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Cheyenne MAP (ANG)
4109.34'N 10448.71'W

The 153rd Airlift Wing (AW) of the Wyoming Air National Guard occupies approximately 77 acres of leased land on the City of Cheyenne Municipal Airport (MAP), located two miles north of downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming. The mission of the 153rd AW is to deliver troops and cargo, provide aeromedical evacuation, and to airlift passengers and cargo when required. The unit currently flies the C-130H3 Lockheed "Hercules" transport plane. The 153rd AW occupies five administrative and 18 industrial buildings totaling approximately 351,000 square feet with 180 full-time personnel. A unit training drill is conducted once a month and results in a surge of up to a total of 1200 personnel.

The U.S. Post Office gave Cheyenne's fledgling aviation efforts its first real boost. With the introduction of airmail routes following WWI, the Cheyenne civic leaders successfully lobbied to establish Cheyenne as a cross country site. Buck Heffron piloted the first air mail flight destined for Salt Lake City on September 9, 1920. Heffron flew in a DH-4, an aircraft that could barely reach an altitude high enough to clear the mountains and had a maximum speed of 100 mph. The pilot was one of the brave aviators who took off on daring flights guided only by limited instruments, landmarks and a few maps.

Cheyenne's airport saw its first commercial passengers take to the skies in the 1920s. This first passenger was Elizabeth Brown, a female barber. She enjoyed a ride with WWI pilot, C.A. McKenzie, in a Curtis Oriole biplane. With the step up to the impressive DC-3 in 1935, passengers enjoyed greater comfort and safety. Soon, the famous DC 3s were flying Cheyenne passengers to both coasts and south to Denver via three major airlines.

During World War II, the airport served as a completion and modification center for B-17 aircraft. And up until 1961, the airport also housed the training center where United Airlines stewardesses came from across the country to train.

BRAC 2005

In its 2005 BRAC Recommendations, DoD recommended to realign Boise Air Terminal Air Guard Station (AGS), ID by distributing the four C-130H aircraft of the 124th Wing (ANG) to the 153rd Airlift Wing (ANG), Cheyenne, WY. The new, larger unit at Cheyenne would create an active duty/ ANG association. Cheyenne would be robusted to a larger, more effective C-130 squadron size. Additionally, Cheyenne's proximity to an active duty Air Force installation (F.E. Warren Air Force Base) would allow it to host an active/ANG associate unit.

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