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Dobbins AFB

The Lockheed-Martin/Dobbins Air Force complex is located in Marietta, Ga. off Exit 261, I75, 16 miles northwest of Atlanta and about 25 miles from the Airport. Dobbins Air Reserve Base, GA (Marietta) adjoins Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems. Dobbins Air Force Base contained 3,087 acres. From 1942 to 1963, 2,843 acres were acquired in fee and 244 acres by easement. In 1952-53 a number of new facilities were constructed to accomodate the B-47 bomber, with a new 10,000-foot east-west runway being completed by 1955.

Dobbins Air Reserve Base is the largest multi-service reserve training base in the world. Owned by the Air Force Reserve, Dobbins supports more than 10,000 guardsmen and reservists from the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. It is home to nearly 50 aircraft assigned to different flying units and boasts more than 7,000 take-offs and landings each month. Among the aircraft based at Dobbins are the C-130 Hercules, DC-9 Sky Train, C-12 Beachcraft Kingair, C-560 Cessna Citation, FA-18 Hornet, E-2 Hawkeye, AH-1 Cobra, UH-1 Huey and UH-60 Blackhawk.

A number of C-130, C-141, and C-5 transports may be seen at the Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems Company. The base provides the runway, control tower, weather and rescue services to all tenants. In addition, Dobbins accommodates a large number of aircraft from other bases that frequently can be seen on the flightline, including Air Force One.

Dobbins Air Reserve Base was built in 1943 and was originally called Marietta Army Airfield. Dobbins was used as an aircraft assembly plant (Marietta Aircraft Assembly Plant). By General Order (GO) dated 15 June 1943, the base was designated Marietta Army Airfield aka Cobb County Airport. By Bulletin No. 17 dated 4 June 1948, the Secretary of Defense transferred certain real property and functions from the Army to the Air Force. GO NO. 26 dated 24 June 1948 designated the name as Marietta Air Force Base. On 15 February 1950 the name changed to Dobbins Air Force Base to honor Capt. Charles Dobbins, a flyer from Marietta who was killed in July 1943 when his aircraft was shot down over the Mediterranean Sea. In June 1992, the name was changed to Dobbins Air Reserve Base.

Dobbins ARB is the home for Headquarters 22nd Air Force and the 94th Airlift Wing, the host unit. The 94th AW maintains the base facilities by providing civil engineering, security and air operations support in close cooperation with the Army, Navy and Marine Corps tenants. Three Air Force Reserve schools are supported by the wing: the Transportation Proficiency Center, Prime Readiness in Base Services and the Eastern Regional Flight Simulator.

For more than 30 years, the men and women of the 94th Airlift Wing at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga., flew cargo aircraft around the world, delivering troops and equipment whenever and wherever they were needed. In the process, the unit earned a reputation as one of the finest airlift wings in the Air Force. On 01 October 199, the 94th officially assumed its new mission of training C-130 pilots, navigators, loadmasters and flight engineers.

The Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) plays an integral role in the day-to-day Air Force mission and is not a force held in reserve for possible war or contingency operations. Fourth Air Force at March Air Reserve Base, Calif.; 10th Air Force at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth, Texas, and 22nd Air Force at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga., report to Headquarters AFRC. They act as operational headquarters for their subordinate units, providing operational, logistical and safety support, and regional support for geographically separated units.

Adjacent to Dobbins is Naval Air Station Atlanta. NAS Atlanta supports some 2,000 Navy and Marine Corps reservists in 31 different units. They fly the DC-9 Sky Train to support the Chief of Naval Operations and the C-12 for personnel or cargo movement throughout the continental US and Caribbean regions. NAS Atlanta grew in 1996 with the addition of two FA-18 Hornet units. The Marines from Marine Aircraft Group 42, located on NAS Atlanta, fly AH-1J Cobra gunships and UH-1 Huey helicopters. The Army National Guard flies the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters.

Also sharing the Dobbins runway is Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems. Defense Plant Representative Office No. 6 includes a 74-acre building where Lockheed builds the C-130 Hercules and the P-3 Orion. Lockheed built the C-141 Starlifter and the C-5B at that plant as well. Lockheed is also building the Air Force's F-22 advanced Fighter, which is currently in production.

