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Northwest Range Complex

THe Northwest Range Complex is composed of three water operating ares in Washington state. One is the Dabob Bay Range Complex, which contains the Dabob operating area, two Hood Canal operating areas and the waters that connect them. Second is the Keyport operating area at Keyport Washington. The third operating area is the Quinault Underwater Tracking Range which is located off the coast of Washington.

The Northwest Range underwater test sites provide approximately 700 square nautical miles of above water tracking area, as well as over 100 square nautical miles of highly accurate underwater tracking in the areas instrumented with underwater tracking arrays. The range sites offer varied littoral water conditions, bottom types, and depths that allow intact recovery of undersea vehicles and test data. There is also a deployable tracking system which can provide extensive additional tracking areas in a wide variety of testing environments, limited only to the number of sensors deployed.

The Northwest Range System consists of the following instrumented areas:

  • Dabob Bay Range
  • Quinault Range
  • Nanoose Range
  • Portable Site
  • Shipboard Electronic Systems Evaluation Facility (SESEF)

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