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South Gate Annex
Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility (NISMF)
Portsmouth, Virginia

There are two areas designated by the Navy as inactive nuclear-powered ship moorage facfities. Norfok Naval Shipyard Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility (NISMF) is the designated inactive nuclear ship moorage facility on the east coast and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard maintains the facility on the west coast. These facilities have specfic services and equipment to provide a safe, secure moorage for temporary storage of inactivated defueled nuclear-powered ships.

The Norfok Naval Shipyard moorage facility, with minor modifications and dredging, would be capable of handling up to twelve ships depending on the type and size. The existing inactive nuclear ship mooring facility, Pier E, would have to be upgraded to accommodate new berthing arrangement. Some repairs to the existing structure may be required to strengthen the piers to accept the increased breasting loads from nests of ships over a long period. A complete inspection above and below the pier decks and underwater would be required to determine the ti scope and cost of the required work. The most significant work required to accommodate the storage of ships is dredging. Current depths between the piers range from approximately 17 feet to 23 feet. These depths are insufficient for ships with drafts ranging from 24 feet to 33 feet.

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