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Saint Helena Annex
Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY)
Portsmouth, Virginia

The St. Helena Annex portion of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) is on the east side of the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River. The Navy has given priority to additional investigation needed to delineate a localized area of groundwater contamination that had been identified at the St. Helena Annex, in Norfolk, VA. Plans are also proceeding for the transfer of the St. Helena Annex to the Norfolk Shipbuilding and Drydock Corporation ('NORSHIPCO', subsidiary of U.S. Marine Corp.) Use of contaminated groundwater will be prohibited in the deed when the property is transferred.

The Navy has completed extensive assessment and cleanup at 16 acres of the St. Helena Annex that indicates that most of the St. Helena Annex is not contaminated at levels of concern to EPA. One small area of groundwater contamination was identified at St. Helena Annex. The Navy has agreed to work closely with EPA to address this and any other contamination found at the St. Helena Annex. Although this property is not considered part of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard NPL site, all future assessment and cleanup of St. Helena Annex will be addressed in the enforceable Norfolk Naval Shipyard Federal Facilities Agreement.

There is a backlog of construction and maintenance work at military facilities in the hundreds of millions of dollars in Hampton Roads. An 80-foot section of a pier at the St. Helena Annex of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard collapsed in mid-August 2001.

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