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R-5301 Harvey Point Range

Harvey Point Range is located in Albemarle Sound in R-5301 airspace, approximately 46 NMI south-southeast of the NAS Oceana TACAN, Channel 113. R-5301 extends from the surface to 14,000-feet. Air-to-ground exercises may be authorized. R-5301 is available continuously.

The Harvey Point restricted area consists of an area beginning on the north shore of Albemarle Sound and the easternmost tip of Harvey Point; thence southeasterly to Day Beacon number 3; thence southeasterly to latitude 36 deg.03'06", longitude 76 deg.16'43"; thence southwesterly to latitude 36 deg.02'18", longitude 76 deg.19'30"; thence northwesterly to latitude 36 deg.04'18", longitude 76 deg.20'20"; thence 23 deg.15' True to the shore; and thence northeasterly along the shore to the point of beginning.

The restricted area is the inactive Harvey Point target range which was disestablished as a danger zone. The area will be open to public access for recreational and commercial uses, except that dredging, clamming, crabbing, seining, and anchoring of all vessels and any other activity which could result in disturbing or penetrating the bottom is prohibited.

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