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Falcon Field
3327'N 11143'W

The 14th Aviation Regiment tests and evaluates AH-64D Apache Longbow heli-copters and trains instructors. The Regiment is located within the Boeing Helicopter Plant.

A Company, 1st Batallion, 14th Aviation Regiment is located at Falcon Field (KFFZ) in Mesa and is 18 miles E of Phoenix Sky Harbor and 38 miles east of Luke AFB. The operations center and aircraft ramp are located on the south side of the airport proper. Geographic coordinates for Falcon Field are 3327'N, 11143'W. Field elevation is 1392 feet above mean sea level. The parallel run-ways are oriented 040/220 and are 3800 feet long.

The area surrounding Falcon Field is primarity agricultural though, like Luke AFB, significant intrustions by residential and commerical construction is changing the landscape. Significant mountain ranges border northwest through south of the runway and consist of the Phoenix mountains to the northwest, McDowell, Gold-field, Usery, and Superstition mountains north through east, and the Santan and South mountains southeast and south. The Sierra Estrella range is located to the distant southwest.

The topography of Falcon Field is much like Luke AFB, but in a mirrored form. On average, Falcon Field recieves more thunderstorms that any other of the sup-ported airfields mentioned above. This increase is activity is due primarily to the close proximity of the Supersition Mountains and the Theodore Roosevelt Reser-vior. Summertime occurrences of thunderstorms at Falcon Field are associated with the Arizona monsoon season and are not usually confined to the higher ter-rain. Movement of a storm off the mountains onto the airfield is frequent. Maxi-mum thunderstorm activity occurs in the months of July and August with an aver-age of 11 occurrences per month.

Local weather observations and terminal forecasts are available daily on a rou-tine basis to the 14th Aviation Regiment through the airport itself. During airfield hours, observations are taken from the control tower and transmitted at 45 min-utes past the hour. In addition, Falcon Field is part of the Prisms Network and the weather information is available to forecasters in real-time. Luke AFB also pro-vides weather support via a fax machine and telephone.

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