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Nightmare Range (Seung-Jin)
3804N 12721E

Nightmare Range was located north of the 38th parallel in the Tonduchon (also written Tong Du Chon) area south of the Imjin River. The facility is also known as Seung-Jin and is a jointly operated facility with the Republic of Korea.

When units were not on the DMZ, they trained at places like Nightmare Range. During deployments to training areas like Pilsung, Nightmare and Koon-ni Ranges for live-fire close air support training, enlisted terminal attack controllers, or ETACs, controlled missions sent to them by the Air Support Operations Center. ETACs directed the air support for Army units in combat and field training exercises. Four F-111s from the 347th TFW flew from Takhli Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand to Osan Air Base in early June 1974 and conducted live weapons demonstrations for Republic of Korea and US officials at Nightmare Range.

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