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Lukavac Base (Gotham City)

Between 08 November 1995 and 04 January 1996, six Force Provider Interim Support Package (ISP) Modules were deployed from Sierra Army Depot, Hurlong, CA to Tuzla, Bosnia Herzegovina, in support of Operation Joint Endeavor. They were assembled and operating within 46 days at three separate base camps in the Tuzla Valley: Lukavac Base (Gotham City), Comanche Base (Tuzla West) and Steel Castle Base (Tuzla East). The Force Provider ISPs provided high quality base support to Task Force Eagle. The three base camps kept 5,270 soldiers warm, dry, clean, and healthy. All of the comforts of home can be found in a Force Provider module including climate controlled living quarters, hot showers, dining facilities, laundry, mini-PX and recreation facilities. Missions for the Force Provider include rest and refit for weary soldiers, theater reception, intermediate staging base, redeployment and base camps for operations other than war such as humanitarian and disaster relief and peacekeeping.

Construction of Lukavac Base waited while the TF Eagle contracting office negotiated a lease for its site. Camp construction began with the arrival of the first Force Provider module at Lukavac on 5 January 1996.

The Lukavac site, while very confined, did provide some fixed facilities to support a variety of administrative and troop support functions, including dining; as a result, not all of the module's equipment was needed. The Force Provider facilities were built on the surface of a coal bin at the Lukavac coke plant. The water system was plumbed into the existing water supply, and Force Provider 100km generators were used to power the camp. Because the generators were close to the tents and created unacceptable noise, we developed plans to shift to commercial power. Commercial cranes were required to support the offloading and re-siting of containers.

The soldiers of the Division Support Command (DISCOM), Division-Rear, and other units moved into their new quarters on 17 January. These quarters included heated shower facilities for both men and women. The MWR facilities were sufficiently completed so that a live feed of the Armed Forces Network (AFN) signal could be provided in time for the Super Bowl.

Lukavac Base closed in August 1996. The two Force Provider modules were retrograded through the Logistics Support Activity in Hungary to Miesau Army Depot, Germany, where they were processed for retrograde to the United States. They were refurbished and resupplied at Defense Distribution Depot Albany, Georgia, and placed back into the Army's operational project stocks.


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