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Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant

Sunflower AAP is 25 miles southwest of Kansas City, MO, and includes 1,156 build-ings on 9,500 acres.

Sunflower was established in 1941 and became operational in 1942, when it was the world' s largest powder plant. In June 1946, the plant was placed on partial standby, then on complete standby in 1948. It was reactivated in 1951 for the Korean War, but was placed on standby again in 1960. It was again reactivated for the Vietnam War. In 1984, it began production of nitroguanidine.

Presently, Sunflower is an inactive plant. The contractor is Hercules Aerospace Company. Current tenants include Burns & McDowell and the Lenexa Police Department.

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