNIX], 2[AR 310-50] cut off

CofG center of gravity

COFIL core file

COFM [FM 101-5-1] correlation of forces and means

CofS chief of staff

COFT conduct-of-fire trainer

COG 1computer operations group, 2continuity of government, 3cost and operational effectiveness analysis oversight group, 4[JP 3-56.1] center of gravity

COGAG Combined Gas Turbine and Gas Turbine

COGARD United States Coast Guard

COGENT compiler and generalized translator

COGO Coordinate Geometry (programming language)

COH cab-over HHMMWV

COHO coherent oscillator

COHORT cohesion, operational readiness, and training

COHP Computerized Occupational Health Program

COHP/CARE Computerized Occupational Health Program Coronary Artery Risk Evaluation

COI 1communication operation instructions, 2community of interest, 3course of instruction, 4critical operational issue, 5contemporary operational issues

COIC 1critical operational issues and criteria, 2Combat Operations Intelligence Center (USAFE)

COID Combat Operations Intelligence Division (USAF)

COIL chemical oxygen iodine laser

COIN counter-insurgency, anti-guerrilla warfare

COINS 1commercial operation integrated system, 2computer and information sciences, 3Community On-Line Intelligence Network System (NSA), 4computer operated instrument system, 5contractor invoice service

COIP contemporary operational issues process

COIR commanders operational intelligence requirements (NATO)

COJACS combat jamming/communication support system

COJAS coherent jammer simulator

COL 1computer oriented language, 2communications oriented language, 3collision, 4[AR 310-50] colonel

COLA cost of living allowance

COLD computer output to laser disk

COLDS 1common opto-electronic laser detection system, 2[JP 1-02] cargo offload and discharge system

COLIDAR coherent light detection and ranging

COLINGO compile on-line and go

COLISEUM Community On-line Intelligence System for End-users and Managers

coll collection

COLL collision

Collage collaborative (shared whiteboard) software developed by the NCSA.

colm [AR 310-50] column

COLREGS International Nautical Rules

COLT 1communications line terminator, 2computer-oriented language translator, 3computerized on-line testing, 4control language translator, 5combat observation and lasing team

Com communication switching

COM 1communications technology, 2computer output on microfilm or microfiche, 3Concept of Maintenance, 4collection operations management, 5Communications MACRO (computer language), 6compact optronic mast, 7computer operation manual, 8computer output to microfilm, 9common object model [Microsoft], 10component object model, 11continuation of message, 12chief of mission, 13[JP 1-02] commander, 14[AR 310-50] Commissary Operating Manual

COM COSF chief of maintenance chief of system function

COM/ELEC communications/electronics

COM1 first serial port (asynchronous port)

COM2 second serial port

COM3 third serial port

COM4 fourth serial port

COMAAC Commander, Alaskan Air Command

COMAAFCE Commander, Allied Air Forces Central Europe (NATO)

COMAC 1continuous multiple-access collator, 2Commander, Military Airlift Command

COMACC [JP 3-07.4] Commander, Air Combat Command

COMAFFOR Commander, Air Force Forces

COMAFFOR-AK Commander, Air Force Forces – Alaska

COMAFK Commander, Air Forces – Korea

COMAFSOC Commander, Air Force Special Operations Command

COMAINT [AR 310-50] command maintenance

COMAIR-BALTAP [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Forces, Baltic Approaches

COMAIRBASE commander of air base

COMAIRPAC Commander, Air Forces, Pacific Fleet

COMAIRSOUTH [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Air Forces, Southern Europe

COMALF Commander, Airlift Forces

COMALF-E Commander, Airlift Forces – Europe

COMANR Commander, Alaskan NORAD Region

COMANTDEF-COM [AR 310-50] Commander, Atlantic Defense Command

COMAO combined air operations

COMARFOR commander, Army forces

COMARFOR-AK Commander, Army Forces – Alaska

COMAT computer-assisted training

COMATF [AR 310-50] commander, amphibious task force

COMBALTAP [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Forces, Baltic Approaches

Combat Scent Boeing RC-135U, SIGINT aircraft

COMBAT-SIM computerized battle simulation

COMBENE-CHAN [AR 310-50] Commander, Benelux Sub-Area Channel

COMBIC Combined Obscuration Model for Battlefield Contaminants

COMBISCLANT [AR 310-50] Commander, Bay of Biscany Sub-Area

COMBS contractor-operated and managed base supply

COMCAM combat camera

COMCANLANT [AR 310-50] Commander, Canadian Atlantic Sub-Area

COMCARGRU commander carrier group

COMCARSTRIK-FOR [AR 310-50] commander, carrier strike force

COMCARSTRIK-GRUONE [AR 310-50] Commander, Carrier Striking Group One

COMCARSTRIK-GRUTWO [AR 310-50] Commander, Carrier Striking Group Two

COMCAT Character Oriented Message Catalog

COMCEN communications center

COMCENTAG 1Commander, Central Army Group (NATO), 2[AR 310-50] Commander, Central Army Group, Central Europe

COMCM 1communications countermeasures and detection, 2communication countermeasures

COMCONS command and control reports

COMCRUDESGRU commander cruiser-destroyer group

COMCUWTF commander, combined unconventional warfare task force

Comd Sgt Maj [AR 310-50] command sergeant major

COMDAC command, display, and control

COMDCAEUR [JP 1-02] Commander, Defense Communications Agency Europe

COMDEG communications degradation

COMDESRON commander destroyer squadron

COMDEX Computer Dealers Exposition

COMDIS computerized display of deployment considerations subsystem (Army)

comdt [AR 310-50] commandant

COMDT commandant

COMDT COGARD [JP 1-02] Commandant, United States Coast Guard

COMDTINST [JP 1-02] Commandant, United States Coast Guard Instruction

COMED combined map and electronic display

COMEDCENT [AR 310-50] Commander, Central Mediterranean Area

COMEDEAST [AR 310-50] Commander, Eastern Mediterranean Area

COMEDNOREAST [AR 310-50] Commander, Northeast Mediterranean Area

COMEDOC [AR 310-50] Commander, Western Mediterranean Area

COMEDS CONUS Meteorological Environmental Distribution System

COMEDSOUEAST [AR 310-50] Commander, Southeast Mediterranean Area

COMEINDORS composite mechanized information and documentation retrieval system

COMELSUM communications – electronics summary

COMET 1computer-operated management evaluation technique, 2Cornell Macintosh terminal emulator

COMEX communications experiment

COMFAIRWING-NORLANT [AR 310-50] Commander, Fleet Air Wing - Northern Atlantic

COMFIVEATAF [AR 310-50] Commander, Fifth Allied Tactical Air Force, Southern Europe

COMFLDCOMDASA [AR 310-50] Commander, Field Command, Defense Atomic Support Agency

COMFOURATAF [AR 310-50] Commander, Fourth Allied Tactical Air Force Central Europe

COMFY DISH SATCOM jammer for training (USAF)

COMFY LEVI psychological warfare version of the C-130 Hercules EC-130E (USAF)

COMFY SWORD communications jammer for training (USAF)

COMGIB [AR 310-50] Naval Commander, Gibraltar

COMGIBMED [AR 310-50] Commander, Gibraltar Mediterranean Command

COMHELTACWINGLANT Commodore of the Helicopter Tactical Wing, Atlantic Fleet

COMI communications interface

COMICEDEFOR 1[JP 1-02] Commander United States Forces Iceland, 2[AR 310-50] Commander, Iceland Defense Force

COMIDEASTFOR [JP 1-02] Commander, Middle East Forces

COMINEWARCOM [JP 1-02] Commander, Mine Warfare Command

COMINT communications intelligence

COMIREX [United States] Committee on Imagery Requirements and Exploitation

COMISH [AR 310-50] United States Military Mission, Congo

COMJAM communications jamming

COMJCSE [JP 1-02] commander, joint communications support element

COMJIC [JP 1-02] Commander, Joint Intelligence Center

COMJSOTF commander, joint special operations task force

COMJTF commander joint task force

COMJTF-AK Commander, Joint Task Force - Alaska

COMJUWTF commander, joint unconventional warfare task force

COMLANDFOR commander, land forces

COMLANDIUT [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Land Forces, Schleswig-Holstein and Jutland

COMLANDNORWAY [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Forces, Norway

COMLANDSOUTH [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Forces, Southern Europe

COMLANDSOUTHEAST [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Land Forces, Southeastern Europe

COMLANDZELAND [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Land Forces, Zealand

COMLANTAREACOGARD [JP 1-02] Commander, Coast Guard Atlantic Area

COMLNOFAC communication liaison facility

COMLOG WESTPAC Commander, Logistics Group, Western Pacific (USN)