As part of its total force policy, the Air Force assigned B-1B aircraft to the National Guard. Heavy bombers entered the Air Guard's inventory for the first time in 1994 with a total of 14 B-1Bs programmed by the end of fiscal year FY 1997 for two units, the 184th Bomb Wing (BW), Kansas, and the 116th BW, Georgia. The 184th completed its conversion in FY 1996 at McConnell Air Force Base (AFB), Kansas. After a long political struggle that involved resisting the planned conversion from F-15s and an associated move from Dobbins AFB near Atlanta to Robins AFB near Macon, the 116th began its conversion on 1 April 1996. The unit completed that process in December 1998. All the bombers in both units were configured for conventional, not nuclear, missions.

BRAC 2005

Secretary of Defense Recommendations: Consolidate the Naval Air Reserve Atlanta with Navy Marine Corps Reserve Center Atlanta located at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Marietta, GA.

Close General Mitchell Air Reserve Station (ARS). Distribute the eight C-130H aircraft of the 440th Airlift Wing to the 94th Airlift Wing (AFR), Dobbins Air Reserve Base (ARB), GA (four aircraft) and to the 314th Airlift Wing, Little Rock Air Force Base, AR (four aircraft). Realign the 440th Airlift Wing's operations, maintenance and Expeditionary Combat Support (ECS) manpower to Fort Bragg, NC. Air National Guard units at Mitchell are unaffected by this recommendation.

Secretary of Defense Justification: The first recommendation reduces excess capacity while maintaining reserve forces in regions with favorable demographics. Thebaviation assets will be located closer to their theater of operations and/or will result in increased maintenance efficiencies and operational synergies. Relocating Reserve Intelligence Area 14 to Fort Gillem creates synergies with joint intelligence assets while maintaining the demographic base offered by the Atlanta area for this function. The Fleet Readiness Center portion of this recommendation realigns and merges depot and intermediate maintenance activities. It supports both DoD and Navy transformation goals by reducing the number of maintenance levels and streamlining the way maintenance is accomplished with associated significant cost reductions.

Community Concerns: There were no formal expressions from Dobbins AFB regarding the consolidation of the Naval Air Reserve Atlanta with Navy Marine Corps Reserve Center Atlanta located at Dobbins AIr Reserve Base.

This recommendation distributes C-130 aircraft to two bases of higher military value, Little Rock Air Force Base (17) and Dobbins Air Reserve Base (71). Adding aircraft at Little Rock and Dobbins optimizes squadron size, creating larger, more effective squadrons. Additionally, these transfers move C-130 force structure from the Air Force Reserve to the active duty, addressing a documented imbalance in the active/Air National Guard/Air Force Reserve manning mix for C-130s.

Commission Findings: The Commission found no reason to disagree with the recommendation of the Secretary of Defense. However, the original cost savings were overstated because of incorrect data submitted by Naval Air Station Atlanta. Consequently, the cost data was revised by the Department of Defense and recertified.

The Commission found that though the Mission Compatibility Index (MCI) tool did not accurately capture all aspects of the base's military value and may appear to have favored larger bases, it appears to have been applied consistently. Regarding Mitchell's Airlift MCI score, the Commission verified that there was in fact a calculation error for the formula assessing the quality of an installation's pavement. Even after correcting the error, however, the base still ranked as one of two of the lowest scoring Air Force Reserve bases, according to the Air Force. The Commission found this recommendation supportable. The Commission established C-130 wings at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia and Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina. This recommendation is consistent with the Commission's Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Laydown plan.

Commission Recommendations: The Commission found the Secretary's recommendation consistent with the final selection criteria and the Force Structure Plan. Therefore, the Commission approves the recommendation of the Secretary.

Regarding the second recommendation, the Commission found that the Secretary of Defense deviated substantially from final selection criterion 1, as well as from the Force Structure Plan. Therefore, the Commission recommends the following:

Establish the following C-130H PAA: The 94th Airlift Wing (AFR), Dobbins Air Reserve Base (ARB), GA (8 PAA C-130H);

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