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Camp Rosenbaum

The South Dakota National Guard Armory is located at 603 Princeton Street in the City of Vermillion. Vermillion is a community of 10,000 that lies atop a bluff on the Missouri River. The University of South Dakota, which is located in Vermillion, is the major local employer. Vermillion is located in the Southeastern corner of South Dakota, derived its title from the Sioux name, WASE WAKPALA (wa sa wak pa'la) meaning "red stream." The present site of Vermillion was first visited by French fur traders at the close of the 18th century, and the town of Vermillion was founded in 1859. Today, Vermillion is home to a special blend of agriculture, higher education, retail business and light industry. This unique community boasts the Dakota Dome, Shrine to Music Museum, the W.H. Over State Museum, the Austin-Whittemore Museum and the Oscar Howe Gallery. Vermillion is just a short drive to many other Southeast South Dakota activities and attractions.


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