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Biak Training Center (BTC)
Bend, Oregon

The Biak Training Center (BTC) consists of over 31,300 acres of training range including a designated LZDZ for air assault and airborne operations. The BTC is used by all services to include the Army National Guard, Air National Guard, US Navy Construction Battalions, US Marine Corps, as well as regular Army forces including Special Forces and Rangers.

Since World War II, the U.S. Army has conducted training exercises on approximately 31,000 acres of BLM land located east of the Redmond Airport. Today, the Oregon Military Department continues the traditional use of this land, where soldiers with the Oregon Army National Guard and U.S. Army train with tracked and wheeled vehicles. No live-fire exercises are conducted outside a controlled range.

This area also happens to be very popular for jogging, roller-blading, camping, bicycling and hunting. Officials have become concerned about the public's encounters with military vehicles and the safety of soldiers entering areas popular with hunters. Signboards, which will be posted throughout the Biak Training Center and adjacent BLM lands, list training activities and phone numbers to contact officials. Other signs will simply state that military training is in progress.

The Oregon Military Department works cooperatively with the Prineville District BLM to help provide for the area's cultural and natural resource protection through range rehabilitation, wildland fire protection and safety programs.

The Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests along with the Crooked River National Grassland encompass just over 3 million acres of Central Oregon. They extend about 100 miles along the east side of the Cascade Mountains crest and eastward into the Ochoco Mountains. They are rich in human and natural history and radiate variety offering a multitude of diverse scenic and recreation opportunities.


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