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733rd Air Mobility Squadron [733rd AMS]

The 733rd Air Mobility Squadron is a unit of the 715th Air mobility Operations Group, based at Hickam AFB, HI.

The 733rd AMS is an Air Mobility Command (AMC) asset assigned to a Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) base and is part of AMC's system for providing support to transport aircraft operating in the Pacific theater. The 733rd provides a wide range of services to these transiting aircraft to include command and control, maintenance, fleet services, and cargo and passenger handling operations, as well as regularly deploying to forward locations to provide many of these services.

Prior to being activated as the 733rd AMS, the squadron was designated as the 633rd Air Mobility Support Squadron[AMSS]. The change in designation became effective on March 15, 2001, at Kadena AB, Japan. The change was enacted to better reflect the role of the unit as more operational than support oriented.

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