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Boblingen Local Training Area, Germany

The Boblingen [Böblingen / Boeblingen] Training Area is near Panzer Kaserne (General Romels old HQ) in the Stuttgart area. Panzer, near the city of Boeblingen, has kept its name from World War II days when it served as a tank base; Panzer is the German word for tank. It was constructed simultaneously with Patch and the two were joined by a cobblestone road specially designed to withstand the weight of tank traffic. There are still reminders of those days at Panzer. For instance, the mural in the officers club was painted in 1939. The wooded area behind the post is still used for training, as is the outdoor shooting range

The USAREUR Integrated Training Area Management [ITAM] office in Grafenwöhr manages land use in the Hohenfels and Grafenwöhr training areas, as well as in Aschaffenberg, Böblingen, Butzbach, Friedberg, Lampertheim, Schwetzingen, Schweinfurt and Würzburg.

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