COMLOGFOR [JP 1-02] combat logistics force

COMLOGNET 1combat logistics network, 2communications logistics network, 3[AR 310-50] command logistics network

comm communications

COMM [AR 310-50] Department of Commerce

COMM C2 communications command and control system (Army)

Comm Z communication zone

COMMAC Communications MACRO (computer language)

COMMAIRCENTLANT [AR 310-50] Maritime Air Commander, Central Sub Area

COMMAIRCHAN [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Marine Air Force, Channel

COMMAIREASTLANT [AR 310-50] Maritime Air Commander, Eastern Atlantic Area

COMMAIRNORECHAN [AR 310-50] Commander, Maritime Air Nore Sub Area Channel

COMMAIRNORLANT [AR 310-50] Maritime Air Commander, Northern Sub Area

COMMAIRPLYMCHAN [AR 310-50] Commander, Maritime Air Plymouth Sub Area, Channel

COMMARCORLOGBASE Commander, Marine Corps Logistic Bases

COMMARCORSYSCOM Commander, Marine Corps System Command

COMMARDEZ Commander, Maritime Defense Zone

COMMARFOR commander, Marine forces

COMMCEN communications center

COMMDZ [JP 3-50.2] Commander, Maritime Defense Zone

COMMEL communications/electronics

COMMEN compiler oriented for multiprogramming and multiprocessing environments

COMMEND computer-aided mechanical engineering design system

COMMERMARLANT Commander, Merchant Marine Atlantic

COMMINT [DoD/DSMC] communications intelligence

COMMO communications officer

COMMRI communication routing indicator

COMMZ communications zone (theater)

COMNATONAVFORLANT [USA] Commander, North ATlantic Treaty Organization Naval Baltic Forces

COMNAV [JP 1-02] Committee for European Airspace Coordination Working Group on Communications and Navigation Aids

COMNAVAIRLANT Commander Naval Airforces Atlantic

COMNAVAIRPAC Commander Naval Airforces Pacific

COMNAVAIRRESFOR Commander Naval Air Reserve Force

COMNAVAIRSTA commander, naval air station

COMNAVAIRSYSCOM Commander, Naval Air System Command [Navy]

COMNAVBALTAP [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Naval Forces, Baltic Approaches

COMNAVBASE commander, naval base

COMNAVCOMTELCOM [JP 1-02] Commander, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command

COMNAVDOCCOM Commander, Naval Doctrine Command

COMNAVFOR commander, naval forces

COMNAVGER Commander United States Naval Forces, Germany

COMNAVNON [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Naval Forces, North Norway

COMNAVRESFOR Commander Naval Reserve Force

COMNAVSCAP [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied naval Forces, Scandinavian Approaches

COMNAVSEASYSCOM Commander, Naval Sea System Command

COMNAVSECGRU Commander Naval Security Group

COMNAVSURFLANT Commander of the Naval Surface Force, Atlantic fleet

COMNAVSURFPAC [JP 1-02] Commander, Naval Surface Force, Pacific

COMNAVSURFRESFOR Commander Naval Surface Reserve Force

COMNORECHAN [AR 310-50] Commander, Nore Sub Area, Channel

COMNORLANT [AR 310-50] Commander, Northern Sub Area

COMNORTHAG Commander, Northern Army Group (NATO)

COMO combat oriented maintenance organization

COMOCEANLANT [AR 310-50] Commander, Ocean Sub Area

COMOPS communications operating summary

COMOPTEVFOR Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force (Navy)

comp 1[AR 310-50] composite, 2[AR 310-50] complement, 3[AR 310-50] component

COMP 1communications, 2compare, 3[JP 1-02] component

COMP CODE component code

COMP. computers [USENET Newsgroup Category]

COMPAC computer program for automatic control

COMPACAREACOGARD [JP 1-02] Commander, Coast Guard Pacific Area

COMPACT 1compatible algebraic compiler and translator, 2computer planning and control technique, 3[AR 310-50] consolidation of military personnel activities

COMPANDER compressor expander

COMPARE 1computerized performance and analysis response evaluator, 2console for optical measurement and precise analysis of radiation from electronics, 3comparison system, 4computer software

COMPASS 1compiler-assembler, 2computer-assisted classification and assignment system, 3Commander Third Fleet Computer Assisted Search (PACFLT), 4Computerized Movement Planning and Status System (FORSCOM), 5Computerized Optimization Model For Predicting and Analyzing Support/Structure

COMPATWINGSLANT Commander, Patrol Wings Atlantic

COMPEL compute parallel

COMPES Contingency Operation/Mobility Planning and Execution System (USAF)

COMPG composite group

COMPHIBGRU commander, amphibious group

COMPHIBRON commander, amphibious squadron

COMPLAN communication plan

COMPLYMCHAN [AR 310-50] Commander, Plymouth Sub Area Channel

COMPO1 component, Active Army

COMPO2 component, Army National Guard

COMPO3 component, United States Army Reserves

COMPO4 component, unresourced units

COMPO7 component, direct host-nation support

COMPO8 component, indirect host-nation support

COMPO9 component, logistics civil augmentation

COMPOOL communications pool

COMPRESS computer research, systems, and software

COMPROG computer program

COMPT comptroller

COMPUSEC computer security

COMPUSEC RA computer security risk analysis

COMRADE computer-aided design environment

COMRATS commuted rations

COMREP communications report

COMS 1Collection Objectives Management System, 2Conventional Munitions Management System

COMSAT 1communications satellite, 2Communications Satellite Corporation, 3commercial satellite

COMSATCOM commercial satellite communications

COMSC Commander, Military Sealift Command

COMSEC communications security

COMSECONDFLT Commander of the Second Fleet

COMSIM communications simulator

COMSIXATAF [AR 310-50] Commander, Sixth Allied Tactical Air Force, Southeastern Europe

COMSL communication system simulation language

COMSOAL computer method of sequencing operations for assembly lines

COMSOC Commander, Special Operations Command

COMSOCCENT [JP 1-02] Commander, Special Operations Command, United States Central Command

COMSOCEUR [JP 1-02] Commander, Special Operations Command, United States European Command

COMSOCLANT [JP 1-02] Commander Special Operations Command, United States Atlantic Command

COMSOCPAC [JP 1-02] Commander Special Operations Command, United States Pacific Command

COMSOCSOUTH [JP 1-02] Commander Special Operations Command, United States Southern Command

COMSOF [JP 1-02] commander, special operations forces

COMSOTFE [AR 310-50] Commander, Support Operations Task Force, Europe

COMSPAWARSYSCOM Commander, Space and Naval Warfare System Command

COMSPOT communication spot report

COMSR communications support requirement

COMSTAR COMSTAT Global Telecommunications Satellite

COMSTARC commander, state area command

COMSTAT communications status report

COMSTRKFORLANT 1Commander, Strike Force Atlantic, 2[AR 310-50] Commander, Striking Fleet Atlantic (Afloat)

COMSTRIKFORSOUTH [AR 310-50] Commander, Naval Striking and Support Forces, Southern Europe

COMSTS [AR 310-50] Commander, Military Sea Transportation Service

COMSUBACLANT [AR 310-50] Commander, Submarine Allied Command, Atlantic

COMSUBEASTLANT [AR 310-50] Commander, Submarine Force, Eastern Atlantic

COMSUBGRP commander, submarine group

COMSUBLANT Commander, the Submarine Forces, Atlantic Fleet

COMSUBMED [AR 310-50] Commander, Submarines, Mediterranean

COMSUBMEDNOREAST [AR 310-50] Commander, Submarines, Northeast Mediterranean

COMSUBPAC Commander, Submarine Forces, Pacific Fleet

COMSUBRON commander, submarine squadron

COMSUBWESTLANT [AR 310-50] Commander, Submarine Force, Eastern Atlantic

COMSUPNAVFOR [JP 1-02] commander, supporting naval forces

COMSURFPAC Commander, Surface Forces, Pacific Fleet

COMTAC 1Commander, Tactical Air Command, 2[JP 1-02] tactical communications

COMTAF tactical air force commander

COMTAFNORNOR [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Tactical Air Force, North Norway

COMTAFSONOR [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Tactical Air Force, South Norway

COMTASKFORNON [AR 310-50] Commander, Allied Task Force, North Norway

COMTECHREP complementary technical report, type B

COMTEX communications management by terrain exploration

COMTRAN commercial translator

COMTWOATAF [AR 310-50] Commander, Second Allied Tactical Air Force, Central Europe

COMUKADR Commander, UK Air Defense Region (NATO)

COMUSAFAIRWINGMED [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Fleet Air Wing, Mediterranean

COMUSAFFOR [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Air Force Forces

COMUSARCENT [JP 1-02] Commander, United States Army Forces, Central Command

COMUSARFOR [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Army Forces

COMUSARSO [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Army Forces Southern Command

