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95th Reconnaissance Squadron [95th RS]

The 95th Reconnaissance Squadron conducts RC-135 flight operations in the European and Mediterranean theaters of operations as tasked by National Command Authorities and European Command.

The squadron provides all operational management, aircraft maintenance, administration, and intelligence support to produce politically sensitive real-time intelligence data vital to national foreign policy.

The 95th RS supports EC-135, OC-135, and E-4 missions when theater deployed.

The 95th Reconnaissance Squadron was originally organized as the 95th Aero Squadron on 20 August 1917 at Kelly Field, TX. Deployed to various locations in France during World War I, the squadron saw combat as a pursuit unit with the French Sixth Army, the French Eighth Army, and First Army, AEF, from 8-c. 24 March, c. 28 April-10 November 1918. Operating the Nieuport 28 (1918); Spad XIII (1918), the squadron had been assigned to the 3rd Aviation Instruction Center (c. 16 November 1917); to the 1st Pursuit Organization and Training Center (c. 19 February 1918); and to the 1st Pursuit Group (5 May-24 Dec 1918). Upon its return to the United States, the squadron was demobilized on 18 March 1919 at Garden City, NY.

Reorganized on 12 August 1919 at Selfridge, MI, under the 1st Pursuit Group, the squadron was redesignated as the 95th Squadron (Pursuit) on 14 March 1921; as the 95th Pursuit Squadron on 30 September 1922; the 95th Pursuit Squadron, Air Service, on 25 January 1923; the 95th Pursuit Squadron, Air Corps, on 8 Aug ust 1926. Reassigned to the Air Corps Training Center, c. 7 Jun 1927, it inactivated on 31 July 1927 at March Field, CA. In addition to the SE-5 (1919-1922), the Spad XIII (1919, 1921-1922), and the MB-3 (1922-1925), aircraft flown by the 95th included the Fokker D-VII, and the DH-4 during the period of 1919-1925; the PW-8 (1924-1926); and the P-1 (1925-1927).

Redesignated 95th Pursuit Squadron, it reactivated, on 1 June 1928 at Rockwell Field, CA, and was possibly attached to the 7th Bombardment Group. It was reassigned to the 17th Pursuit (later, 17th Attack; 17th Bombardment) Group, on 31 May 1929 (but attached to 7th Bombardment Group, from 31 May 1929-29 October 1931).

The squadron was redesignated as the 95th Attack Squadron on 1 March 1935; the 95th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) on 17 October 1939; and the 95th Bombardment Squadron, Medium, on 9 October 1944. During World War II, the squadron coducted antisubmarine patrols c. 20 Dec 1941-c. Mar 1942. The, operating from locations in Algeria, Tunisia, Sardinia, Corsica, France and Austria, the 95th saw combat in MTO and ETO, from 30 December 1942-1 May 1945. It also took part in German disarmament, from June-September 1945. It inactivated on 26 November 1945 at Camp Myles Standish, MA. Aircraft flown by the squadron during that period included the PW-9 (1928-1929); P-12 (1929-1934, 1935-1936); P-26 (1934-1935); A-17 (1936-1939); B-18 (1939-1940); B-23 (1940-1941); B-25 (1941-1942); and the B-26 (1942-1945).

Redesignated as the 95th Bombardment Squadron, Light, on 29 April 1947, the unit reactivated on 19 May 1947 at Langley Field, VA. Assigned to the 17th Bombardment Group, the squadron was tasked with conducting antisubmarine patrols, though it was not operational, from 1947 to 1948. It inactivated on 10 September 1948.

Redesignated as the 95th Bombardment Squadron, Light, Night Intruder, on 8 May 1952, the 95th reactivated on 10 May 1952 at Pusan-East AB, South Korea, (although it operated from Pusan-West Airdrome, from 1 October-20 December 1952). The squadron was assigned to the 17th Bombardment Group (attached to 17th Bombardment Wing, 8 Jun 1957-25 Jun 1958), flying the B-26, and saw combat in Korea, from c. 10 May 1952 to 27 July 1953.

It relocated to Miho AB, Japan, c. 9 Oct 1954 and was subsequently redesignated as the 95th Bombardment Squadron, Tactical, on 1 October 1955. Relocating to Hulburt Field, FL, the unit converted to the B-66 in 1956. It inactivated on 25 June 1958.

Redesignated as the 95th Reconnaissance Squadron on 20 January 1982, the squadron activated on 1 October 1982 at RAF Alconbury, England. Assigned to the 17th Reconnaissance Wing, the squadron operated the U2/TR-1 aircraft. The squadron provided reconnaissance in support of combat operations in Southwest Asia, in January 1991.

The 95th RS was reassigned to the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing (later, 9th Wing; 9th Reconnaissance Wing) on 30 June 1991 before inactivating on 15 September 1993.

The 95th RS reactivated on 1 July 1994 at RAF Mildenhall, England, assigned to the 55th Wing's Operations Group.

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