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Guardian Base (Blue Factory)

Guardian Base is located about 15 miles from Tuzla where the airfield is located. Guardian Base was the logistics support base for the Task Force Eagle. Road transportation normally originated at the Kaiserslautern Industrial Complex and terminated at Guardian Base, B-H. The MSR included convoy support centers in Regensberg, Germany; Bruck, Austria; Taszar, Hungary; and Slovanski Brod, Croatia. The final destination was Guardian Base in TuzIa. During OJG, other routes were being considered that would include Italy and Slovenia.

The hospital was located at Guardian Base and is called the Blue Factory because the conex's are all blue. This was a MASH unit, one of the few remaining ones. The "Blue Factory" was the medical treatment facility for the Division. It is supported by US and Norwegian soldiers. Accordingly, Guardian Base had a Norwegian PX, which accepts Dollars and Deutsche Marks.

The 37th TRANSCOM provided direct-support transportation from Germany to Guardian Base by the Eagle Express. The Eagle Express route started at the Theater Distribution Center and traveled through two convoy support centers, in Regensburg, Germany, and Bruck, Austria, before reaching the ISB at Taszar, Hungary. Once supplies were separated between corps and divisional stocks, the Express pushed south through Slavonski Brod, Croatia, to Guardian Base. The intransit standard for moving materiel from the Theater Distribution Center to Guardian Base by the Eagle Express was 5 days. Ammunition resupply was accomplished as much as possible by throughput. Assets of the 37th TRANSCOM (Forward) pushed ammunition from the ISB to Guardian Base or Slavonski Brod. Brown and Root's PLS's were used as much as possible to deliver ammunition directly to base camps. The distribution company moved unit supplies within the Task Force Eagle area of responsibility. Potable water was provided mainly by civilian contractors, who made direct deliveries of bottled water from Central Region in Germany to Guardian Base. The distribution company pushed the bottled water forward by LOGPAC.


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