COMUSARTF [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Army task force

COMUSCENTAF [JP 1-02] Commander, United States Air Force, Central Command

COMUSFORAZ [JP 1-02] Commander United States Forces Azores

COMUSJ Commander, United States Forces, Japan

COMUSJAPAN [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Forces, Japan

COMUSJTF [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Joint Task Force

COMUSJUWTF [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force

COMUSK Commander, United States Forces, Korea

COMUSKOREA [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Forces, Korea

COMUSLANDFOR [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Land Forces

COMUSLANT Commander, United States Atlantic Sub Area

COMUSMACTHAI [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Military Assistance Command, Thailand

COMUSMARCENT [JP 1-02] Commander, United States Marine Forces, Central Command

COMUSMARFOR [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Marine Forces

COMUSMARFORK Commander, USMC Forces, Korea

COMUSMARTF [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Marine task force

COMUSMILGP [AR 310-50] Commander, United States military group

COMUSNAVCENT [JP 1-02] Commander, United States Navy, Central Command

COMUSNAVFOR [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Naval Forces

COMUSNAVTF [AR 310-50] Commander, United States Navy task force

COMVAT combat vehicles armament technology

COMZ communications zone

con 1control, 2controlled, 3contingency

CON 1contactor, 2controller, 3[computer] console (includes keyboard and screen)

CONAD 1Continental Air Defense Command, 2Continental Aerospace Defense Command

CONAF [AR 310-50] conceptual design for the Army in the field

CONARC Continental Army Command

CONCAP 1construction capability, 2[JP 5-00.2] construction capabilities contract

COND condition

CONDECA [AR 310-50] Central American Defense Council

CONDIGS Continental United States Digital Graphics System

CONELRAD control of electromagnetic radiation

CONEX container express

CONEXPLAN [JP 1-02] contingency and exercise plan

conf 1[AR 310-50] conference, 2[AR 310-50] confidentia

CONFAD [AR 310-50] concept of a family of Army divisions

ConFERM Conventional Forces Europe Reduction Monitoring

CONFIG configuration

Cong [AR 310-50] Congress

CONGEN [AR 310-50] consul general

CONGINT [AR 310-50] interest by members of Congress

CONOBJTR [AR 310-50] conscientious objector

CONOP contingency operations

CONOPS 1United States Army Intelligence Command Continental [United States] Operations, 2continuity of operations, 3concept of operation(s), 4continuous operations

CONPLAN 1concept plan, 2contingency plan, 3operation plan in concept form

CONR [JP 3-07.4] CONUS NORAD Region

CONREP contingency construction report

CONS connection-oriented network service

CONS MODE console mode

CONSCARDS constant cards

CONSORT conversational system with on-line remote terminals

CONSSTOCS [AR 310-50] contingency support stocks

const 1[FM 101-5-1] construction, 2[AR 310-50] construct, 3[AR 310-50] constructed, 4[AR 310-50] construction

CONSTANT SOURCE USAF TENCAP tactical receive system for TRAP

CONSTOCS CONUS contingency stocks (Army)

CONSUL control subroutine language

cont 1[AR 310-50] continue, 2[AR 310-50] continued, 3[AR 310-50] continuation

CONT [USN] container ship

CONTONE continuous tone

CONTRAN control translator

CONTRANS conceptual thought, random net simulation

CONUS continental United States

CONUSA the Numbered Armies in the Continental United States

CONUSAMDW [AR 310-50] the numbered armies in the continental United States and the United States Army Military District of Washington

convl [AR 310-50] conventional

COOF Comptroller Office of the Future (USAF)

COOL 1checkout oriented language, 2control oriented language

COOP 1continuity of operations plan, 2craft-of-opportunity program, 3continuity of operation procedures

COOPCOM [AR 310-50] communication facilities in support of DA Continuity of Operations Plan

COOPLOG cooperative logistics

coord 1[AR 310-50] coordinate, 2[AR 310-50] coordinated, 3[AR 310-50] coordinating, 4[AR 310-50] coordination

COORDWG coordination working group

COP 1command observation post (opposing forces), 2close observation platoon, 3contingency operation plan, 4computer optimization package, 5combat operations processor, 6command and observation post, 7Craft of Opportunity Program (CSCG), 8current operating plan, 9[TTPIO-ABCS] common operational picture, 10[AR 310-50] combat outpost, 11[AR 310-50] command operating program

COPA crisis operations procedures analysis (JDSSC)

COPAD 1commercial vehicle repair part support, 2contractor operated parts depot

COPAFMC continuity of operation for Air Force Materiel Command

COPAN Command Post Alerting Network (USAF)

COPARS 1contract operated part store, 2contractor operated part store

COPC combined operations planning committee

COPE 1communications oriented processing equipment, 2[AR 310-50] custodian of postal effects

COPERNICUS Naval SEW, C3 Architecture

COPES cooperating expert systems (RADC)

COPG [CJCSI 3410.01] chairman, operations planners group

COPI computer-oriented programmed instruction

COPL [AR 310-50] combat outpost line

COPO [AR 310-50] chief of personnel operations

COPR concept of operations review

COPRAM Contingency Personnel Resource Availability Model (USAF)

COPREC Command Post Record Capability Network (USAF)

COPS 1command post record capability, 2current operations support (JCS), 3[JP 1-02] Communications Operational Planning System

COQC certificate of quality compliance

COR 1contracting officer's representative, 2central offices of record, 3contract officer representative, 4[AR 310-50] cargo outturn report

COR/COTR contracting officer representative /contracting officer's (technical) representative

CORA 1conditioned reflex analog, 2conditioned-response analog [machine]

CORADCOM Communications Research and Development Command

CORAL computer on-line real-time applications language

CORAPRAN Cobelda radar automatic preflight analyzer

CORBA common object request broker architecture

CORC Cornell computing language

CORDASF [AR 310-50] Commissary Retail Division of the Army Stock Fund

CORDIC coordinate rotation digital computer

CORDS 1Coherent On-Receive doppler System [Look-down radar system – to be incorporated in the AN/APQ-120 radar, but canceled in 1968], 2[AR 310-50] civil operations revolutionary development support

CORE 1contingency response program, 2computer-oriented reporting efficiency, 3cost oriented resource estimating

COREDOC core document

CoREN Corporation for Research and Enterprise Network

COREP combined overload repair control

CORG [AR 310-50] Combat Operations Research Group

CORREGATE correctable gate

CORTRAIN Corps and Division Training Coordination Program

CORTREAT corrosion treatment

CORTS convert range telemetry systems

cos cosine

CoS chief-of-staff

COS 1critical occupational specialty, 2common operating system, 3compatible operating system, 4concurrent operating system, 5Corporation for Open Systems, 6certificate of service, 7chief of supply, 8[JP 1-02] chief of station, 9[AR 310-50] civilian occupational specialty

COSA [AR 310-50] corps service area

COSAL consolidated shipboard allowance List (USN)

COSAMREG [AR 310-50] consolidation of supply and maintenance regulations

COSATI [AR 310-50] Committee on Scientific and Technical Information

COSCOM corps support command

COSDIF cost differential

COSE 1combined office standard environment, 2common open systems environment, 3common open software environment

COSF chief of system

COSG 1combat operational support group, 2consolidated contingency steering group, 3consolidated operations steering group

cosh hyperbolic cosine

COSIN control staff instruction (EXERCISES)

COSIP Computer Open System Implementation Program

COSIS care of supplies in storage

COSMAL coordinated shore-based materiel allowance list (USN)

COSMIC 1Computer Software Management and Information Center [NASA], 2[JP 1-02] North Atlantic Treaty Organization (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) security category. 3[AR 310-50] code name given to identify North Atlantic Treaty Organization top secret documents

COSMOS 1computer system for mainframe operations, 2[AR 310-50] centralization of supply management operations

COSO 1combat oriented supply organization, 2combat-oriented supply organization

COSP Commander, Oceanographic Systems, Pacific

COSPAS [JP 1-02] cosmicheskaya sistyema poiska avariynch sudov - space system for search of distressed vessels (Russian satellite system)

COSQ 1communications operations squadron, 2combat oriented supply organization

COSR contract officer security representative

COSRO conical scan on receive only

COSS 1conventional ordnance status system, 2common object services specification, 3contractor operated support site

COSSAC [Allied] Chief of Staff Allied Supreme Headquarters

COSTAR [AR 310-50] combat service to the Army

COSTAT cost analysis statistical package

cot cotangent

COT 1commanding officer of troops, 2cadet orientation tour, 3consecutive overseas tour

COTC certification of TEMP currency

COTD common operator training device

COTES Combat Orders, Training and Evaluation System (USACGSC)

coth hyperbolic cotangent

COTHEN [JP 3-07.4] Customs Over-the Horizon Enforcement Network (USCS)

