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R-5313 Stumpy Point Range

Stumpy Point Range is an instrumented range located in Pamlico Sound in R-5313, approximately 75 NMI northeast of the MCAS Cherry Point TACAN, Channel 75. R-5313 is divided into four subareas. R-5313A extends from the surface to 18,000-feet, R-5313B/C extends from 100-feet AGL to 13,000-feet and R-5313D extends from 500-feet AGL to 13,000-feet. Access is by vehicle and boat. Air-to-ground exercises using inert ordnance including water/sand-filled bombs, practice bombs, flares, photo-flash, phosphorous, and training rockets up to and including five-inch Zuni smoke rockets are authorized. Strafing is not permitted. The target consists of a 315-foot by 50-foot sunken Landing Ship, Tank (LST). This target is scored by a WISS. Stumpy Point has been certified "safe" for laser systems operations. R-5313 is available continuously.

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