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Deming Training Site

Deming is located in the Southwestern part of New Mexico, 33 miles North of the Mexico border. The Aerostat, seen for miles, this U.S. Customs surveillance radar balloon is frequently mistaken for a blimp.

During the first World War, the War Department established Camp Cody near Deming, as a training encampment that covered over 2000 acres. At the termination of the war, Camp Cody was used for a tuberculosis sanitorium for ex-soldiers. It was operated by the Catholic Sisters of the Holy Cross. In 1939 Camp Cody was completely destroyed by fire and the sanitorium closed at the same time. During World War II, an Army Air Force Base was installed in Deming, located at what is now the "Municipal Deming Airport and Industrial Park." This base trained bombardiers and there were over 5000 men stationed at the base.

The Deming-Luna Mimbres Museum was originally the National Guard Armory. The museum's unique story began early in the century when military troops slept in the unfinished building as recruitment proceeded for U.S. defense of the U.S./Mexico border. It was completed two months after the infamous Pancho Villa Raid on March 9, 1916, at Columbus. It later served both as a community center and USO activity center for military personnel stationed in the area. This former National Guard armory holds an impressive collection of dolls, bells, Hispanic and Native American art, and collectibles from area residents. Among the displays are two sections from a Bell company switchboard and a smaller PBX from a Deming motel, but which many comm centers have used.


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