COTP [JP 1-02] captain of the port

COTR contracting officer's technical representative

COTRAN COBOL to COBOL translator

COTS 1commercial off-the-shelf, 2[JP 1-02] cargo offload and transfer system

COTSS Classified Operational Telecommunications Switching System

COTT control of transmission test

COU [JP 1-02] cable orderwire unit

counter C3 [JP 1-02] counter command, control, and communications countermeasures

COV 1combat obstacle vehicle, 2counter obstacle vehicle, 3corona onset voltage

COVCOM [JP 2-01.2] covert communications

Cp capability index

CP 1command post, 2candlepower, 3card punch, 4change proposal, 5coefficient of performance, 6circuit package, 7circular pitch, 8circularly polarized, 9clock pulse, 10command pulse, 11communications processor, 12conference paper, 13constant pressure, 14construction permit, 15control panel, 16control processor, 17customized processor [IBM], 18current paper, 19camp, 20centrally procured, 21control program, 22copy protected, 23career program, 24central processing, 25close protection, 26control post, 27counter-proliferation, 28combat power, 29certification program, 30congressional presentation, 31[JP 1-02] contact point, 32[JP 4-06] collection point, 33[JP 3-05] counterproliferation, 34[AR 310-50] copilot, 35[AR 310-50] cost and performance, 36[AR 310-50] check point

CP&I [JP 1-02] coastal patrol and interdiction

CP/M 1Control Program for Microcomputers [Digital Research], 2computer program/microprocessor

CP-IPT cost performance integrated product team

CP2 Contractor Performance Certification Program

CPA 1closest point of approach, 2critical path analysis, 3civilian personnel assigned analyzer, 4civilian personnel authorized analyzer, 5closest point of approach, 6certified public accountant, 7Chairman’s program assessment (JCS), 8[AR 310-50] chief of public affairs

CPA/SG central pulse amplifier/symbol generator

CPAB corrosion prevention advisory board

CPAC 1civilian personnel activity center, 2civilian personnel advisory center

CPAF cost plus award fee

CPAM Chief of Naval Operations program assessment memorandum

CPAR contractor performance assessment report [USAF]

CPARS Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System

CPAS central procurement accounting system

CPASS Command Post Automated Staff Support System (TRADOC)

CPAT critical process assessment tool

CPB 1capabilities, programming, and budgeting, 2commander's preparation of the battlefield

CPC 1constant point calculation, 2clock-pulse control, 3computer program component, 4computer programming concepts, 5cycle program control, 6cycle program counter, 7corrosion prevention and control, 8[AR 310-50] civilian personnel circular

CPCEI computer program contract end item

CPCI computer program configuration item

CPCN command post communication network

CPCO [AR 310-50] central port call office

CPCOM central processing communications

CPCR contractor packaging capability review

CPCS 1Combat Personnel Control system (USAF), 2check processing control system [IBM], 5[AR 310-50] coast phase control system

CPCSB computer program configuration sub-board

CPD 1consolidated programming document, 2combat plans division, 3contact potential difference, 4cumulative probability distribution, 5Central Processing and Distribution System (TRIMIS), 6Congressional presentation document, 7[AR 310-50] central postal directory, 8[AR 310-50] civilian personnel directorate

CPDC command publishing distribution center

CPDD conceptual project design description

CPDF central personnel data file (OPM)

CPDP 1command post display processor, 2computer program development plan

CPDS computer program design specification

CPDT Center for Professional Development and Training

CPE 1central processing element, 2central programmer and evaluator, 3circular probable error, 4contractor performance evaluation, 5conventional planning and execution, 6customer premise equipment, 7computer performance evaluation, 8communications privacy equipment, 9communications processor element, 10conventional planning and execution, 11customer provided equipment, 12continuing professional education, 13[AR 310-50] cloud processing equipment, 14[AR 310-50] collective protection equipment

CPEP [AR 310-50] contractor performance evaluation plan

CPET contractor performance evaluation team

CPF 1civilian personnel flight, 2computerized physical fit, 3[AR 310-50] central post fund

CPFF cost plus fixed fee

CPFL [JP 1-02] contingency planning facilities list

CPG 1communications processor group, 2clock pulse generator, 3contingency planning guidance, 4[JP 1-02] central processor group

CPI 1characters per inch, 2computer prescribed instruction, 3channel protocol interpreter, 4cost performance index (efficiency), 5clock per instruction, 6common programming interface [IBM], 7communications processor and interface, 8consumer price index, 9[JP 1-02] crash position indicator

CPI-C common programming interface for communications [IBM]

CPIF cost plus incentive fee

CPILS correlation protection integrated landing system

CPIN computer program identification number

CPIO copy in and out [UNIX]

CPIP computer program implementation process

CPIPT cost and performance integrated product team

CPIS contingency planning information system

CPIT contract price of item terminated

CPIWI customer premise inside wire installation

CPK countermine protection kit

CPL 1computer program library, 2current privilege level, 3combined programming language, 4core performance log, 5commercial price list, 6characters per line, 7commercial pilot's license, 8contract policy letter, 9credential privilege list, 10customer priority list, 11[AR 310-50] common program language, 12[AR 310-50] corporal

CPLAN command plan

CPM 1characters per minute, 2computer performance management, 3critical path method, 4contractor performance measurement, 5control processor module, 6control program monitor (sometimes CP/M), 7country program manager, 8[JP 1-02] civilian personnel manual

CPM/P command post modem/processor

CPMC Contractor Performance Measurement Course (Defense Systems Management College)

CPMD civilian personnel management directorate

CPMF computer program maintenance facility

CPMFC contract performance management fundamental course

CPMI [AR 310-50] command personnel management inspections

CPMIS Civilian Personnel Management Information System

CPMP computer program management plan

CPMR computer program management review

CPMS 1Career Planning Management System (USMC), 2computer performance management system

CPN contract payment notices

CPO 1civilian personnel officer, 2chief petty officer, 3civilian personnel office, 4[JP 1-02] complete provisions only. 5[AR 310-50] central procurement office

CPO/CCPO (consolidated) civilian personnel office [Army civilians]

CPOC civilian personnel operation center

CPOP command post/observation post

CPOS [AR 310-50] civilian personnel occupational standards

CPP 1civilian pay plan, 2card punching printer, 3commercial practices program, 4capital purchase program, 5competitive phased pricing, 6[AR 310-50] civilian personnel pamphlet

CPPC cost plus percentage of cost

CPPM [AR 310-50] civilian personnel procedures manual

CPPMO central printing and publication management official

CPPS critical path planning and scheduling

CPPSO consolidated personal property shipping office

CPR 1cost performance report, 2critical power ratio, 3courseware problem report, 4chairman's program recommendations, 5category for staffing format, 6contractor performance report, 7criteria reporting provision, 8[JP 1-02] cardiopulmonary resuscitation, 9[AR 310-50] carrier performance rating, 10[AR 310-50] civilian personnel regulation

CPRS Command Procurement Reporting System (USAF)

cps cycles per second [obsolete, use hertz (Hz)]

CPS 1collection and processing subsystem, 2characters per second, 3circuit package schematic, 4conversational programming system, 5conversion program system, 6counts per second, 7core processing system, 8critical path scheduling, 9competitive prototyping strategy, 10contractor profile system, 11[JP 1-02] collective protective shelter, 12[AR 310-50] command personnel summary, 13[AR 310-50] cycles per second

CPSC 1computer services center, 2contingency planning support capability

CPSE 1counterpoise, 2crew and passenger support equipment, 3[FM 101-5-1] corps PSYOP support element

CPSR 1contractor procurement system review, 2contractor purchasing system review, 3contract procurement system review

CPT 1control power transformer, 2critical path technique, 3command pass through, 4cockpit procedures trainer, 5captain, 6command post terminal, 7comparison test, 8critical process team

CPT&E computer program test and evaluation

CPTA computer programming and testing activity

CPTC 1computer performance technical center, 2Consolidated Pentagon Telecommunications Center

CPTD comprehensive plan for training devices

CPTE computer program test equipment

CPTED crime prevention through environmental design

CPU 1central processing unit, 2collective protection unit, 3communications processor unit, 4computer peripheral unit, 5communications processing unit, 6computer processing unit

CPUSS computer support squadron

CPV command post vehicle

CPVX central station

CPW center for public work

CPWG center projects working group (DMS)

CPX 1command post exercise, 2charged pigment xerography

CQ 1current and qualified, 2[AR 310-50] charge of quarters

CQA contract quality assurance

CQB close quarter battle

CQBR close quarter battle range

CQC contractor quality control

CQE 1close quarter engagements, 2certified quality engineer

CQMP clinical quality management program

CQR contract quality requirement

Cr clarification request

CR 1close range, 2cathode ray, 3command register, 4conference report, 5contract report, 6Congressional Record, 7control relay, 8crystal rectifier, 9current relay, 10change request, 11carriage return, 12central region, 13character reader, 14clarification request, 15combat rescue, 16Computer Resource Acquisition Course (USAF), 17continuing resolution, 18control and reporting, 19cost reimbursement, 20certification recommendation, 21clarification report, 22computer resource, 23country representative

