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Camp Connor / FOB Connor

American soldiers conduct patrols in the Bratunac area. The patrols originate from Forward Operations Base (FOB) Connor. Camp Connor sits atop a small hill, on a ridge that overlooks several valleys in Eastern Republika Srpska. With its metal gates and featureless concrete walls, it dominates the area like an old Wild West fort. Task Force 1-14 job is to be out here on the edge where most of the excitement is. The locals get to see that SFOR, and Americans are present and involved with the International Community." Life on Camp The FOB is very small in comparison to other American SFOR bases in the area. Despite this conditions within the camp are still good. Life on camp is okay, especially when compared to the conditions that the infantry (soldiers) could be in. They have television and the Internet. Even with the comforts of home, the men retain their edge through the efforts of their noncommissioned officers (NCOs).


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