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Kilbourne Kaserne
Schwetzingen, Germany

The 1st Personnel Command is located on Kilbourne Kaserne in Schwetzingen, Germany (near Heidelberg). Some units and all facilities are located across the street on Tompkins Barracks. 5th Signal Command, located on Kilbourne Kaserne, is a Forward-Deployed Theater Signal Command providing Tactical to Strategic Communications across the full range of military operations, within the USAREUR and USEUCOM Area of Operations.

BLDG - OCCUPANT [as of late 2001]

4302 - Assistant Chief of Staff, Resource Management (ACSRM or RMO; Assistant Chief of Staff, Operations (ACSOPS or S3)

4303 - Command Group - Commander, Deputy Commander, Chief of Staff, Command Sergeant Major, Admin Office; (1st PERSCOM Awards); 1st PERSCOM Reenlistment; German Liaison Office; 1st PERSCOM Conference Room (PCR)

4304 - Theater Army Personnel Operations Directorate (TAPOD)

4305 - Personnel Services Support Directorate (PSSD) [BLDG 1 of 3] - Personnel Services Division, Congressional Inquiry Branch, Personnel Readiness,Improvement, and Development (PRIDE) Team, Field Services Branch

4306 - Personnel Services Support Directorate (PSSD) [BLDG 2 of 3] - Director's Office, Casualty Branch, Personnel Actions Division (Awards, Decorations,Separations, Retirements)

4307 - Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate (EPMD) [BLDG 1 of 3] - Temporary Change of Station Management Branch; Postal Operations Directorate (POD) [BLDG 2 of 2] - Postal Finance and Supply Office (Pending move from Kaiserslautern.)

4308 - Computer Data Processing Installation - Europe

4311 - Personnel Information Management Directorate (PIMD) [BLDG 1 of 3] - SIDPERS Division, Personnel Accounting System (PAS), Army Company Information System (ARCIS)

4312 - Personnel Information Management Directorate (PIMD) [2 of 3] - Director's Office, Systems Division's Fielding and Training Branch

4313 - Personnel Information Management Directorate (PIMD) [BLDG 3 of 3] - Systems Division's OIC, Technical Support Branch, Operations Support Branch; Personnel Services Support Directorate (PSSD) [BLDG 3 of 3] - Personnel Movements Branch (Family Travel) and Retirement Services Office

4314 - Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate (EPMD) [BLDG 3 of 3] - Director's Office, Force Management Branch, Readiness Branch, Sergeant Major's Assignment Branch, Special Programs Branch

4315 - Officer Personnel Management Directorate (OPMD)

4316 - 1ST PERSCOM Equal Opportunity NCO/Advisor

4317 - Assistant Chief of Staff, Personnel (ACSPER or S1) Mail and Distribution; Assistant Chief of Staff, Security (ACSSEC or S2) Command Safety Office

4318 - Postal Operations Directorate (POD) [BLDG 1 of 2]

4319 - Directorate of Information Management (DOIM), DOIM Class Room

4320 - Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate (EPMD) [BLDG 2 of 3] - Combat Arms/Combat Support Branch, Combat Service Support Branch, Management Support Branch (FSTEs, COTs/IPCOTS, Curtailments, Compassionate Reassignments)

4344 - Storage Building (POD & CPDI-E)

4350 - HHC Supply, Motor Pool Area

4399 - Assistant Chief of Staff, Logistics (ACSLOG or S4) Property Book Office, Bulk Self Service Supply Center

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