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Military Bases in the Continental United States

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Map Index

1. 29 Palms Air Ground Combat Center, USMC
2. Aberdeen Proving Ground, USA
3. Alameda Naval Air Station, USN
4. Alameda Naval Aviation Depot, USN
5. Altus AFB, USAF
6. Andrews AFB, USAF
7. Anniston Army Depot, USA
8. Arlington Hall Station, USA
9. Arnold AFB, USN
10. Atlanta Naval Air Station, USN
11. Atlantic City MAP AGS, USAF
12. Atterbury Reserve Traqining Area, USA
13. Avon Park AFS, USAF
14. Badin AGS, USAF
15. Bangor AGS, USAF
16. Bangor Naval Submarine Base, USN
17. Barksdale AFB, USAF
18. Barnes Municipal Airport AGS, USAF
19. Beale AFB, USAF
20. Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station, USMC
21. Bergstrom AFB, USAF
22. Birmingham MAP AGS, USAF
23. Bogue jMarine Corps ALF, USMC
24. Boise Air Terminal AGS, USAF
25. Bolling AFB, USAF
26. Bradley IAP AGS, USAF
27. Brooks AFB, USAF
28. Brunswick Naval Air Station, USN
29. Buckley AGB, USAF
30. Burlington IAP AGS, USAF
31. Cameron Station, USA
32. Camp Elmore, USMC
33. Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, USMC
34. Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Air Station, USMC
35. Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, USMC
36. Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital, USN
37. Camp Perry AGS, USAF
38. Camp Roberts Annex, USA
39. Cannon AFB, USAF
40. Cape Canaveral AFS, USAF
41. Cape Cod AFS, USAF
42. Capital MAP AGS, USAF
43. Carlisle Barracks, USA
44. Carswell AFB, USAF
45. Castle AFB, USAF
46. Cavalier AFS, USAF
47. Cecil Field Naval Air Station, USN
48. Chanute AFB, USAF
49. Charleston AFB, USAF
50. Charleston Naval Shipyard, USN
51. Charleston Naval Station, USN
52. Charleston Naval Weapons Station, USN
53. Charlotte/Douglas IAP AGS, USAF
54. Chase Field Naval Air Station, USN
55. Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station, USMC
56. Cherry Point Naval Aviation Depot, USN
57. Cheyenne MAP AGS, USAF
58. Cheyenne Mountain Complex, USAF
59. China Lake Naval Weapons Center, USN
60. Cleveland Navy Finance Center, USN
61. Columbus AFB, USAF
62. Concord Naval Weapons Station, USN
63. Coronado Naval Amphibious Base, USN
64. Corpus Christi Army Depot, USA
65. Corpus Christi Naval Air Station, USN
66. Corry Stat. Naval Tech. Training Center, USAF
67. Coventry AGS, USAF
68. Crane Naval Weapons Support Center, USN
69. D. W. Taylor Naval Ship R&D Center, USN
70. DMA Aerospace Center, USAF
71. DMA Hydro/Topographic Center. DOD
72. Dallas Naval Air Station, USN
73. Dannelly Field AGS, USAF
74. Davis Monthan AFB, USAF
75. Defense Construction Supply Center, USDOD
76. Defense Personnel Support Center. DOD
77. Des Moines IAP AGS, USAF
78. Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant, USA
79. Detroit Arsenal, USA
80. Dobbins ARB, USAF
81. Dover AFB, USAF
82. Dugway Proving Ground, USA
83. Duke Field, USAF
84. Duluth AGS, USAF
85. Dyess AFB, USAF
86. Earle Naval Weapons Station, USN
87. Edwards AFB, USAF
88. Eglin AFB, USAF
89. El Centro Naval Air Facility, USN
90. El Dorado AFS, USAF
91. Ellington Field AGS, USAF
92. Ellsworth AFB, USAF
93. England AFB, USAF
94. Everett Naval Station, USN
95. Fairchild AFB, USAF
96. Falcon AFB, USAF
97. Fallon Naval Air Station, USN
98. Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center, USA
99. Fleet ASW Training Center. Lant, USN
100. Fleet Combat Training Center. Lant, USN
101. Fleet and Mine Warfare Training Center, USN
102. Fort A. P. Hill, USA
103. Fort Belvoir, USA
104. Fort Benjamin Harrison, USA
105. Fort Benning, USA
106. Fort Bliss, USA
