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Manila is the largest city in the Philippine Islands and is located on the eastern shore of Manila Bay. Manila Bay is approximately 26 n mi long, 19 wide at its widest point, and includes an area of about 550 square miles. The entrance to Manila Bay is divided into two channels by Corregidor and Caballo Islands. These channels are named North Channel and South Channel, and both are deep and clear of obstructions.

The port of Manila consists of the North and South Harbors, both of which are protected by breakwaters. The Pasig River separates the two harbors and is navigable to a distance of one mile from its mouth by small vessels drawing up to 10 feet. The North Harbor is the smaller of the two harbors and is used solely for inter-island shipping. The South Harbor is used for large ocean-going vessels.

There are five odd-numbered piers that extend southeastward from the northern side of South Harbor. These piers contain the principal deep-draft berths and range in depth from 9 to 36 ft. There are anchorages, both inside and outside the breakwater, for an unlimited number of vessels of all classes. The anchorages range in depth from 8 to 22 fathoms with less than adequate holding ground. It should be noted that with the return of NAS Sangley Point to Philippine control, US Navy and DOD contract vessels no longer were assigned special anchorage areas.

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