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R-6606 Dam Neck Range

R-6606 is special surface and airspace extending from inland eastward to the three NMI territorial limit, located approximately five NMI east of the NAS Oceana TACAN, Channel 113, bearing 110. R-6606 extends from the surface up to FL510. Air-to-air exercises using live ordnance and air-to-surface exercises using MK 76 or MK 106 practice bombs and inert 2.75-inch Folding Fin Aerial Rocket (FFAR) are authorized.

The BQM-74E powered drones are remotely controlled subsonic air-to-air targets. The drones may be surface or air launched and are used as targets for air-to-air missile firings. Remote control of these drones is accomplished by either Portable Radar Tracking and Control System (PRTCS), or Integrated Target Control System (ITCS).

The QST-33/35 are highly maneuverable, remote controlled, fiberglass boats used as moving targets for inert rocket and/or bomb practice. The QST-33 Seaborne Powered Target (SEPTAR) is 18-feet long, and the QST-35 SEPTAR is 55-feet long. Remote control of the SEPTAR is accomplished by either a PRTCS, ITCS, or Control Target Transmitter System (CTTS). Scoring is done by the participating aircrews.

R-6606 is available Monday through Friday 1300 - 2200 or by Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) 48 hours in advance.

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