107. Fort Bragg, USA
108. Fort Campbell, USA
109. Fort Carson, USA
110. Fort Chaffee, USA
111. Fort Detrick, USA
112. Fort Devens, USA
113. Fort Douglas, USA
114. Fort Drum, USA
115. Fort Eustis, USA
116. Fort George G. Meade, USA
117. Fort Gillem, USA
118. Fort Gordon, USA
119. Fort Hamilton, USA
120. Fort Hood, USA
121. Fort Huachuca, USA
122. Fort Hunter Liggett, USA
123. Fort Indiantown Gap, USA
124. Fort Irwin, USA
125. Fort Jackson, USA
126. Fort Knox USA
127.Fort Leavenworth, USA
128. Fort Lee, USA
129. Fort Leonard Wood, USA
130. Fort Lesley J. McNair, USA
131. Fort Lewis, USA
132. Fort McClellan, USA
133. Fort McCoy, USA
134. Fort McPherson, USA
135. Fort Monroe, USA
136. Fort Myer, USA
137. Fort Ord, USA
138. Fort Pickett, USA
139. Fort Polk, USA
140. Fort Riley, USA
141. Fort Ritchie, USA
142. Fort Rucker, USA
143. Fort Sam Houston, USA
144. Fort Sheridan, USA
145. Fort Sill, USA
146. Fort Smith MAP AGS, USAF
147. Fort Stewart, USA


148. Fort Wayne MAP AGS, USAF
149. Four Lakes AGS, USAF
150. Francis E. Warren AFB, USAF
151. Fresno Air Terminal AGS, USAF
152. Garland AGS, USAF
153. General Billy Mitchell Field AGS, USAF
154. Gentile AFS, USAF
155. George AFB, USAF
156. Gila Bend AFS, USAF
157. Glenview Naval Air Station, USAF
158. Goodfellow AFB, USAF
159. Grand Forks AFB, USAF
160. Great Falls IAP AGS, USAF
161. Great Lakes Naval Training Center, USN
162. Greater Peoria Airport AGS, USAF
163. Greater Pittsburgh IAP AGS, USAF
164. Greater Wilminton Airport AGS, USAF
165. Griffiss AFB, USAF
166. Grissom AFB, USAF
167. Gulfport Naval Construction BN Center, USN
168. Gulfport/Biloxi MAP AGS, USAF
169. Gunter AFB, USAF
170. Hall AGS, USAF
171. Hammond AGS, USAF
172. Hancock Field AGS, USAF
173. Hanscom AFB, USAF
174. Harrisburg IAP AGS, USAF
175. Harrisburg Olmsted IAP AGS, USAF
176. Harry Diamond Laboratories, USA
177. Hector Field AGS, USAF
178. Henderson Hall Marine Corps HQ, USMC
179. Hill AFB, USAF
180. Holloman AFB, USAF
181. Homestead AFB, USAF
182. Hulman Regional Airport AGS, USAF
183. Hunter Army Airfield, USA
184. Hurlburt Field, USAF
185. Indian Head Naval Ordnance Station, USN
186. Indian Springs AFS, USAF
187. Ingleside Naval Station, USN
188. Ira Eaker (Blytheville) AFB, USAF
190. Jacksonville IAP AGS, USAF
191. Jacksonville Naval Air Station, USN
192. Jacksonville Naval Aviation Depot, USN
193. Jefferson Barracks AGS, USAF
194. Jefferson Proving Ground, USA
195. Joe Foss Field AGS, USAF
196. K.I. Sawyer AFB, USAF
197. Keesler AFB, USAF
198. Kelly AFB, USAF
199. Key Field AGS, USAF
201. Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, USN
202. Kingsley Field AGS, USAF
203. Kingsville Naval Air Station, USN
204. Kirtland AFB, USAF
205. La Porte AGS, USAF
206. Lackland AFB, USAF
207. Lambert St. Louis IAP AGS, USAF
208. Langley AFB, USAF
209. Laughlin AFB, USAF
210. Lemoore Naval Air Station, USN
211. Letterkenny Army Depot, USA
212. Lexington Bluegrass Army Depot Act., USA
213. Lincoln MAP AGS, USAF
214. Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base, USN
215. Little Rock AFB, USAF
216. Long Beach Naval Shipyard, USN
217. Long Beach Naval Station, USN
218. Loring AFB, USAF
219. Los Alamitos AFRC, USA
220. Louisville Naval Ordnance Station, USN
221. Lowry AFB, USAF
222. Luke AFB, USAF
223. MacDill AFB, USAF
224. Malmstrom AFB, USAF
225. Mansfield Lahm MAP AGS, USAF
226. March AFB, USAF
227. Mare Island Naval Shipyard, USN
228. Mare Island Naval Station, USN
229. Marine Barracks 8th and 1st, USMC
230. Marine Corps Combat Dev. Command, USMC
231. Marine Corps Logistics Base, USMC
232. Marine Corps Recruit Depot, USMC
233. Martin State AGS, USAF
