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Air Force Plant 36
Reading, OH

Air Force Plant 36 is on the west side of Evendale, OH in Reading, Ohio. It is operated by General Electric Company Aircraft Engine Business Group. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, GE Aircraft Engines is a leader in production, design, and support of jet engines for commercial and military aircraft, as well as marine applications, with more than 50,000 engines in service accumulating more than 300 million flight hours.

The plant is only a small part of the total industrial complex. It covers 66 acres, which represents 17% of the whole complex, and the government owns only 20% of the industrial floor space. The two properties are interdependent. The government owns the water treatment plant, fuel farm, and jet engine test cells, while the contractor owns the bulk of the facilities, including the major manufac-turing assembly area.

The plant was built by the government in 1942 for the manufacture of aircraft reciprocating engines by Curtiss Wright Corp. After World War II, the government retained a portion of the facility, selling the rest to the Autolite Company. In 1958, General Electric Co., which had established a jet engine manufacturing plant in Evendale in 1949, bought the Autolite property and one major government-owned building. The government attempted to sell the rest of the property to GE in the early 197Os, and GE expressed an interest, but negotiations broke down in 1983. At that time, the facility was used to assemble and test the family of large jet engines manufactured by GE, and it manufactured components for all GE jet engines. The facility supported the B-lB, C-5B, F-14, F-15, and F-16 programs through the production and test of the FlOl, TF39, and FllO engines. As of 1996, the plant was scheduled to be sold.

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