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Camp Fox

Ammo Company, 2D Supply Battalion, Marine Logistics Command had a robust mission to support the United States Marine Corps in the MARCENT AOR, with Class V for Operation Iraqi Freedom as the Landing Force Support Party (LFSP) and then transitioning to the Marine Logistics Command (MLC). Ammo Company sent the first leg of ammo techs on 26 December 2002 to Kuwait for a security mission. As the mission in Kuwait developed and orders given, all able body ammo techs of Ammo Company journeyed into Kuwait with everyone on deck by 16 January 2003.

2D FSSG's orders were to stand up as the LFSP in support of the MPF offload and eventually transition to the MLC for sustainment upon completion of the offload. The LFSP downloaded containerized Class V (A)&(W) from the entire 1st and 2D MPF Squadrons and partial of the 3D to their perspective locations, Camps Fox and Coyote in Kuwait.

Prior to any offload, Camp Fox and Coyote had to be prepared for receipt of any shipments. These two (2) Field Ammunition Supply Points (FASP) were already selected and approved by MARCENT. Camp Coyote was planned by 1st FSSG and surveyed by engineers and barricaded by host nation support, whereas, Camp Fox's un-barricaded FSUs were planned, surveyed and marked by the Ammunition Company and Aviation Ordnance NCO Marines. The 121 FSU sites were surveyed utilizing a hand held GPS and by marking them with survey flags and engineer stakes to make them ready for receipt of 2,420 containers, 20 containers per FSU.

Camp Fox was the MLC focus of effort and maintained most of the Aviation Ammunition as well as a small portion of Ground Ammunition to support MLC subordinate. Fourteen aviation ordnance Marines and Navy Dart/Daht teams also assisted the world finest Ammunition Community in supporting the entire USMC Aviation community in theater from Camp Fox.

Along with their regular support, Camp Fox built two Forward Observation Bases (FOB) aviation ammunition packages with an excess of 200 pallets each in support of the rotary wing. To manage such a large quantity of ordnance was the record keeping of the Retail Organizational Logistical Management System (ROLMS).

Nestled in a tent city not far from the Iraqi border, Marines and sailors from 2nd Force Service Support Group call the desert plains home as the global war on terrorism continued. With security preparations well underway some of the Camp Lejeune, N.C, Marines fortify bunkers, while others continued their Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) training.

When deploying to a remote Kuwaiti desert, troops brace for the worst. Members from the 2nd Force Service Support Group at Camp Lejeune certainly did. But what they found at Camp Fox, their new post near the Iraqi border, impressed even the most senior troopers.

Kuwait is a dry country. Dry in that it doesn't rain much - but also in that alcoholic drinks aren't allowed except in hotels or where tourists gather. Marines and sailors from Camp Lejeune payed a personal price of being deployed in the Kuwaiti desert, but one thing they don't have to pay for is the price for a stamp. It's free. Outbound letters from this camp of some 4,000 people usually left with the word "free" written in the upper right-hand corner where the stamp should be.

On 28 May 2003 Brown & Root Services, a division of Kellogg Brown & Root, Arlington, Va., was awarded $10,704,503 for Task Order 0039 under a cost reimbursement, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity construction contract for Camp Fox retrograde facilities. Work included construction and maintenance of temporary warehouse facilities, gravel and concrete hardstands, area lighting, vehicle/equipment wash facilities and equipment, billeting facilities, unimproved road repair and maintenance and water delivery. Work will be performed at Camp Fox, Kuwait, and is expected to be completed by July 2003. Contract funds will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The basic contract was competitively procured with 44 proposals solicited, three offers received and award made on June 29, 2000. The total contract amount is not to exceed $300,000,000, which includes the base period and four option years. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Atlantic Division, Norfolk, Va., is the contracting activity (N62470-00-D-0005).

The status of Camp Fox as of mid-2005 is unclear, with some sources suggesting it remains operational, while others do not support this conclusion.

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