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Camp Rapid

Camp Rapid is the home of the South Dakota National Guard. Camp Rapid is a South Dakota National Guard facility near Rapid City, South Dakota. The Adjutant General's Office, Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs is headquartered at Camp Rapid. The 2000 Defense Authorization Bill authorized planning funds for a new complex at Camp Rapid in Rapid City. The funding amount, to be determined later, will support planning of a complex that will include barracks, a dining hall, administrative offices, and parking area at the camp.

A South Dakota national guard open mess is in building C-3, Camp Rapid, Rapid City, South Dakota, to provide services essential to messing and recreation of officers, warrant officers, noncommissioned officers, and specialists and enlisted personnel of the first three pay grades and their dependents. Camp Rapid is responsible for ordering enough food to feed the Guard during its annual training exercise called Golden Coyote.

In September 1998 the 235th Military Police Company was stationed at Camp Rapid. It is a 124-member unit that will provide security guards for U.S. military facilities and military police who will oversee prisoners of war and civilian internees. The company also may be called upon to intervene in civil disturbances and restore order when natural disasters strike local communities.

Soldiers from Fort Carson's 52nd Engineer Combat Battalion took part in an exercise which highlighted the future of heavy engineer combat training. Exercise Golden Thunder was the first multi-component battalion field exercise in the history of army engineering. With units in Oregon and New Mexico, as well as Colorado, the 52nd Eng. Bn. is the first tri-component battalion in the U.S. Army. The training took place June 25 through July 27, 2000. Approximately 360 active duty, 95 National Guard and 75 Reserve soldiers deployed to Camp Rapid located in Rapid City for the exercise.

Civil Air Patrol ground-team member training for search and rescue was recently held at Camp Rapid. Cadets from all over the state came for training in map reading, coordinate plotting, emergency services interviewing techniques, and state and local laws regarding traffic, trespassing and drug education. A class on the proper use of direction finders for locating a downed aircraft's emergency radio signal was also held.

The South Dakota Department of Corrections has a housing unit for inmate fire-fighting crews at Camp Rapid.

Rapid City's Indian School operated for many years at the site of what is now Sioux San. A portion of the property also held the county poor farm, and this was purchased in 1934 for the site of Camp Rapid.


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