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Camp Dobol

To the East of Tuzla is Camp Dobol, which was occupied by a Battalion Task Force. Life there is more spartan than at Eagle Base, but they do have a "Food Court." The Food Court at Camp Dobol features Anthony's Pizza, Robin Hood Sandwich Deli, and Taco Bell. The PX and Chapel are also located in GP Medium Tents. The Battalion Task Force operating out of Camp Dobol expanded the radio operations begun during Operations JOINT ENDEAVOR and JOINT FORGE, broadcasting from the nearby city of Kladanj and Zvornik. In both of these unit-level efforts, the Division Public Affairs Office assisted the unit commanders in preparing for and executing the on-air broadcasts by providing the weekly "Media Guidance to Commanders." Additionally, the Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (MPAD) assisted the commander in preparing for the specific interview by providing tips on what to expect and how to handle loaded or unexpected lines of questioning and stay to the desired message.


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