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Atlantic City Operating Area

The Atlantic City Complex is located in the waters adjacent to the coasts of New Jersey and New York. See The AEGIS Combat Systems Center (ACSC) conducts operations in this area. It is controlled by the Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility Virginia Capes, (FACSFAC VACAPES) Naval Air Station, (NAS) Oceana. The complex is composed of the Warning Area 107 (W-107) non-instrumented warning area and the Atlantic City Operating Area (OPAREA).

Warning Area W-107 (W-107) is special-use airspace over the Atlantic City OPAREA-Areas 1-14, and is located approximately 65 Nautical Miles (NMI) southeast of the NAS Willow Grove TACAN, Channel 61, bearing 135. W-107 is divided into six subareas. W-107 floor/ceilings are as follows:

  • W-107A Surface to unlimited altitude
  • W-107B Surface to, but not including 2000-feet MSL
  • W-107C Surface to, but not including FL180
  • W-107D,E,F Surface to, unlimited altitude

W-107 is used for surface-to-air gunnery exercises using conventional ordnance and exercises. Subsurface operations are not scheduled in this area.

The Atlantic City OPAREA is an exercise/operating area off the New Jersey and New York coasts. It overlaps W-107 and extends from surface to ocean bottom. This area is used for surface and surface-to-air exercises.

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