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Washington, DC

On June 26, 2003, Orbimage launched their OrbView-3 satellite, which produces one-meter panchromatic and four-meter multispectral images for government and commercial use. This new satellite orbits the earth approximately 15 times daily, or once every 94 minutes. It has an orbital altitude of 470 km and covers a swath width of 8km. In mid-December 2003, Orbimage released the first sample images from OrbView-3, including this image of Washington, DC.

Satellite Imagery (Source: Orbimage, 13 Oct. 2003.)
Click on the small image to view a larger version
Overview of downtown Washington Washington Monument
The Capitol Building The White House
Lincoln Memorial Jefferson Memorial
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, with construction on new parking visible to the south The Watergate Building
The new Washington Convention Center, which cost around $800 million and measures 2.3 million square feet. The National Museum of the American Indian, due to open on the National Mall in September 2004.
400 N. Capitol St, home to the Washington bureaus of C-SPAN, FoxNews, and MS-NBC.

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