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Pico Del Este Site, Puerto Rico
Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Facility

The Electronic Warfare Range is the fourth and most recent range added to AFWTF. Radar threat platform simulators are located on Vieques, St.Croix, and Pico del Este. These sites can provide services to portions of the north and south warning areas and the Inner Range. The range can provide multi-axis, real world scenarios designed to simulate the electronic order of battle for specific geographical regions requested by the unit. A scenario is developed to emulate the possible threat signals which might be encountered according to intelligence reports. The signals range from navigational radars to missile associated radars.

Pico del Este is located in the Caribbean National Forest, Naguabo, Puerto Rico. Pico del Este, one of the rainforest's peaks, houses a JSS (Joint Surveillance System) radar and communications site attached to the Roosevelt Roads Naval Base. Installations on Mt. Pico Del Este include the AN/FPS-67 and AN/SPS-48C radar sites.

ITT Federal Services Corporation has the contract for management and technical services for the operation and maintenance of the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Facility (AFWTF), Naval Station, Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. Performance includes fixed and mobile instrumentation equipment and facilities which may be located on islands, surface vessels, and aircraft in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean in the areas northeast and southeast of Puerto Rico.

The Caribbean National Rainforest is better known by the name of one of its most prominent mountain peak, El Yunque. El Yunque fits Coleridge's description of Xanadu, "a savage place, holy and enchanted": the cloud-enshouded peak can easily be seen from as far away as the city of San Juan, and closer inspection reveals an ocean of unspoiled green as lush as that of any jungle. Elfin woodland on Pico del Este is dominated by woody dicots, with ferns and scattered patches of grass concentrated mainly in openings. Thousands of tourists from around the world visit this truly unique landmark every year.

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