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Camp Fuji
Fuji Maneuver Area

Camp Fuji is one of several Camps of the Marine Corps Base Camp Butler complex. It is located on the island of Honshu, at the side of Mt. Fuji, 800 miles from the parent command in Okinawa. Camp Fuji is located at the base of Mount Fuji, Japan, approximately 2250 feet above sea level. The first recorded military training in this area was for a Samurai army over 800 years ago. Camp Fuji was turned over to the Marine Corps from the US Army in 1953.

Camp Fuji's mission is to support military training by US Forces in the adjacent 34,000 acre Fuji Maneuver Area. The Fuji Maneuver Area has been the premier training ground in Japan ever since. The Camp's mission is to provide garrison facilities, administrative, communications, and logistical support to US Forces that deploy there for training. The mission of Camp Fuji is to coordinate the use of ranges and training facilities within the Fuji Maneuver Area, and to provide necessary support for using units. In other words, it is a full service Marine Corps Base, providing all the services required for training, health, comfort, welfare, and morale.

The United States and Japan released the Final Report of the Special Action Committee on Okinawa on December 2, 1996. The report made 27 recommendations to reduce the impact of the US military presence on the Okinawan people. The 3rd Marine Division's artillery live-fire exercises have been relocated from the Central Training Area on Okinawa to the Kita-Fuji, Higashi-Fuji, Ojojihara, Yausubetsu, and Hijudai training ranges on the Japanese mainland. Prior to the SACO Final Report, the 3rd Marine Division was already conducting 60 to 80 days of artillery live-fire exercises at the two Fuji ranges. Under the SACO relocation, another 35 days of training will be split among the five ranges. Japan has agreed to pay transportation costs to the artillery ranges and wants to use Japanese commercial airliners for this purpose. The III Marine Expeditionary Force believes the training at the five ranges is comparable to that available on Okinawa and other ranges in the United States.

Located in East Central Japan, Camp Fuji has a number of neighbors. Takigahara Garrison, a Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force facility, is across the street. Gotenba City, population about 80,000, is the nearest city, about 10km away. Gotenba has nice shops and restaurants and we have a good relationship with the local people. They invite Marines to a number of social events each year. Within about two hours drive from Camp Fuji, Marines can enjoy several US military bases which include Camp Zama Army Base, Atsugi Naval Air Facility, Yokosuka Naval Base, and Yokota Air Force Base. They have golf courses, PX's, commissaries, Bowling Centers, and full service gyms. Tokyo, a city of 12 million, is only 96 km from Camp Fuji, and the favorite liberty spot for young Marines as well as a cultural and entertainment center.

Camp Fuji is essentially fully equipped, lacking in only a few of the conveniences found at larger facilities. It has a small medical clinic and a full service post office. There is a small 7-day store, but no commissary. Although there is no banking service, the on base club system will cash checks (including personal checks) and make yen conversions. There is an ATM machine on the Camp which takes all major credit cards to include the NFCU CUCARD, and dispenses both dollars and yen. Marines members of NFCU may also use the branch office at Yokosuka to obtain cash and take care of other financial obligations. Our recreational facilities consist of three gyms, racquetball and volleyball courts, a library, a small Officer/SNCO Club, and an Enlisted Club.

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