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723rd Air Mobility Squadron [723rd AMS]

The 723rd Air Mobility Squadron is a unit of the 723rd Air mobility Operations Group, based at Ramstein AB, Germany.

The squadron was redesignated as the 723rd AMS on March 15, 2001. Prior to that, it was designated as the 623rd Air Mobility Support Squadron assigned to the 621st Air Mobility Support Group. The change in designation was undertaken to better reflect the operations nature of the group's overall mission as an operational rather than support one.

The 623rd Air Mobility Support Squadron provided support during NATO's Operations Allied Force, working to meet airlift demands needed to sustain the operation. Operating the largest en route aerial port in the Air Force, the Air Mobility Command airmen from the squadron handle the loading and downloading of cargo aircraft as well as maintenance for all strategic military aircraft coming to Ramstein. The squadron also operates a Tanker Airlift Control Element with deployed command and control personnel supporting Kosovo-related operations. The unit was also involved with the deployment of troops and equipment to Albania for the Army's Task Force Hawk operation.

The 723rdAMS/623rd AMSS is the busiest and largest of the 13 units that make up AMC's en route system, a worldwide network of strategic stopping points for transiting airlift and tanker aircraft.

After the August 7, 1998 bombings of US embassies in East Africa, the 623rd Air Mobility Support Squadron became the European hub for aircraft conducting relief missions as the United States rushed supplies, medical crews and investigators to Kenya under the U.S. military arm of the assistance mission.

The 723rd AMS provided support to Operation Enduring Freedom by deploying a mission recovery team to Kygyzstan to repair a C-5 Galaxy. The MRT consisted of rougly 4 people and it remained on the scene for less than one week.

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