CR-UAV [JP 1-02] close-range unmanned aerial vehicle

CR/LF carriage return/line feed

CRA 1Continuing Resolution Authority, 2Continuing Resolution Act, 3current of area [IBM IMS], 4[JP 1-02] coordinating review authority, 5[JP 1-02] command relationships agreement

CRAC Computer Resource Acquisition Course (USAF)

CRAF 1Civil Reserve Air Fleet, 2Civil Reserve Aircraft Fleet

CRAFT computerized relative allocation of facilities technique

CRAG contractor risk assessment guide(s)

CRALCC Central Region Airlift Control Center

CRALD Central Region Airlift Division

CRAM 1card random access memory, 2computerized reliability analysis method, 3cyberspatial reality advancement movement, 4[JP 1-02] control random access memory

CRAMSI Consolidated Residual Asset Management System

CRAOC Central Region Air Operations Center (NATO)

CRB 1configuration review board, 2Contract Review Board (DCA), 3cost review board, 4certification record brief

CRBR-CX critical assembly

CRC 1camera-ready copy, 2[NATO] control and reporting center, 3central reporting center, 4cumulative results criterion, 5cyclic redundancy check, 6command and reporting center, 7column reference code, 8combat reporting center, 9control and reporting center, 10command review council, 11communications relay center, 12computer resources council, 13contingency/ regional conflict, 14cyclical redundancy character, 15CONUS replacement center, 16[JP 1-02] circuit routing chart, 17[JP 1-02] COOP response cell, 18[JP 1-02] cyclic redundancy rate, [AR 310-50] crew chief

CRCB computer resource control board

CRCC 1combined rescue coordination center, 2[JP 1-02] combat rubber raiding craft, 3[AR 310-50] consolidated record communications center

CRCI computer resource configured item

CRCLMP computer resource life cycle management plan

CRCOM [AR 310-50] change review committee

CRCS [AR 310-50] clinical record cover sheet

CRCU crypto remote control unit

CRD 1CINC's required date, 2Color Rendering Dictionary [PostScript], 3capstone requirements document, 4[JP 1-02] chemical reconnaissance detachment

CRDA cooperative research and development agreement

CRDB 1Contingencies Resources Database (USN), 2cost risk database

CRDC [AR 310-50] United States Army Chemical Research and Development Center

CRDF cathode-ray direction finding [radar]

CRDL critical requirement deficiency list

CRE 1computer reprogramming equipment, 2corrosion-resistant, 3[JP 3-09.3] control reporting element, 4[AR 310-50] combat readiness evaluation

CREATE computational resources for engineering and simulation training and education

CREC [AR 310-50] COMSEC Research and Engineering Coordinating Group

CRECON counter-reconnaissance

CREDIT CINC NORAD Remote Display Information Terminal

CREDO comprehensive report examination and display option

CREN 1Corporation for Research and Education Networking, 2Computer Research Education Network

CREP 1contract repair enhancement program, 2contract repair enhancement process

CRES 1corrosion-resistant steel, 2command readiness exercise system

CRESS [AR 310-50] Center for research in Social Systems

CREST 1Center for Research and Studies on Strategy and Technology, 2[AR 310-50] combat readiness by electronic service testing

CREWS Combat Ready Early Warning System

CRF 1capital recovery factor, 2cross reference file, 3correspondence routing form, 4cryptographic repair facility, 5cable retransmission facility, 6[JP 1-02] channel reassignment function

CRFPST centralized request for proposal support team

CRG [AR 310-50] counterfire reference grid

CRI 1criterion-referenced instruction, 2color rendering index, 3collective routing indicator, 4color reproduction indices, 5consolidated reparable inventory

CRIB computer resources information base

CRICS Central Region Integrated Communications System (NATO)

CRIF [JP 1-02] cargo routing information file

CRIMREP Crisis Management Information Reporting System

CRIO [AR 310-50] COMSEC regional issuing officer

CRIP collective routing indicator processing

CRIS 1command retrieval information system, 2current research information system

CRISD computer resources integrated support document

CRISP 1computer resources integrated support plan, 2computer reconstructed images from scene photographs


CRISYS computer related information symposium

CRITCOM [AR 310-50] critical intelligence communications

CRITIC 1critical intelligence report, 2[JP 1-02] critical information, 3[JP 1-02] critical intelligence communication, 4[JP 1-02] critical message (intelligence)

CRITICOM 1Critical Intelligence Communications System, 2critical communication

CRITO Center For Research on Information Technology and Organization

CRJE conversational remote job entry

CRL 1certificate revocation list, 2common rail launcher, 3COMSEC requirements lists, 4custody receipt listing

CRLCMP computer resources life cycle management plan

CRLCOMP computer resource life cycle operation and management plan

CRM 1camera-ready mechanical, 2control and reproducibility monitor, 3collection requirements management, 4counter-radar measures, 5counter-radar missile, 6core restraint mechanism, 7count rate meter, 8communications resource manager, 9command record manager, 10computer resource management

CRMA combat rescue mission analysis

CRMP 1computer resources management plan, 2computer resources management program

CRMT computer resources management technology

CRO 1cathode ray oscilloscope, 2control room operator, 3COMSEC responsible officer

CROB Construction Resources Database

CROM 1capacitive read-only memory, 2control read-only memory

CROP cost and operational effectiveness analysis resource/oversight proposal

CROSS combined radio frequency optical space surveillance

CRP 1Communication Relay Payload [UAV], 2COMSEC resources program, 3coordinated reconnaissance plan, 4central repair point, 5completion report, 6COMSEC resources plan, 7control and reporting post (USAF), 8contract requirement packages, 9[TTPIO-ABCS] common relevant picture, 10[AR 310-50] cost reduction program, 11[AR 310-50] central receiving point

CRPA controlled reception pattern antenna

CRPO Consolidated Reserve Personnel Office (ARPC) (USAF)

CRR 1current of record [IBM IMS], 2case reconciliation review, 3case requisition review

CRRC construction requirements review committee

CRREL Cold Region Research and Engineering Laboratory (Army)

CRRES Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite (USN)

CRRP Contractor Responsibility Review Program

CRS 1calibration recall system, 2Capability Reporting System [USN], 3component repair squadron, 4comprehensive retrieval system, 5computer resources support, 6cooperative reporting system, 7central referral system, 8Congressional Research Service, 9corporate review structure, 10[JP 3-08] Catholic Relief Services, 11[JP 1-02] coastal radio station, 12[JP 1-02] container recovery system, 13[JP 1-02] Chairman's 14[JCS] Readiness System

CRSDA [AR 310-50] community recreation and skill development activities

CRSP 1contract repair supply procedure, 2[JP 4-01.7] central receiving and shipping point

CRST customer requirement support team

CRT 1criterion referenced test, 2cathode ray tube, 3circuit requirement table, 4criterion referenced testing, 5contract repair team, 6[AR 310-50] combat readiness training

CRTA 1chief rocket troop artillery, 2cold region test activity

CRTC 1CRT controller, 2combat readiness training center

CRTE combat rescue training exercise

CRTS 1COMINT receiver test system, 2[JP 1-02] casualty receiving and treatment ship

CRTU combined receiving and transmitting unit

CRU 1combined rotating unit, 2control radio unit

CRUD corrosive, radioactive, undetermined deposit

CRWG computer resources working group

CRYPCEN crypto center

crypto 1[AR 310-50] cryptography, 2[AR 310-50] cryptographic

CRYPTO 1cryptography, 2cryptographic

CRZ [AR 310-50] close reconnaissance zone

CS 1combat support, 2cost sharing, 3call signal, 4commercial standard, 5control switch, 6community service, 7computer science, 8conducted susceptibility, 9circuit switching, 10Civil Service, 11constant source, 12cross scan, 13crossover switch, 14chip select, 15clear to send, 16code segment, 17circuit switch, 18civil servant, 19close support, 20combat system, 21commisaryman, 22communications-computer systems, 23confined space, 24control section, 25communication segment, 26consignment spare, 27contract specialist, 28contractor support, 29[FM 101-5-1] Costa Rica, 30[JP 1-02] call sign, 31[JP 1-02] coastal station, 32[JP 1-02] creeping line single-unit, 33[JP 1-02] controlled space, 34[JP 2-02] critical source, 35[AR 310-50] composite service, 36[AR 310-50] countersabotage, 37[AR 310-50] current series 38[AR 310-50] critically sensitive, 39[AR 310-50] combat support

