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Camp McGovern

Camp McGovern was perhaps the most Spartan-like of the US Base Camps in Bosnia. The Dining Facility is still in GP Medium tents, while Dobol, Demi, and Bedrock all have air-conditioned double-wide trailer type buildings. Camp McGovern is located near the critical city of Brcko, which joins the two halves of the Republika Serpska (Bosnian Serb Republic). This city was the scene of heavy fighting during the war, which saw the complete expulsion of the Bosnian Muslims from a city in which they constituted the majority. Resettlement of Bosnian Muslims (aka the Bosniacs) there is considered to be the litmus test of the success of the Dayton Peace Accord. The Camp itself is located in the middle of a minefield emplaced by the former warring factions (FWFs). The soldiers of TF 1-77 AR out of Camp McGovern were assaulted during civil disturbances in Brcko which resulted in the destruction of several UN, OSCE, and IPTF vehicles and injuries to four US soldiers. Previously, mobs have gathered around US vehicle convoys, resulting in the QRF being launched to rescue them. CS Gas was used for the first time during the NATO Bosnian peace enforcement operation at Brcko in the 28 August 1997 riots.

To achieve more control over the medium, one of the Brigade PSYOP Support Elements (BPSE) established an FM radio station, Radio Mir, in the ZOS near Brcko at Camp McGovern to provide a radio platform under SFOR control that would provide the listening public on both sides of the ZOS a credible and unbiased source of information. Mir stands for Military Information Radio and is the Serbo-Croatian word for Peace. Radio Mir consisted of an FM transmitting tower and equipment belonging to the JPOTF (Joint PSYOP Task Force), supplemented with civilian sound equipment housed in a wooden building constructed by Brown and Root Services Company, and sound-proofed with locally-purchased materials. The 1st Infantry Division purchased civilian sound-mixing equipment and sound-proofing materials and coordinated with Brown and Root to construct the facility.


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