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Sheridan Training Area, Wyoming

A small local training area, Sheridan Training Area is located 3 km (1.9 miles) northwest of the town of Sheridan in north central Wyoming. Comprising 1,597 hectares (3,960 acres), it is characterized by flat to rolling terrain on its eastern half. The training area ascends to more broken terrain on the western half and drops abruptly to South Dry Creek which runs across the northwest corner. There is small elevational range, from 1,204 m (3,950 feet) on South Dry Creek, to 1,336 m (4,382 feet) at the radio facility near the center of the area.

The climate is characteristic of the semi-arid high plains. Average annual precipitation is 38.4 cm (15.13 inches), of which some occurs in an average of 112 cm (44 inches) of snow. Summers are hot, with an average daily maximum temperature in July of 30.7C (87.2F), and winters are cold, with an average daily minimum temperature in January of -14.6C (5.8F).

The grassland vegetation type is prevalent on the more level, eastern portion of the Training Area, and on ridgetops in the western half. The sagebrush/grassland is most common on the western half of the site. The big sagebrush is typically 30 to 60 cm tall. The grassland/mountain mahogany type occurs in patches on the upper slopes of drainages. Riparian habitat is present only in a small strip along South Dry Creek, an ephemeral drainage. There are a number of small earthen stock ponds in drainage bottoms, some with cattails and other wetland plant species, but heavily impacted by livestock.


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