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Oberdachstetten Local Training Area, Germany

The training area at Oberdachstetten was an integral part of mission readiness when the 1st Infantry Division was located in Ansbach. But when they left, so did the day-to-day maintenance of the area. After several years of planning a project to fix the problems of years of neglect, planning began in 1998 to do several things. This included fixing the roads to ensure the troops would stay on them as opposed to just going through the open fields. There was also a need to stop the extremely bad erosion problem. There were several hillsides that were literally wearing away. So to fix them engineers created water basins at the top of the hills so the water would run down the hill only when they are full. When that happens it runs more evenly, which is not so damaging to the land.

The project was completed in August 2000 and it looks really good. Engineers have been out inspecting regularly, especially since there was so much rain in the spring. The basins were holding as designed and the erosion around the roads has stopped. Part of the design was putting wooden planks around the erosion areas and planting shrubs and grasses that will grow and hold the earth in place. By the time this happens the wood should naturally deteriorate, making it safe to the ecology.

The project was a major undertaking, but the end result has been a functioning training area that has improved the ecological balance in the area. It took two years and $500,000 to complete the project.

On Sept 12, 2002 the Department of Defense announced plans to transfer the Oberdachstetten family housing area in Ansbach to the German Government.

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