234. Mather AFB, USAF
235. Maxwell AFB, USAF
236. Mayport Naval Station, USN
237. McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, USA
238. McChord AFB, USAF
239. McClellan AFB, USAF
240. McCollum AGS, USAF
241. McConnell AFB, USAF
242. McEntire AGB, USAF
243. McGhee Tyson Airport AGS, USAF
244. McGuire AFB, USAF
245. Memphis Defense Depot, USDOD
246. Memphis IAP AGS, USAF
247. Memphis Naval Air Station, USN
248. Meridian Naval Air Station, USN
249. Military Ocean Terminal - Bayonne, USA
250. Millington Naval Hospital, USN
251. Minneapolis/St. Paul IAP AGS, USAF
252. Minot AFB, USAF
253. Miramar Naval Air Station, USN
254. Mobile Naval Station, USN
255. Moffet Field Naval Air Station, USN
256. Moody AFB, USAF
257. Mountain Home AFB, USAF
258. Mountain Warfare Training Center, USMC
259. Myrtle Beach AFB, USAF
260. NAVCOMM Area Mater Station. Lant, USN
261. NW Region Naval Medical Command, USN
262. Nashville Metropolitan Airport AGS, USAF
263. Naval Air Development Center, USN
264. Naval Air Propulsion Center, USN
265. Naval Coastal Systems Center, USN
266. Naval Communications Station, USN
267. Naval Educ. and Train. Pro. Mgmt. Sup. Act., USN
268. Naval Education & Training Center, USN
269. Naval Electronic Sys. Engineering Act., USN
270. Naval Electronic System Engineering Center, USN
271. Naval Medical Command - NCR, USN
272. Naval Observatory, USN
273. Naval Ocean Systems Center, USN
274. Naval Oceanographic Office, USN
275. Naval Postgraduate School, USN
276. Naval Research Laboratory, USN
277. Naval Security Group Activity, USN
278. Naval Strategic Weapon FAC PAC, USN
279. Naval Surface Weapons Center, USN
280. Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station, USN
281. Naval Underwater Systems Center, USN
282. Navy Aviation Supply Office, USN
283. Navy Avionics Center, USN
284. Navy Ships Parts Control Center, USN
285. Navy Supply Corps School, USN
286. Nellis AFB, USAF
287. New Cumberland Army Depot, USA
288. New London Naval Submarine Base, USN
289. New Orleans Naval Air Station, USN
290. New Orleans Naval Support Activity, USN
291. New River Marine Corps Air Station, USMC
292. New York Naval Station, USN
293. Newark AFB, USAF
294. Niagara Falls IAP ARS, USAF
295. Norfolk Naval Air Station, USN
296. Norfolk Naval Aviation Depot, USN
297. Norfolk Naval Shipyard, USN
298. Norfolk Naval Station, USN
299. North Highlands AGS, USAF
300. North Isalnd Naval Air Station, USN
301. North Island Naval Air Station, USN
302. North Island Naval Aviation Depot, USN
303. North Smithfield AGS, USAF
304. Norton AFB, USAF
305. O'Hare IAP AGS, USAF
306. Oakland Army Base, USA
307. Oakland Naval Supply Center, USN
308. Oceana Naval Air Station, USN
309. Offutt AFB, USAF
310. Ogden Defense Depot, USDOD
311. Onizuka AFB, USAF
312. Ontario IAP AGS, USAF
313. Orange AGS, USAF
314. Orlando Naval Training Center, USN
315. Otis AFB, USAF
316. Pacific Fleet ASW Training Center, USN
317. Pacific Fleet Combat Training Center, USN
318. Pacific Missile Test Center, USN
319. Pascagoula Naval Station, USN
320. Patrick AFB, USAF
321. Patuxant River Naval Air Test Center, USN
322. Pensacola Naval Air Station, USN
323. Pensacola Naval Aviation Depot, USN
324. Peterson AFB, USAF
325. Philadelphia Naval Hospital, USN
326. Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, USN
327. Philadelphia Naval Station, USN
328. Phoenix Sky Harbor IAP AGS, USAF
329. Picatinny Arsenal, USA
330. Pine Bluff Arsenal, USA
331. Plattsburgh AFB, USAF
332. Pope AFB, USAF
333. Port Hueneme Construction BN Center, USN
334. Portland IAP AGS, USAF
335. Portsmouth Naval Hospital, USN
336. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, USN
