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Truman Training Site
Clinton, MO

The Missouri Army National Guard Truman Training Site/Area is located on Corps of Engineer Truman Reservoir property. Public access is limited to foot traffic only. Land use management projects protect and enhance the environment. For one project, team members cleared an overgrown limestone glade at Truman Training Site, encouraging wildflower growth.

Truman Dam is located approximately 1.5 miles northwest of Warsaw, Missouri, at river mile 175.1 on the Osage River, a tributary of the Missouri River. The Osage River watershed covers portions of west central Missouri and east central Kansas. Truman Dam is in the headwaters of the Lake of the Ozarks, 93.4 miles above Bagnell Dam. The drainage area upstream of Truman Dam is 11,500 square miles. Flood control and hydroelectric power are the primary project purposes; equally important, however, are its fish and wildlife resources and recreation benefits. Truman Reservoir is the largest flood control lake in Missouri. Truman Dam, located on the Osage River 1 miles northwest of Warsaw, Mo, consists of an earth/rock embankment, concrete spillway, and hydroelectric power plant. There are six turbine-generator units located within Truman Dam. Water is released through these units to produce hydroelectric power. The Kaysinger Bluff Dam and Reservoir was authorized in 1954 as one unit in a comprehensive flood control plan for the Missouri River basin. In 1970, the project was renamed by Congress as the Harry S. Truman Dam and Reservoir, in honor of the former president from Missouri. Project construction began in August 1964 and the spillway gates were closed in October 1979.


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