CS/CS cost system/control system

CS/CSS combat support/combat service support

CS/SS card service/socket service

CS1 [AR 310-50] critically sensitive - level 1

CS2 [AR 310-50] critically sensitive - level 2

CS3 [AR 310-50] critically sensitive - level 3

CS3 Combat Service Support System (Army)

CSA 1Chief of Staff of the Army, 2corps storage area, 3configuration status accounting, 4combat support aircraft, 5command support aircraft, 6communications service authorization, 7contractor support area, 8calendaring and scheduling API [IBM], 9compensation system analyst,

CSA/OCSA Chief of Staff, United States Army/Office of the CSA

CSAAS [JP 1-02] Combat Support Agency Assessment System

CSAD 1computer system address directory, 2computer system authorization directory

CSADR [JP 1-02] Combat Support Agency Director's Report

CSAF Chief of Staff, Air Force

CSAFM [AR 310-50] Chief of Staff, Air Force memo

CSAM [JP 1-02] computer security for acquisition managers

CSAP command, control, communications, and computers system security assessment program

CSAR 1combat search and rescue, 2configuration status accounting report, 3Channel System Address Register

CSAR/PR combat search and rescue/personnel recovery

CSAR3 [JP 1-02] Combat Support Agency Responsiveness and Readiness Report

CSARP Common Synthetic Aperture Radar Processor

CSARTF [JP 3-50.2] combat search and rescue task force

CSAS 1command and stability augmentation system, 2configuration status accounting system

CSASS Client/Server Application Support Service

CSAT crew station automation technology

CSAW compact SIGINT analysis workstation

CSB 1close support bridge, 2closely spaced basing, 3computer support base

CSBP commander smart buy program

CSBSA computer support battle staff actions

CSC 1circuit switching center, 2common signaling channel, 3Computer Security Center [DoD], 4computer software component, 5computer system center, 6Computer Systems Command (Army), 7combat stress control, 8conventional stand-off capability, 9Cryptologic Support Center (USAF), 10conventional systems committee, 11Computer Science Canada, 12Computer Science Corporation, 13conventional systems committee, 14critical system characteristic, 15[JP 1-02] creeping line single-unit coordinated, 16[JP 1-02] CINC's strategic concept, 17[JP 4-01.7] International Convention for Safe Containers, 18[AR 310-50] combat support company

CSC-STD Computer Security Center Standard

CSCC 1communications system category code, 2[JP 1-02] coastal sea control commander

CSCE 1communications system control element (TRITAC), 2Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (now OSCE)

CSCFM Chief of Staff commander's flash message

CSCG communications security control group

CSCI [DoD/DSMC] computer software configuration item (also called SI)

CSCS 1component support cost system, 2contractor satellite control site (LEASAT)

CSCSGE Computer System Command Support Group Europe (USA)

CSCW Computer Supported Cooperative Work

CSD 1cold shutdown, 2 constant-speed drive, 3controlled-slip differential, 4circuit-switched data, 5computer services department, 6Communications-Computer System Directive (USAF), 7computer systems division, 8contracted sortie duration, 9corrective service diskette [IBM], 10C4 system directive, 11computer system directive

CSDD conceptual system design description

CSDF Crew Station Design Facility (AFSC)

CSDI computer software distribution item

CSDM computer system diagnostic manual

CSDP [AR 310-50] command supply discipline program

CSDS packet switched data service

CSE 1client server environment, 2control systems engineering, 3communications support element, 4common support element, 5common support equipment, 6core storage element, 7certified system engineer

CSE-SS CSE system services

CSEASP Computer Security Evaluation and Assistance Support Program

CSEC computer security evaluation center

CSEL 1[JP 1-02] circuit switch select line, 2[JP 3-50.21] combat survivor evader locator

CSEP 1communications system engineering plan, 2[CJCSI 3500.02A] CJCS-Sponsored Exercise Program

CSETWG computer security education and training working group

CSF 1central support facility, 2computer system facility

CSFI communication subsystem for interconnection

CSG 1combat support group, 2composite support group, 3cryptologic support group, 4computer systems group, 5CINCPAC Support Group, 6constructive solid geometry, 7Consulting Services Group [Lotus], 8complex system guideline, 9[JP 1-02] Chairman's [JCS] Staff Group; 10[JP 1-02] coordinating subgroup, 11[AR 310-50] combat service group

CSGF [USAIC&FH] COMINT Scenario Generation Facility

CSGN [JP 3-07.4] Coordinating Subgroup for Narcotics

CSGP computer systems group

CSH 1[FM 101-5-1] corps surgical hospital, 2[JP 1-02] combat support hospital

CSI 1computer supported instruction, 2command sequence introducer, 3CompuServe Incorporated, 4competitive strategies initiative, 5computer system integration, 6computer synthesized image, 7critical safety item, 8consolidated serviceable inventory, 9[JP 1-02] critical sustainability item, 10[AR 310-50] CONUS sustaining increment

CSIC computer system interface circuits

CSID call subscriber ID

CSIF communications service industrial funds

CSIL customer service information line

CSIO computer systems integration office

CSIP component sponsored investment program

CSIPG [JP 1-02] Circuit Switch Interface Planning Guide

CSIR C4 system installation record

CSIS 1Center for Strategic and International Studies, 2central secondary item stratification, 3central secondary item secondary

CSITP combined strategic intelligence training program

CSL 1code selection language, 2computer sensitive language, 3control and simulation language, 4current switch logic, 5computer science library, 6common security label

CSLCP computer security life cycle process

CSLE combat support and logistic equipment

CSLIP compressed serial line interface protocol [Internet]

CSLS combat store loading software

CSM 1continuous sheet memory, 2computer systems manual, 3command sergeant major, 4communications services manager, 5combat support module, 6command supportability metric, 7commodity support manager, 8computer system manager, 9[AR 310-50] Chief of Staff memorandum

CSMA 1carrier sense multiple access, 2command Sergeant Major of the Army

CSMA CA carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance

CSMA CD carrier sense multiple access with collision detection

CSMA/CA carrier sense multiple access/with collision avoidance

CSMA/CD carrier sense multiple access/ with collision detection

CSMC Command Sergeants Major Course

CSMP 1[USN] current ship's maintenance project, 2Command Surgeon's Microcomputer Program (USAFE)

CSMS 1Combat Supply Management System (USAF), 2customer support management system

CSN 1card-select number, 2current stock number, 3[AR 310-50] contract surgeon

CSNAS computer supported network analysis system

CSNET computer science network

CSNI communications systems network interoperability

CSNP [JP 1-02] causeway section, nonpowered

CSNP(BE) [J P 1-02] causeway section nonpowered (beach end)

CSNP(I) [JP 1-02] causeway section, nonpowered (intermediate)

CSNP(SE) [JP 1-02] causeway section, nonpowered (sea end)

CSO 1communications service order, 2corps signal officer, 3Central Services Organization [a service which facilitates user and address lookup in databases], 4C4 system officer, 5cognizant security office, 6communication system office, 7computer security officer, 8computer system officer, 9[JP 1-02] communications support organization

CSOA [JP 1-02] combined special operations area

CSOB [JP 1-02] command systems operations branch

CSOC 1Consolidated Space Operations Center (at Colorado Springs), 2customer support operation center

CSOD command systems operations division

CSOM 1computer system operator's manual, 2computer software operator's manual

CSP 1Communication Systems Processor (see ACP), 2communications support processor (DoDIIS), 3communications security publication, 4continuous sampling program, 5contract strategy paper, 6central supply point, 7certified systems professionals, 8Character Shape Player [Bitstream], 9common signal processor, 10commercial subroutine package, 11CompuCom Speed Protocol, 12cryptographic service provider, 13crisis staffing procedures (JCS), 14certified systems professional, 15concurrent (initial) spare parts, 16 controlled storage point, 17[JP 1-02] commence search point, 18[JP 1-02] causeway section, 19[JP 1-02] powered, 20[JP 1-02] cryptologic support package, 21[JP 1-02] call service position, 22[JP 4-01.7] contracting support plan

CSP-HOL Communications Support Processor High Order Language

CSPAR CINC's preparedness assessment report

CSPDN Circuit Switched Public Data Network

CSPM [AR 310-50] communication security publication memorandum

CSPO 1Computer Security Program Office, 2Communications Satellite Project Office (DCA)

CSPP communications-computer program plan (USAF)

CSPPSP communications-computer program plan support plan (USAF)

CSPS [AR 310-50] coherent signal processing system

CSQ [AR 310-50] cryptofacility security questionnaire

CSR 1change status report, 2control and status register management [computer bus], 3current situation room, 4compensation system review, 5[FM 101-5-1] controlled supply rate, 6[JP 1-02] commander in chief's (CINC's) summary report, 7[AR 310-50] Chief of Staff regulation, 8[AR 310-50] Civil Service retirement, 9[AR 310-50] Civil Service regulation