337. Presidio of Monterey, USA
338. Presidio of San Francisco, USA
339. Pueblo Army Depot Activity, USA
340. Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, USN
341. Puget Sound Naval Station, USN
342. Quonset State Airport AGS, USAF
343. Randolph AFB, USAF
344. Red River Army Depot, USA
345. Redstone Arsenal, USA
346. Reese AFB, USAF
347. Reno Cannon IAP AGS, USAF
348. Richards Gebaur ARS, USAF
349. Richmond Defense General Supply Center. DOD
350. Richmond IAP Byrd Field AGS, USAF
351. Rickenbacker AFB, USAF
352. Robins AFB, USAF
353. Rock Island Arsenal, USA
354. Rocky Mountain Arsenal, USA
355. Roslyn AGS, USAF
356. Sacramento Army Depot, USA
357. Saginaw Army Aircraft Plant, USA
358. Salt Lake City IAP AGS, USAF
359. San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot, USMC
360. San Diego Naval Hospital, USN
361. San Diego Naval Station, USN
362. San Diego Naval Submarine Base, USN
363. San Diego Naval Supply Center, USN
364. San Diego Naval Training Center, USN
365. Saufley Naval OLF, USN
366. Savanna Army Depot Activity, USA
367. Savannah IAP AGS, USAF
368. Schenectady Airport AGS, USAF
369. Scott AFB, USAF
370. Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, USN
371. Selfridge AFB, USAF
372. Seneca Army Depot, USA
373. Seymour Johnson AFB, USAF
374. Sharpe Army Depot, USA
375. Shaw AFB, USAF
376. Shepherd Field AGS (EWRVA), USAF
377. Sheppard AFB, USAF
378. Sierra Army Depot, USA
379. Sioux City MAP AGS, USAF
380. South Boston Support Activity, USA
381. South Portland AGS, USAF
382. South Weymouth Naval Air Station, USN
383. Spokane IAP AGS, USAF
384. Springfield Beckley MAP AGS, USAF
385. St. Louis Area Support Center, USA
386. Standiford Field AGS, USAF
387. Staten Island Naval Station, USN
388. Stewart Annex, USA
389. Stewart IAP AGS, USAF
390. Suffolk County Airport AGS, USAF
391. Sunny Point Military Ocean Terminal, USA
393. Tinker AFB, USAF
394. Tobyhanna Army Depot, USA
395. Toledo Express Airport AGS, USAF
396. Tonopah AFS, USAF
397. Tooele Army Depot, USA
398. Tracy Defense Depot, USDOD
399. Traux Field AGS, USAF
400. Travis AFB, USAF
401. Treasure Island Naval Station, USN
402. Tucson IAP AGS, USAF
403. Tustin Marine Corps Air Station, USMC
404. Tyndall AFB, USAF
405. US Army Materials & Mech. Res. Station, USA
406. US Army Natick R&D Center, USA
407. Umatilla Army Depot Activity, USA
408. United States Air Force Academy, USAF
409. United States Naval Academy, USN
410. Van Nuys Airport AGS, USAF
411. Vance AFB, USAF
412. Vandenburg AFB, USAF
413. Vint Hill Farms Station, USA
414. W. K. Kellogg Regional Airport AGS, USAF
415. Walter Reed Army Medical Center, USA
416. Washington Headquarters Navy District, USN
417. Washington Naval Command Unit, USN
418. Washington Naval Security Station, USN
419. Watervliet Arsenal, USA
420. Wellesley AGS, USAF
421. West Point Military Reservation. West Point. NY
422. Westover AFB, USAF
423. Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, USN
424. White Oak Naval Surface Weapons Cen., USN
425. White Sands Missile Range, USA
426. Whiteman AFB, USAF
427. Whiting Field Naval Air Station, USN
428. Will Rogers World Airport AGS, USAF
429. Williams AFB, USAF
430. Willow Grove Naval Air Station, USN
431. Winter Harbor Naval Sec. Group Act., USN
432. Worchester AGS, USAF
433. Wright-Patterson AFB, USAF
434. Wurtsmith AFB, USAF
435. Yakima Firing Center, USA
436. Yeager Airport AGS, USAF
437. Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, USN
438. Youngstown MAP AGS, USAF
439. Yuma Marine Corps Air Station, USMC
440. Yuma Proving Ground, USA

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