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Camp Morgan

Forward Operating Base Morgan was opened in the first week of October 2000. The base was first occupied by peacekeeping soldiers of Company A, 1st Battalion, 279th Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized). The Division was under the command of Maj. Gen. Walter L. Sharp. Sharp directed the peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina Oct 2000-Oct 2001 as SFOR 8 and 9. In April of 2004, the soldiers of Company C, 2nd Battalion, 152nd Mechanized Infantry, began their rotation of the peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These soldiers were stationed at Forward Operating Base Morgan, in the northern part of the country.

FOB Morgan is located in the northern section of Task Force Eagle within Multinational Task Force (North), near Samac. The base's area of responsibility includes the cities of Domaljevac, Samac, Gradacac, Srebrenik, Pelagicevo, Orasje, Srpsko Orasje, Teocak, Bijeljina, Ugljevik, Lopare, Celic, and the Brcko District.

Camp Morgan was named in the honor of United States Army Col. George Horace Morgan, awarded the Medal of Honor for distinguished combat in action against hostile Apache Indians at Big Dry Wash, Arizona, July 17, 1882. Morgan served in the 3rd Cavalry Regiment as a volunteer with Lt. West's command of Indian scouts and Troop I, 6th Cavalry.

Although significantly smaller than Eagle Base, FOB Morgan provides all the commodities and entertainment facilities soldiers need during their deployment. When not conducting their regular duties and missions, most of them like to spend time in the gym, weight room or playing games. At their disposal, soldiers also have a newly opened gymnasium that has a basketball court and a Morale Welfare and Recreation facility. There is also an L-shaped running track and volleyball court at the camp. Another important segment of a life on FOB Morgan is an Education Center that provides a variety of classes for soldiers to take during whatever free time they might have.

Keeping in touch with loved ones is a crucial aspect of maintaining good unit morale. The Internet Caf, phone center and regular mail service on FOB Morgan continuously meet the Soldiers' communication needs. Just like on Eagle Base, facilities like a laundry, coffee shop, barber shop, Post Exchange and motor pool make the deployment easier, as well as the dining facility, which offers an excellent assortment of food each day. When comparing FOB Morgan with Eagle Base, the housing arrangements are better on FOB Morgan than on Eagle Base. The primary difference, is that there are two-man rooms here. FOB Morgan offers the soldiers the feeling of community you might find in a small town, where everyone interacts with each other daily.


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