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Hutier Kaserne
Lamboy, Germany

Hutier Kaserne, still named for a famous Prussian general, was constructed between 1908 and 1910. In 1920, Hutier was converted to civilian-type buildings, including schools and police headquarters. However, in 1936-37, it was reconverted to German military use under Adolf Hitler's regime. It was during this time that the post was named Hutier in honor of a famous Prussian, Gen. Oscar Von Hutier. The Americans occupied this caserne during the war. The buildings suffered heavy damage from Allied bombings and looting by civilians prior to this, but were restored by the U.S. Engineers in Frankfurt to its present-day condition.

The 18th Corps Support Battalion consists of the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, the 71st Ordnance Company (Missile Maintenance) and the 77th Maintenance Company. The units are geographically located in Hanau and Babenhausen Germany. The 71st Ordnance Company maintained the unique distinction of being the only missile maintenance company in V Corps. Based on Hutier Kaserne, in Hanau, Germany, its primary mission was to provide direct and general support maintenance to the 41st Field Artillery Brigade in Babenhausen. The Supply Support Activity is responsible for requisitioning, receiving, and processing missile repair parts. Many of these parts are high value items making it essential that each item is accurately accounted for. The soldiers of the SSA use some of today's top-of-line computer technology to accomplish this goal.

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