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Annerod Local Training Area, Germany

In September 2000 the District Administration of Gieen concluded land procurement procedures for 66 hectars location exercise area of the US Army - armoured vehicles are to drive at the European quarter individually and in the step speed past.

The earlier location exercise area of the German Federal Armed Forces to the " high control room " east the European quarter is to become a third of its original surface again military training ground. This now suggests the Giessener district administration as result of the " land procurement procedure " to the hessian federal state government. The hearing the ministry of the Interior had assigned the RP in December 1998, after two US battalions were back turned after Gieen and had announced over the Federal Minister of Defense corresponding requirement. Other alternatives, e.g. in the Wetzlarer space, separated in particular because of the accessibility and load of the population (several local through traffic). " outgoing from the fundamental prerequisite that military units need also exercise surfaces ", tighten head of the provincial government Wilfried schmied, " are the ' high control room ' the most compatible of all versions ".

The high control room had been proven, after the German Federal Armed Forces had left a Gieen , 1993 - first provisionally - as protected area. The worthy of protectionness was justified also with the former military use. Already in first Vorabgespraechen the US Army that only a smaller part - 66 hectars that altogether 236 hectars protected area - had been entitled than exercise surface in... Question to come is. The remainder remains further exclusively the nature protection reserving, stresses the head of the provincial government.

In the hearing procedure, with which the city Gieen and the municipality remote forest were taken part among other things, above all two points had moved in the center of the criticism. On the one hand the municipality and citizen from remote forest fear - which is appropriate for local edge Annerod few hundred meters from the outermost edge of the training ground far away - above all noise disturbances by the exercise operation. On the other hand the city drew the attention of a Gieen - here it concerned in particular a medicine-technical operation - to possible impairments, which could cause armoured vehicles on directly past the access road prominent at the European quarter (" armoring race ").

In order to arrive here at assessable facts, the RP executed this yearly a driving attempt with several tracked vehicles on the access road on 31 January. The vibrations measured thereby of experts of the national institute for environment and geology in business building remained however below the admissible values, as the RP describes after termination of the lengthy clarifying process, specified in the relevant DIN guideline, which delayed the procedure clearly. Also the enterprise could not prove far going fears so substanziell that a use of the armoring race had to separate inevitably. In order to hold however the vibrations on minimum level, the RP makes the edition to place by English-language sign-posting at the armoring race along the trade area surely that this from tracked vehicles (50 yards distance) and in modulation rate will only individually drive on.

Not only in this point, but also because of the other interests the suggestion of the RP on the use of the training ground is linked with further editions. So the use of maneuver ammunition is to remain basically limited to hand-held weapons among other things; only exeptionally MG practice ammunition and exercise explosives are applicable. Likewise - up to exceptional cases - only Giessener US units are to practice there. For nature protection reasons is the exercise surface, how are kept open by means of Schafbeweidung already at German Federal Armed Forces times. Importantly for the population: outside of military practice times the area for the public is to remain freely accessible for local recreation purposes. Finally... the RP recommends to execute before use accommodation an information meeting locally.

The RP submited its final report to the hearing procedure in Wiesbaden. If the federal state government seizes the appropriate cabinet decision, the documents - by the way complete and with all objections - go to the Federal Minister of Defense, who the locking decision (sucked. " designation " of the area) meets. The Federal Minister of Defense weighs the different interests together, can in addition, in the long run - for reasons of the national defense - over particulars jump over itself, describes to schmied finally the further Procedere.

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