CSRA [AR 310-50] Civil Service Reform Act

CSRB computer systems requirements board

CSRB-WG computer systems requirements board working group

CSRC CALS shared resource center

CSRD 1communications-computer systems requirements document, 2C4 system requirement document, 3computer system requirement document

CSRDF [AR 310-50] Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund

CSRL common strategic rotary launchers

CSRO [AR 310-50] consolidated standing route order

CSRS Civil Service Retirement System

CSS 1combat service support, 2command specific server, 3communications support segment (JSIPS, SPACECMD), 4Central Security Service (NSA), 5Combat Support Service, 6combat support subsystem, 7commercial satellite survivability, 8communications subset, 9contingency support staff, 10Combat Supply System (USAF),11communications support system, 12contact start-stop,13Continuous System Simulator (language), 14coherent signal simulator, 15combat system simulator, 16communications security system, 17communications system segment, 18component scheduling system, 19computer support system, 20cascading style sheets [Microsoft], 21consolidated support system, 22cooperative spacecraft system (SDI), 23contractor support services, 24[JP 1-02] coordinator surface search, 25[JP 1-02] communications subsystem, 26[AR 310-50] clothing sales store

CSS-R communications system segment replacement (SPACECMD)

CSSA 1Computer Software Support Agency, 2Cryptologic Shore Support Activity, 3combat service support area

CSSB compatible single sideband

CSSBL Combat Service Support Battle Lab

CSSC 1computer system security officer, 2computer system support center, 3[JP 3-12.1] coded switch set controller

CSSCS 1combat service support control system, 2combat service support computer system

CSSCS-EAC Combat Service Support Control System-Echelons Above Corps

CSSD 1Strategic Defense Command (Army), 2command support system demonstrator, 3[TRADOC] Combat Service Support Directorate

CSSE [JP 1-02] combat service support element (MAGTF)

CSSL continuous system simulation language

CSSM 1client-server systems management [IBM], 2center system safety manager, 3center system safety program manager

CSSMRS computerized site security monitor and response system

CSSO computer system security officer

CSSP computer security support program

CSSPT [AR 310-50] common supply support

CSSR 1cost schedule status report, 2communications system segment replacement, 3Communications System Segment Replacement program (USAF)

CSSS combat service support system

CSSSSM [TTPIO-ABCS] Combat Service Support Simulation Support Module

CSST computer system science training

CSSTSS Combat Service Support Training Simulation System

CST 1customer support team, 2Central Standard Time, 3combat support trailer, 4conventional stability talks, 5[AR 310-50] combat support training

CSTA 1Combat Systems Test Activity (Army), 2computer-supported telephony applications, 3[AR 310-50] combat surveillance and target acquisition

CSTAR Combat Synthetic Training Assessment Range.

CSTB combat system test-bed

CSTCTO country standard time compliance technical order

CSTI Civil Space Technology Initiative (NASA)

CSTO country standard technical order

CSTS 1combined system test stand, 2combat simulation test system

CSTT combat systems training team

CSTVRP Computer Security Technical Vulnerability Reporting Program

CSU 1circuit switching unit, 2command sensor unit, 3communications switching unit, 4control selection unit, 5channel service unit, 6conventional signals upgrade, 7computer software unit, 8customer service unit, 9customer support unit

CSU/DSU channel service unit/data service unit

CSV 1corona start voltage, 2close-range surveillance system, 3comma-separated value, 4comma-separated variable, 5common services verbs (interface) [Microsoft], 6circuit-switched voice

CSW 1Center for Signals Warfare, 2control power switch, 3conventional stand-off weapon, 4contract specialist workbook, 5[JP 1-02] compartment stowage worksheet

CSWG 1communication-computer system working group, 2communications systems working group, 3crew station working group

CT 1collective training, 2counterterrorism, 3collective task(s), 4cable test, 5center tap, 6circuit theory, 7commercial translator, 8communications technician, 9cypher text, 10computer technology, 11combat team,12current transformer, 13case-telescoped, 14Connecticut, 15calendar time, 16contract team, 17customer test, 18[JP 1-02] communications terminal, 19[JP 1-02] control telemetry

CT&E contractor test and evaluation

CTA 1consolidated training activities, 2common table of allowances, 3central TMDE activity, 4compatibility test area, 5contractual technical assistance, 6case-telescoped ammunition, 7center test authority, 8central technical activity

CTA-ISO Communication Terminal Asynchronous-International Standards Organization

CTA-STD communication terminal asynchronous – standard

CTAK cipher text auto key

CTAN CINCPAC Teletype Alert Network

CTAPS 1Contingency Tactical Air Planning System, 2Contingency TACS (Tactical Air Control System) Automated Planning System, 3Contingency TACS (Tactical Air Control System) Advanced Planning System, 4[JP 3-56.1] contingency theater automated planning system

CTAPS (I) Contingency Tactical Air Control System Automated Planning System (Intelligence)

CTASC corps and theater ADP service center (Army)

CTB 1Communication Toolbox [Apple], 2cipher type byte

CTC 1combat training center(s), 2channel to channel, 3combat training center, 4combat theater communications, 5command tactical console, 6CALS technical center, 7[JP 2-01.2] counterterrorist center

CTCC consolidated telecommunication centers

CTCD Combat Training Centers Directorate [in TRADOC DCST]

CTCF channel technical control facility

CTCP 1combat trains command post, 2client-to-client protocol

CTCPEC Canadian Trusted Computer Product Evaluation Criteria

CTD 1charge transfer device, 2color tactical display, 3concealed target detection

CTDC [AR 310-50] control track direction computer

CTDF Contracting Technical Data File (DLA)

CTDH command and telemetry data handling

CTDP communications and tracking data processor

CTDR commercial training device requirement

CTDS code translation data system

CTE 1commander, task element, 2contractual technical evaluation, 3contractor test and evaluation

CTEA cost and training effectiveness analysis

CTEIP 1central tanned investment program, 2central test and evaluation investment program

CTF 1central test facility, 2coalition task force, 3combined task force, 4combined test force, 5commander, task force, 6collective training facility, 7closure task force, 8consolidated test force

CTF-ICBM commander task force intercontinental ballistic missiles

CTFM continuous transmission frequency modulated

CTFS Contract Training Flight Services Program

CTG 1commander, task group, 2common tactical grid, 3communications transmission group

CTI 1component test instruction, 2computer-telephony integration, 3[AR 310-50] command technical inspection, 4[AR 310-50] complaint type investigation, 5[AR 310-50] contract technical instructor

CTIC contractor technical information codes

CTID [JP 1-02] communications transmission identifier

CTIES Collective Training, Instruments, and Engagement System

CTIL [TTPIO-ABCS] commander's tracked item list

CTIS 1Command Tactical Information System (11TH USAF), 2computerized test information stand, 3[TTPIO-ABCS] Combat Terrain Information System

CTJTF Counter Terrorism Joint Task Force

CTK composite tool kit

CTL 1critical task list, 2checkout test language, 3complementary transistor logic, 4core transistor logic, 5component team leader, 6construction technical letter

CTLZ [AR 310-50] control zone

CTM 1cargo traffic message, 2communications terminal module, 3current transformation matrix, 4command training manager

CTMC communications terminal module controller

CTMP channel traffic movement plan

CTMS compact tactical message switch

CTMT containment

CTN 1commercial telecommunications network, 2CALS test network

CTO 1charge transforming operator, 2cognizant transportation office, 3corps transportation officer, 4crypto operator, 5cognizant transportation officer, 6[AR 310-50] control tower operator

CTOC corps tactical operations center (Army)

CTOCSE corps tactical operations center support element

CTOCU 1central TO control unit, 2centralized technical order control unit

CTOL conventional take off and landing

CTOM centralized technical order management

CTOS 1Computerized Tomography Operating System, 2Cassette Operations System, 3Convergent Technologies Operating System

CTOSE corps tactical operations center support element

CTP 1coordinated test program, 2charge transforming parameter, 3command translator and programmer, 4computer to plate, 5construction test procedure, 6chief test pilot, 7computer to press, 8computer to print, 9port captain, 10characteristic technical parameter, 11critical technical parameter, 12critical test parameter, 13[AR 310-50] consolidated telecommunications program

CTPA coax-to-twisted-pair adapter

CTR capital type rehabilitation

CTREPTR [AR 310-50] court reporter

CTRIF [JP 3-07.2] Combating Terrorism Readiness Initiative Fund

CTRL control

CTS 1certified test results, 2carrier test switch, 3communications technology satellites, 4communications terminal synchronous, 5conversational terminal system, 6conversation time sharing, 7courier transfer station, 8central tactical system, 9Cray timesharing system, 10central training section, 11clear to send, 12communications training system, 13composite training squadron (USAF), 14computer test station (F-15), 15clear to send,16course training standards, 17computerized tomography scanner, 18contact test set, 19Cosmic Top Secret, 20course training standard

