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Grossauheim [Gross Auheim] Kaserne

The 8th Ordnance Battalion commenced a new life in Germany when it reactivated on 1 August 1951 in Feundhaven following four years of inactivation. The battalion relocated in May 1955 to Pioneer Kaserne in Hanau, Germany. It was not until 21 May 1956 that the battalion was transferred to Grossauheim, to what was then known as the Hanau Engineer Depot (renamed Grossauheim Kaserne in 1965).

To get to Grossauheim Kaserne from Autobahn 3, follow the signs to Hanau. Exit to Hanau, pass half way one traffic circle across to the Dortmund Fulda and Hanau 45 sign. Stay on the right and exit at Grossauheim exit. Turn right and look for red flags (Bauhaus) on the right. Stay on the same road. At the end of the road turn right. Pass two stoplights. At the end of the road turn right again. There are four smoke stacks in front. Grossauheim Kaserne is approximately two miles on the left.

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