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Camp Stoneman
Contra Costa, CA

The Camp Stoneman site is located in Northem Califomia, in Contra Costa County, in the City of Pittsburg, 40 miles northeast of the city of San Francisco. The site was used as a staging area and rifle range for troop training by the United States Army, and was established as a Class I installation (later used as a personnel replacement and reclassification depot). The site was also used as a facility of the San Francisco Port of Embarkation, known as the West Garrison Area of Camp Stoneman.

The site was also known as Camp Stoneman Military Reservation; Camp Stoneman Military Reservation, Contra Costa; Pittsburg Staging Area; Central Valley Project; Camp Stoneman, Pittsburg; Rancho Los Medanos; Pittsburg Replacement Depot; Pittsburg Replacement and Reclassification Depot; Camp Stoneman Replacement & Reclassification Depot & Rifle Range; Camp Stoneman West Garrison Rifle Range; Camp Stoneman Rifle Range; Camp Stoneman U.S. Army Reserve Center; Camp Stoneman Military Reservation Pittsburg; and West Garrison Rifle Range, Camp Stoneman, CA.

In 1942, the War Department acquired 1831.41 fee acres, 5.61 easement acres, 0.33 license acre, 0.03 permit acre, and 1004.16 leased acres. The total acreage acquired was 2841.54. Of the fee acres, 17.07 were acquired from the City of Pittsburg and 1814.34 were acquired from the private owners. The easement acres were acquired from private owners. Of the license acres, 0.28 was acquired from Contra Costa County, and the remaining 0.05 was acquired from private owners. The 0.03 permit acre was acquired from the State of Califomia, Division of Highways. Of the lease acres, 897.01 were obtained from private owners and the remaining 107.15 were acquired from the City of Pittsburg.

The improvements to the site consisted of motor repair shops, ordnance storage, carpenter shops, punt and utility shops, oil storehouses, warehouses, target buildings, infirmaries, a hospital, clinics, dental shops, administrative buildings, mess halls, officers quarters, family quarters, and nurses quarters, barracks, latrines, chaplain office, firehouses, guard houses, stockades, a post office, recreational facilities, bowling alleys, gymnasium, tennis courts, a football field, baseball diamonds, softball fields, basketball courts, generator houses, steam plants, oil storage tanks, steam pumps, incinerators, a pump house, and septic tanks.

The 1004.16 leased acres were terminated prior to 29 May 1958 (no indication of restoration). On 29 October 1954, a total of 1.46 fee acres were reported excess to General Services Administration (GSA), and were conveyed to the Pittsburg Unified School District by quitclaim deed on 20 January 1955. A total of 8.94 fee acres (used for a reserve center) were conveyed to GSA on 15 May 1964 and later turned over to private individuals by quitclaim deed. The remaining 1821.01 fee acres were sold to various individuals and city and state agencies between 1959 and 1962. There is no information regarding restoration for the fee acres.


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