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Pachino Target Range

Pachino Target Range at Pachino Italy is a U.S. operated aerial bomb scoring target range located on the southeast coastline of Sicily and is used by U.S. and NATO forces. The Pachino Target Range at Marza, Italy provides support to the Fleet. Two Dyess B-1B's landed 03 June 1995 following the bombers' completion of a historic, nonstop, around-the-world flight. The mission, termed "Coronet Bat," challenged crews and maintainers to prepare for the launch of four B-1B's June 2, with two scheduled to fly the unprecedented nonstop flight around the world. To mirror a realistic training scenario for wartime taskings, Coronet Bat incorporated practice bombing runs over the Pachino Range, Italy, the Torishima Range, near Kadena Air Base in the western Pacific, and the Utah Test and Training Range. The B-1B's dropped BDU-50s (inert, concrete-filled Mark 82, 500-pound munitions) on the three targets.


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