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R-5302 Palmetto Point Range

Palmetto Point Range is an instrumented range located in Albemarle Sound in R-5302 airspace, approximately 48 NMI south of the NAS Oceana TACAN, Channel 113. R-5302 is divided into three subareas. R-5302A extends from the surface to 14,000-feet, R-5302B extends from 100-feet AGL to 14,000-feet and R-5302C extends from 100-feet AGL to 3,000-feet. Access is by surface vessel. Air-to-ground exercises using inert ordnance up to and including 500-pound inert bombs and five-inch Zuni rockets with inert or smoke heads are authorized. No strafing is authorized. The target consists of a steel barge (132-feet long, 32-feet wide, 20-feet high) painted in a black and white checkerboard fashion. This target is scored by a Weapons Impact Scoring Set (WISS). Palmetto Point has been certified "safe" for laser system operations. R-5302 is available continuously.

All Americans with the surname Midyett or Midgett can trace their ancestry to Matthew Midyett who first settled in Chowan on the South side of the Albemarle Sound (now Tyrrell County) at a place known as White Oak Island on a point of land called Palmetto Point about the year 1710.

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