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Underwater Tracking Range, US Virgin Islands
Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Facility

The Underwater Tracking Range Facility, located on the west coast of St.Croix, provides the capability to conduct a variety of anti-submarine warfare exercises along with research/development and independent ship qualifications. Services available include torpedo firing exercises, Surface Ship Radiated Noise Measurement trials, submarine Training Readiness Evaluations, and any operation for which precise, in-water spatial data is required. AFWTF provides exercise torpedoes, MK-30 targets, tracking instrumentation, and rapid post-analysis data products which can be custom made for the individual unit. Four hundred square nautical miles of instrumented acoustic tracking range allow multi-ship and submarine battle group training.

The land base of the Underwater Tracking Range located on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands consists of upper and lower sites separated by a public road. The facility is dedicated to insuring that United States Navy and allied forces can safely train with weapons in a realistic warfare environment.

Several areas within the territory of the Virgin Islands are under the administrative jurisdiction of the Department of the Navy. The submerged lands as described in the Code of Federal Regulations revised as of July 1, 1974, cited as 33 CFR 207.817 areas ''A'' & ''B'', (2) the submerged lands seaward of the 100 fathom curve off the coast of St. Croix beginning at a point 17 (degrees) 40 30 N and ending at a point 17 (degrees) 46 30 North as depicted on Coast and Geodetic Survey Chart Numbered 25250, Third Edition; Title: St. Croix, Virgin Islands Underwater Range, and (3) the submerged lands seaward of the Underwater Range Operational Control Center, St. Croix, Virgin Islands presently leased to the Department of the Navy and described as Plot 1B18 of Estate Sprat Hall subdivision, located in northside Quarter ''A'', St. Croix containing 4.84 acres of land.

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