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Port of Nordenham

USAREUR continues to use the commercial port of Bremerhaven, Germany as a primary SPOE for deployment of unit vehicles and equipment and the adjacent Port of Nordenham for ammunition. USAREUR may also use other European Ports such as Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Koper for large-scale deployment operations. As improvements are made to other deployment infrastructure (i.e., railheads) USAREUR will continue to conduct liaison with EUCOM, Military Traffic Management Command and Military Sealift Command to monitor port capabilities and limitations.

Nordenham provides a one-stop shop like handling of solid and liquid bulk cargoes and seaport logistic services for logs and sawn timber like a sawmill and lumber drying plant. Seaworthy packaging and loading of industrial machinery, including ancillary technical services. Quays with crane capacities of up to 65 tonnes are available in Nordenham and Blexen.

Lower Saxony ("Niedersachsen" in German) lies at the crossroads of Europes major east-west and north-south transit routes. Halfway between Madrid und Moscow, Stockholm and Milan, Warsaw and Paris. Lower Saxony is a federal state (confusingly called "Land" in German), which means that it has its own parliament, its own government and its own policies - similar to the states of the USA. The Federal Republic of Germany is composed of 16 federal states, of which Lower Saxony is the second largest. Situated in the north-west of the country, it measures 350 km from Schnackenburg on the River Elbe to the Dutch border in the west, and 300km from Cuxhaven on the North Sea coast to Hann. Mnden at the southern extremity of the state. That makes Lower Saxony larger than North Rhine-Westphalia, larger than Switzerland. Its population is almost equal to that of Sweden. Lower Saxony extends from Borkum, an island off the North Sea coast, to the peaks of the Harz Mountains. In between we find a great concentration of people around Hannover but also deserted heaths, Europe's largest automotive plant but also the Hildesheimer Brde, with the most fertile soils in Germany. Lower Saxony has the most extensive mixed woodlands in the country, eight large cities and countless moors.

Lower Saxony has a complete system of waterways comprising Wilhelmshaven, Germany's only deep-water port for supertankers, 85 other ports and 1700 km of navigable rivers and canals linking almost every corner of the state with the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Berlin and the Ruhr, Germany's heavy industry heartland. At Scharnebeck the world's largest ship lift raises and lowers ships 38m to overcome a "step" in the Elbe-Seiten Canal.

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