CTSA Cosmic Top Secret Atomal (NATO)

CTSB critical task selection board

CTSD combat training support directorate

CTSF [TTPIO-ABCS] Central Technical Support Facility

CTSS compatible time shared system

CTSSB critical task site selection board

CTSWG consolidated training support working group

CTSWGM consolidated training support working group meeting

CTT 1Commander's Tactical Terminal, 2common task test, 3combat tactics trainer, 4command tactical trainer, 5command team training

CTT 5 Combined Tactical Trainer, Stage 5 Feasibility Study

CTT-H Commander's Tactical Terminal – Hybrid

CTT/H-R Commanders' Tactical Terminal/Hybrid – Receive only

CTT/T Commander's Tactical Terminal/TEREC

CTTA certified TEMPEST technical authority

CTTF [TTPIO-ABCS] Central Technical Testing Facility

CTTP central tactical processing program

CTU 1central terminal unit, 2commander, 3task unit, 4consolidated table of organization and equipment update, 5captive test unit

CTY console teletype

CTZ corps tactical zone

CU 1control unit, 2customer premise, 3piezoelectric crystal unit, 4close-up, 5common user, 6cryptographic unit, 7[FM 101-5-1] Cuba, 8[JP 1-02] cubic capacity, 9[JP 1-02] common unit

CUA 1common user interface [SNA], 2common user access [SAA terminology], 3common user access [IBM]

CUAS computer utilization accounting system

CUB cursor backward

CUBE Cooperating Users of Burroughs Equipment

CUBIC Common User Baseline for the Intelligence Community

CUBOL computer usage business-oriented language

CUC Common User Contract (WIS)

CUCV commercial utility cargo vehicle

CUD cursor down

CUDAT [AR 310-50] common user data terminal

CUDOS continuously updated dynamic optimizing systems

CUDIXS 1common user digital information exchange subsystem (USN), 2common user digital information exchange system

CUE computer updating equipment

CUES 1computer utility educational system, 2combat underwater exploitation system (USN)

CUF 1common user follow-on, 2cursor forward

CUI 1controlled unclassified information, 2character-oriented user interface, 3Common User Interface [IBM]

CUJT complementary unijunction transistor

CUL common user language

CULP computer usage list processor

CULT [JP 4-01] common-user land transportation

CUMMFU complete utter monumental military foul up

CUP 1communications users program, 2common user products, 3COMSEC utility package, 4cursor position, 5custom and practice

CUPID completely universal processor I/O design [AST]

CURES 1computer utilization reporting system, 2computerized unsatisfactory report engineering system

CURTS common user radio transmission system

CUS 1clean-up system, 2common user support, 3common user system, 4common user subsystem (WIS)

CUSFO capability for United States firms overseas (JCS)

CUSIP 1Committee for Uniform Security Identification Procedures [United States Treasury]

CUSR [AR 310-50] Central United States Registry

CUSRPG Canada/United StatesRegional Planning Group

CUSV commercial utility cargo vehicle

CUT 1circuit under test, 2cross utilization training, 3control unit terminal, 4coordinated universal time

CUTE Clarkston University terminal emulator

CUTS computer utilized turning system

CUU cursor up

CUWTF [FM 101-5-1] combined unconventional warfare task force

CV 1multipurpose aircraft carrier, 2cost variance, 3vice commander, 4aircraft carrier, 5combat vehicle, 6command vehicle, 7cryptographic variable, 8coefficient of variation, 9[JP 1-02] curriculum vitae, 10[JP 1-02] carrier

CV(N) aircraft carrier (nuclear)

CV-22 Osprey (USAF)

CV/CC constant voltage/constant current

CVA 1attack aircraft carrier, 2clandestine vulnerability analysis, 3communications vulnerability assessment, 4central verification activity

CVAN 1attack aircraft carrier, nuclear powered, 2CINCPAC Voice Alerting Network

CVANCIN CPAC Voice Alerting Network

CVB large aircraft carrier

CVBF carrier battle force

CVBG [USN] carrier battle group

CVC 1combat vehicle communications, 2combat vehicle crewman, 3customer value contracting

CVC-MTI coherent video cancellation-moving target indicator

CVC2 Combat Vehicle Command and Control Program

CVCS chemical and volume control system

CVD 1coupled vibration dissociation, 2current voltage diagram, 3compact video disk

CVDV coupled vibration dissociation vibration

CVE 1collaborative virtual environment, 2escort aircraft carrier

CVEH [AR 310-50] combat vehicle

CVF compressed volume file

CVGA color video graphics array

CVH [USN] helicopter carrier

CVHA [USN] assault helicopter transport

CVHE [USN] escort helicopter aircraft carrier

CVHG [USN] helicopter carrier with guided missile armament

CVI 1certified vendor information, 2crew/vehicle interface, 3customer/vendor interface

CVIA Computer Virus Industry Association

CVIC conditional variable incremental computer

CVISC combat visual information support center .

CVL [USN] light aircraft carrier

CVLF compact very low frequency

CVMDS Crown Valley Measurement and Debriefing System

CVN [USN] nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

CVP collaborative virtual prototyping

CVR cockpit voice recorder

CVROS compact video rate optical scanner

CVRP computer system vulnerability reporting program

CVRS Central Vehicle Registration System (USA)

CVS 1combat vehicle survivability, 2support (ASW) aircraft carrier

CVSD 1continuously variable slope delta modulation, 2continuously variable slope delta

CVT 1[USN] aircraft carrier, training, 2controlled variable time, 3convert

CVU utility aircraft carrier

CVW 1carrier air wing, 2CodeView for Windows, 3[CJCSI 6130.01] cryptovariable weekly (GPS)

CVWS [AR 310-50] combat vehicle weapons system [AR 310-50]

CW 1continuous wave, 2chemical warfare, 3carrier wave, 4composite wave, 5clean water, 6cold-worked, 7composite wing, 8clockwise, 9Constant Watch (PACAF), 10chemical weapons, 11conventional weapon

CW2 [AR 310-50] chief warrant officer, W-2

CW3 [AR 310-50] chief warrant officer, W-3

CW4 [AR 310-50] chief warrant officer, W-4

CWA 1cash with acceptance, 2Clean Water Act, 3contractor warranty administration

CWAR [AR 310-50] continuous wave acquisition radar

CWAS contractor weighted average share

CWBS contract work breakdown structure

CWC 1composite warfare commander (USN), 2composite warfare concept, 3change working directory [Internet], 4combat weather center, 5[JP 1-02] Chemical Weapons Convention

CWD 1convert Word to double word, 2chemical warfare defense

CWDS combat weapon delivery software

CWE [AR 310-50] current working estimate

CWG 1communications working group, 2cockpit working group, 3computer working group

CWHSSA Contract Work Hour and Safety Standard Act

CWI 1centralized warning indicator, 2continuous wave illuminator

CWIP construction work in-progress

CWIR [AR 310-50] continuous wave illuminator radar

CWIS 1Campus Wide Information Service [Internet], 2Community Wide Information Service [Internet]

CWM [AR 310-50] commercial water movement number

CWMTU cold-weather materiel test unit

CWNET Constant Watch Network (PACAF)

CWO 1capital work order, 2chief warrant officer, 3communications watch officer, 4cash with order

CWO/IA Constant Watch Operations and Intelligence Automation

CWON collection work order number

CWP 1contractor work plan, 2contractor's working party, 3[JP 4-01.6] causeway pier

CWPC contingency wartime planning course

CWPD [JP 1-02] Conventional War Plans Division, Joint Staff (J-7)

CWPI [AR 310-50] configuration work package item

CWR 1civil work requirements, 2[JP 1-02] calm water ramp

CWS 1Collateral Workstation, AN/TYQ-45, 2contingency workstation, 3cooling water system, 4Chemical Warfare Service (Army), 5[AR 310-50] commander's weapon station, 6[AR 310-50] continental wage scale

CWSP [AR 310-50] communications with and service to the public

CWW Cruciform Wing Weapon [GBU-15 guided bomb]

CX 1composite signaling, 2canceled

CXL canceled

CXL SEC cancellation sector

CY 1calendar year, 2current year, 3[FM 101-5-1] Cyprus

CYBERLOG [AR 310-50] Cybernetic Logistics Planning, Control, and Management Information System

CYBIS [TR 350-70] cyber-based instructional system

CYL cylinder

CYMK cyan-yellow-magenta-black (color model)

CZ 1combat zone, 2Canal Zone [Panama], 3clear zone