Stavatti Aerospace

520 Airport Road South 
St Paul, MN 55075
P.O. Box 211258, 
Eagan, Minnesota 55121, USA

Stavatti Aerospace is engaged in the design of manned & unmanned military aircraft, commercial aircraft, executive aircraft, general aviation aircraft & a host of single stage to orbit vehicles for military & commercial spaceflight. Records show it was established in 1994 and incorporated in Minnesota. Stavatti Aerospace Ltd was estimated to generate $1.5 million in annual revenues, and employ approximately 25 people at this single location. Stavatti Aerospace,is famous for its extravagant claims about advanced aircraft and weapons.

In March 2003, DefRev broke the story on the Stavatti TIS-1 (Tactical Infantry System -1) Gasdynamic Laser Rifle "white paper". The (exclusive) article, itself, was titled "Stavatti Tactical Infantry System-1(TIS-1) Gasdynamic Laser Rifle ‘White Paper’." It actually created quite a stir, particularly after picked up on the story and published a blurb containing a link to the article. The blurb was titled "Contractor Proposes Laser Rifles for U.S. Military". does not stand behind/support any of Stavatti’s claims regarding the TIS-1 or SF-1 laser rifles. DefRev is just reporting, and letting readers decide.

There is a big difference between designing an airplane and building a fancy fighter. One observere noted "This looks more like a cool fan site than a real company..." Another suggested "I think the only reason it is there is to attract dumb investors who likes to be fooled."

Another observer opined "The amount of aeronautical boilerplate BS on that site is truly astounding, and basically reads like it was copy-pasted from portions of Wikipedia articles. This is a hoax on a truly amusing level; there is no way in hell that these jokers are actually developing this aircraft as anything other than a flight simulator add-on. It really seems like a scam designed to swindle know-nothing investors out of their money, and I'm moderately surprised that the SEC or other agency hasn't come down on them.... References to ICBMs and laser rifles have since been deleted from the company's website."

Deane Joyce was the COO of TEAM-Stavatti.

Stavatti Aerospace entered the Javelin into the USAF Advanced Pilot Training Program (T-X) competition. The Stavatti Javelin is a new twin-engine, two-seat, high performance military jet trainer and Very Light Fighter (VLF) aircraft. Derived from the ATG Javelin Mk-30, the Javelin will be a candidate for the USAF T-X trainer requirement, as well as a trainer and VLF that can be sold to allied air forces worldwide.

The Javelin project began in 1998 with the formation of Aviation Technology Group (ATG) in Englewood, Colorado. Intended as a two-seat civil jet sportplane, the original ATG-1 Javelin mockup was unveiled and displayed at the NBAA convention in 2002. With orders for 151 aircraft by 2003, in 2004 ATG announced a partnership with Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) to develop and produce a family of two seat military jet trainers designated the Javelin Mk-20 and Mk-30. The prototype Javelin had its maiden flight on 30 September 2005. In December 2007 ATG ceased business operations after failing to raise additional development capital, ultimately declaring bankruptcy in 2008.

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